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olvio              vathypedo              kleidonia              skalochori              drosato              greveniti              sarakina              konistres              mikrokleisoura              ellinochori              elafos              pialeia              lofiskos              sklithro              gerolimenas              graikas              evlalo              kainourgio              karitsa              pistamata              kalarites              matsouki              lefkaditi              galanovrysi              vamvakou              kteni              tsagkarada              paroreio              diasellaki              chersonisos              kranea              katouna              chrysavgi              tristeno              dasochori              livadhja              pramanta              kerasea              eleftherochori              dilofo              thesprotiko              asvestades              polydendri              plagiari              poshtove              vasilopoulo              kapandriti              mavronoros              polydroso              mikrochori             

Examples of "sitochori"
Before 1913 Sitochori was under Ottoman Turkish control. After a brief period of Bulgarian rule between 1913 and 1919, it became part of Greece. The village was first known as Skourtochori (Σκουρτοχώρι) and was renamed to its current name, Sitochori, in 1954.
Sitochori (Greek: Σιτοχώρι) is a village in the northern part of the Evros regional unit, Greece. It is part of the municipality of Didymoteicho. In 2011 its population was 326. Sitochori is located about 20 km northwest of central Didymoteicho, and north of the river Erythropotamos.
Poimeniko () is a village and a community in the municipality of Didymoteicho in the eastcentral Evros regional unit, Greece. It is 2 km east of Sitochori, 3 km southwest of Ampelakia, 13 km southwest of Orestiada and 15 km northwest of Didymoteicho town centre. In 2011 its population was 343. Its elevation is 120 m. It is situated between farmlands, in an area with low hills.
Achinos () is a village and a former municipality in the Serres regional unit, Greece. Since the 2011 local government reform it is part of the municipality Visaltia, of which it is a municipal unit. The municipal unit has an area of 155.432 km. Population 2,427 (2011). The seat of the municipality was in Sitochori. Other communities in the municipal unit are Dafni, Zervochori, Lefkotopos, Patrikio and Choumniko. The name Achinos is the Greek word for sea urchins.
In 1983, inspired by modern Greek poets such as Odysseas Elytis, Barker bought a ruin in a village called Sitochori ("Wheat Village"), Messenia, in the mountains of the south-west Peloponnese. Little by little, he rebuilt it in traditional style with the help of local people. The place became his home-from-home for almost 30 years. There he composed his late visionary sequence "A Monastery of Light", described by William Oxley as "a pleasurable antidote to a reductive secular world".
Evgeniko (, before 1954: Δελήτιον – "Delitio") is a village in the northeastern part of the Evros regional unit in Greece. It is located at the foot of low hills by the side of the river Erythropotamos. Evgeniko is part of the community of Mani within the municipality of Didymoteicho. It is 3.5 km south of Sitochori, 5 km northwest of Mani, 16 km northwest of Didymoteicho and 17 km southwest of Orestiada. Its population was recorded as 85 in the 2011 census.