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Examples of "skocik"
Walter Skocik (born September 6, 1940 in Schwechat) is a former international Austrian footballer and football manager.
Austrian coach Walter Skocik had found a good, technical but somewhat tired team. And even if they didn't show steady progress in the league, they managed to be in another Cup Final. Opponent on 6 June 1984, Panathinaikos again, this time in the Athens Olympic Stadium, which was also used by the "greens" as home ground. This fact, coupled with the modest appearance of AEL, apparently justified by the intensity of the semi-final battle against Iraklis, (which took place just 3 days earlier!) and the loss of the suspended Valaoras, brought normal|y a 2–0 defeat, leaving AEL bitterness, which diminished by the ticket for the UEFA Cup Winners' Cup, once Panathinaikos had won the double.