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Examples of "slark"
The album contains the original version of "Slark" which was later re-recorded in a much shorter version for a single. "Slark" was the highlight of many concerts, combining folk and progressive rock elements to create the first Stackridge epic.
St Davids RFC (a) - won 63-7 (Tries: Ben Goodridge, Luke Conbeer, Andrew Slark, Luke Dawes, Adam Cawley, Ashley Sutton, Stephen Martin, Iestyn Evans, Adam Collins. Conversions: Ashley Sutton (9).
About a year later, towards the end of August 1807, "Daring" sent into Portsmouth "Slark", which had been sailing from Opotto to Tonningen. On 31 August "Daring" captured "Odin". "Oden", a galliot from Arundahl, came into Portsmouth on 4 September.
"The Sword of Roele" was written by Wolfgang Baur, and published by TSR in 1996. Doug Stewart was the editor. Cover art was by Albert Slark, with interior art by Nick Choles.
Grenager has contributed as a producer, musician or composer on a number of outings, including the solo release "Slåtter, slag og slark, Affinis suite" and " Systema Naturae" – which was nominated for a Spellemannpris Award, the Norwegian equivalent to the Grammy, in two categories in 2013. 2002 saw Grenager bestowed with the Lindeman Price for youths.
The hospital is New Zealand's leader in diving and hyperbaric medical training and expertise, as well as having the only North Island facility to treat diving related emergencies, such as decompression sickness ('the bends'). The 'Slark' Hyperbaric Unit is used for both emergency treatment and non-urgent Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) for general medical needs, including use by the public.
Galore: The Singles 1987–1997 is the second singles compilation by The Cure. It contains singles from the years 1987–1997. The song "Wrong Number" is the only new song on the album. The model on the album cover is Isabel Caroline Slark.
Todd Tobias is a multi-instrumentalist and music producer best known for his work with Robert Pollard and his band Guided by Voices. Other projects include Circus Devils, Kramies, The Library is on Fire, The Celebrity Pilots, Slark Martyr, and musical theatre composer and lyricist George Griggs.
Authors such as Alyssa Rower and Samantha Slark argue that there is a case for legalizing polygamy on the basis of regulation and monitoring of the practice, legally protecting the polygamous partners and allowing them to join mainstream society instead of forcing them to hide from it when any public situation arises.