Synonyms for skurweberge or Related words with skurweberge

scobinichthys              narrowflower              wasweta              chlorornis              steppicola              spathifera              hemiochra              erythropthalmos              sterrhopteron              ligulistylis              carhuascancha              sigchos              amanses              diaceratherium              trophella              tephrozosterops              lophanthera              physogyne              strophiata              nematherium              aplotarsus              montlivaltiidae              skeptrostachys              microcoelus              psettopsis              adenopeltis              radishroot              beudantiella              sericocomopsis              argillosum              octolepis              aleitenspitze              tuesdaymars              laolestes              cotoque              brassiantha              primento              dzivaresekwa              westermost              kamloopsliberal              phaeocausta              sciabarasi              porolabium              heterops              nkss              rhodophloia              diothonea              tilonura              eofelis              maclurei             

Examples of "skurweberge"
The river flows in an easterly direction through the Skurweberge Mountains where it joins the Riet River that rises as the Winkelhaak River and Houdenbeks River north of Ceres. Below this confluence, the Riet River is joined by the Brandkraals River and Matjies River, after which it flows into the Doring River.
The Cederberg mountains extend about 50 km north-south by 20 km east-west. They are bordered on the west by the Sandveld, the north by the Pakhuis Mountains, the east by the Springbok Flats and the south by the Kouebokkeveld Mountains and the Skurweberge. The main access road, the N7, runs to the west of the range. The nearest towns are Citrusdal to the southwest and Clanwilliam to the north. The area is sparsely populated.