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Swaret was a program for the Slackware Linux distribution that resolves dependencies. Swaret stands for SlackWARE Tool.
Puppy 3 features Slackware 12 compatibility. This is accomplished by the inclusion of almost all the dependencies needed for the installation of Slackware packages. However, Puppy Linux is not a Slackware-based distribution.
Dropline GNOME is a version of the GNOME desktop environment intended for use in Slackware. As Slackware has not included GNOME since 2005, Dropline GNOME is an option for Slackware users who wish to use GNOME as their desktops.
In fact, it is not uncommon to use the information in /etc/slackware-version in Vector to download and install Slackware packages from, a common Slackware repository, GnomeSlackBuild, etc.
For the last several years Patrick Volkerding has managed Slackware with the help of many volunteers and testers. Volkerding manages releases of Slackware.
The first versions of Slackware were developed by Patrick Volkerding alone. Beginning with version 4.0, the official Slackware announce files list David Cantrell and Logan Johnson as part of the "Slackware team". Later announce statements, up to release version 8.1, include Chris Lumens. Lumens, Johnson and Cantrell are also the authors of the first edition of "Slackware Linux Essentials", the official guide to Slackware Linux. The Slackware website mentions Chris Lumens and David Cantrell as being "Slackware Alumni", who "worked full-time on the Slackware project for several years." In his release notes for Slackware 10.0 and 10.1 Volkerding thanks Eric Hameleers for "his work on supporting USB, PCI, and Cardbus wireless cards". Starting with version 12.0 there is, for a second time, a team building around Volkerding. According to the release notes of 12.2, the development team consists of seven people. Future versions added people. Since version 13.0, the Slackware team seems to have core members. Eric Hameleers gives an insight into the core team with his essay on the "History of Slackware Development", written on 3–4 October 2009 (shortly after the release of version 13.0).
There are no official repositories for Slackware. The only official packages Slackware provides are available on the installation media. However, there are many third-party repositories for Slackware; some are standalone repositories and others are for distributions that are Slackware-based but retain package compatibility with Slackware. Many of these can be searched at once using, which is a Linux package search engine. However, mixing and matching dependencies from multiple repositories can lead to two or more packages that require different versions of the same dependency, which is a form of dependency hell. Slackware itself won't provide any dependency resolution for these packages, however some projects will provide a list of dependencies that are not included with Slackware with the files for the package, commonly with a .dep extension.
Dropline GNOME has been criticized by some, including Slackware creator Patrick Volkerding, for adding PAM to the system, and for replacing large system files, including the whole X11 system. However, the Dropline GNOME team has discontinued rebuilding X11 as of version 2.16.1. They use the official Slackware packages whenever possible, and publish a list of conflicting packages for each targeted Slackware system/release.
EDE Packages are available for Slackware via
slackpkg is a software tool for installing or upgrading packages automatically through a network or over the Internet for Slackware. slackpkg was included in the main tree in Slackware 12.2 - previously it had been included in extras/ since Slackware 9.1. It is licensed under the GNU General Public License (GPL).
slackpkg is an automated package management tool written for Slackware as a shell script, like Swaret. It was designed to make a Slackware system administrator's job easier by allowing routine package management tasks to be accomplished in a single command. slackpkg does not replace the Slackware package management tools such as installpkg and upgradepkg; rather it uses them.
As of Zenwalk 4.6, package compatibility with Slackware is still maintained. Slackware packages may be used to substitute Zenwalk packages where necessary. Additional package availability can be found at
Slackware refers to the "pursuit of Slack", a tenet of the Church of the Subgenius. Certain aspects of Slackware graphics reflect this — the pipe which Tux is smoking, as influenced by the image of J. R. "Bob" Dobbs' head.
A documentation project for creating multimedia content on Slackware Linux, this is a book that Klaatu wrote and updates with each new release of Slackware. It is distributed for free, under a creative commons license.
Each release of Kongoni was named after great philosophers, including: Aristotle, Sophocles, Nietzsche and Cicero. Each version of Kongoni is compatible with the Slackware release it was based on and can natively install packages for Slackware.
ZipSlack was a specially compiled release of the Slackware Linux distribution which was designed to be lightweight and portable. It was distributed in a ZIP archive along with the Slackware release.
On April 26, 2009, Slackware removed BitchX from its distribution, citing the numerous unresolved security issues.
Elvis is the version of vi that comes with Slackware, Frugalware, and KateOS.
Some Linux distributions, such as Debian and Slackware (via, have this available.
Currently, there is no official method to track the usage or number of installs of Slackware.