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slaughtering              slaughter              eviscerated              carcasses              butchered              milked              udders              exterminated              defeathered              suckled              eaten              decapitated              reared              pastured              poults              fattened              slaughters              devoured              entrails              castrating              hunted              butchering              euthanizing              carcases              poultry              farmed              humanely              beheaded              weaned              slaughterhouse              fowls              boneless              slain              stunned              postfresh              droppings              mummified              licked              offal              stomachs              euthanased              massacred              livestocks              shucked              euthanize              euthanised              euthanized              autopsied              decapitation              boars             

Examples of "slaughtered"
Over the course of six months, 430,000 animals across 2300 farms were slaughtered. The average number of animals that were slaughtered in each confirmed case was around 200.
Biljana Srbljanovic's play «Pad» slaughtered by Baktruppen.
Dhabīḥah (ذَبِيْحَة) is a prescribed method of ritual animal slaughter; it does not apply to most aquatic animals. The animal must be slaughtered while mentioning the name of God (Allah in Arabic). According to some fatwas, the animal must be slaughtered specifically by a Muslim; however, other fatwas dispute this, ruling that, according to verse 5:5 of the Qurʼan, an animal properly slaughtered by People of the Book is halal. The animal slaughtered must be killed quickly with a sharpened blade.
The Cadets slaughtered the Mississippi Aggies 52–0.
The Mongolians slaughtered many dwellers of Tsushima island.
Our slaughtered friends the tackles, what of these?
The Aboriginals often slaughtered the shipwrecked crews of western ships.
Who by Thy death trampled and slaughtered our death,
Kids are slaughtered at the age of about one month.
Viking attacks occurred on the coast of Connacht during his reign. In 812 the men of Umall slaughtered Viking raiders but the men of Conmaicne were slaughtered by raiders that year. In 813 the Vikings slaughtered the men of Umall and slew their king Dúnadach.
Male goats are generally not required for the dairy-goat industry and are usually slaughtered for meat soon after birth. In the UK, approximately 30,000 billy goats from the dairy industry are slaughtered each year.
500 pigs were mass slaughtered on October 16, after swine flu was detected on a farm in Nord-Trøndelag county the week before the slaughtering. Another 900 pigs from a second farm will also be slaughtered.
It is also compulsory that each animal must be slaughtered individually and in seclusion. In a poultry farm or slaughter house, one animal must not witness another animal being slaughtered.
In 777 The Ui Fiachrach who are from now on excluded from the throne slaughtered the Calraige. In 778 Artgal slaughtered the Ui Maine at the Battle of Mag Dairben.
"Slaughtered" was featured at the United Kingdom festival Film4 Fright and in 2009 at Grimmfest.
Later, during the reign of Francisco Macías Nguema, his troops slaughtered the Bubi.
There were chapter headings such as "Sacked", "The First Killing", "Skinned Alive", and "Slaughtered".
Followers of some religions are prohibited from consuming meat slaughtered in the fashion described above.
The Armenian civilian residents of Sumgait, including women and children, were slaughtered with exceptional brutality.
In 2010 they signed with Season of Mist and released their 5th album "Slaughtered"