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Skream! is the self-titled, debut album by dubstep producer Skream. It was released in 2006 on the Tempa label.
In September 2008, Harmless released "Watch the Ride", an album mixed by Skream. On 2 October 2008 Skream featured in a fly-on-the-wall German TV show 'Durch die Nacht mit...' alongside drum and bass artist Goldie. In this, Skream stated that he currently had writer's block, but he was working on music in other genres, also mentioning a possible Skream & Goldie collaboration.
Oliver Dene Jones (born 1 June 1986), known as Skream, is an English electronic music producer based in Croydon. Skream was an early and influential exponent of the dubstep genre. After producing several singles, he released his first full-length album, "Skream!", in 2006.
In 2007 Benga, along with fellow producers Skream and Artwork, formed the dubstep supergroup Magnetic Man.
From January 2011, Benga joined BBC Radio 1 with Skream as part of 'In New DJs We Trust' and they used to present a weekly show on Friday nights. Skream and Benga performed together at Field Day music festival in Sydney on New Years Day 2012.
It is a National Level Sports Festival started off 3 years ago. Skream 2017 will be the fourth edition of the four day sporting event. Hosting a varied set of events, colossal crowds and eminent personalities, Skream 2017 has a plethora of new competitive opportunities in store to showcase talent in various sports at the state of art sporting facilities provided by the college.
In 2007, "Angry" and "Colourful" from "Skream!", as well as an exclusive mix, were featured in the E4 teen drama Skins. This marked the first instance dubstep was featured on television. Skream was also featured on BBC Radio 1's Essential Mix that same year.
12th Planet works frequently with Orange County producer Flinch and LA Local Skrillex (on tracks "Needed Change" And "Burst" Along with Kill The Noise). He has also done collaborations with various dubstep producers including Datsik, Doctor P, Plastician, and Skream. Many well-known dubstep DJs (such as Rusko, Skream, Skrillex and more) use 12th Planet's productions and remixes in their live DJ sets.
Skream and longtime collaborators Artwork and Benga co-founded a music group called Magnetic Man. Their debut album, "Magnetic Man" was released in 2010.
Takayuki Endoh of "Skream!" called "Me ga Aku Aiiro" "extremely wonderful", praising the song's incorporation of a wide variety of ideas.
He has also collaborated in the studio with the likes of Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs, Justin Martin, Skream and Lukas as well as the singer/songwriter Sinead Harnett.
The game also features sixteen licensed music tracks in addition to customisable soundtracks from techno artists, including Kraftwerk, DJ Fresh, and Skream.
It has been remixed (but not released commercially) by popular dubstep producer Skream. It has also been remixed by Gramatik, who falls under various genres.
The 2010 festival took place on July 23 at Toronto's Sound Academy. Its three stages featured performances by Diplo, Skream, Benga, Milano, Azari & III, and more.
Much like drum and bass before it, dubstep has started to become incorporated into other media, particularly in the United Kingdom. In 2007, Benga, Skream, and other dubstep producers provided the soundtrack to much of the second series of Dubplate Drama, which aired on Channel 4 with a soundtrack CD later released on Rinse Recordings. A track by Skream also featured in the second series of the teen drama "Skins", which also aired on Channel 4 in early 2008.
Skream has released records on several British record labels, such as Tempa, Tectonic, and Big Apple Records. He has co-produced a number of tracks with Niall Henshaw (aka Spectrum). He has performed throughout Europe, the US, Canada, Australia, and Japan, as well as the UK. From 2006, he hosted a weekly Rinse FM show called Stella Sessions. In 2010, Benga joined the broadcast, which was renamed The Skream and Benga Show.
Skream 2016 in its 3rd edition was conducted from 4 to 8 February 2016 and hosted teams from Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, Maharashtra, Goa, Jaipur and Uttar Pradesh. There were around 40+ colleges participating in all its events. There was a boosted girls participation in sporting events like Football, Badminton, Basketball, Athletics and Chess. Skream saw a footfall of about 6000+ people over the fest period of 4 days.
Skream follows a contingency system. It has proved to be one of the main reasons for the increase in the participation of contingent teams from all over India. Skream saw a neck to neck battle between ICT and IIT-B for winning the contingent trophy. The event will have various cultural performances and social mixer sessions to provide the sports-persons an opportunity to get to know each other and establish a general atmosphere of bonhomie among the players.
Along with the likes of Skream, Benga, Hatcha and Plastician he was one of the first producers to pioneer the Dubstep sound and was responsible for some of its earliest releases.
In a 2011 interview, Kelis said that her sixth studio album would be finished "in the next few weeks". According to Kelis's management firm at the time, Three Six Zero Group, the album was to feature production from Skream, BURNS, Tom Neville, Dan Black, and Caspa. She said of the album, "I've been on a real 1990s vibe with this record, it's kind of trip-hoppish [...] it's more electro, it's a little deeper and darker". The Skream-produced single "Distance" received its UK radio premiere in mid 2012, although the rest of the material from these recording sessions remains unreleased. Kelis was featured on Dan Black's single "Hearts" and Skream's "Copy Cat" (both 2013), the latter of which led to a dispute after Kelis alleged that Skream refused to have her appear in the music video.