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Examples of "slimey"
Dirty is a green Detroit Dirt Digger. He belongs to Slimey as of Episode 4157. Oscar takes Slimey to Bug-a-Wee-Bug Shelter to adopt his first pet. Slimey chooses Dirty. After bringing him home Dirty is scared. Oscar and Slimey eventually calm Dirty down by wearing bug hats and singing "Welcome Bug Song". Dirty can write in the dirt.
Oscar is Slimey's best friend. Slimey is not only the pet of Oscar the Grouch, but also the only character with whom Oscar admits to liking. Slimey is said to bring out the best in Oscar. The friendship between the two is understood, where they do not express their feelings for each other but act in a manner which shows their strong relationship. Oscar likes Slimey because they share common interests like the love of rain, mud, and soil, and the fact that Slimey doesn't talk to him when he is trying to sleep. The two do many things together, including taking mud baths and just hanging out. In Season 36, Oscar sang the "Worm Workout Song," a parody of the song "YMCA", while Slimey and his worm friends stretched and wiggled. Each night, or at the end of each episode (from season 35 onward) Oscar reads to Slimey chapters from the book "Trash Gordon", a parody of the Flash Gordon comic strip. The book involves Gordon fighting many creatures and ends with a review of the letter and number of the day. When Slimey went into space, Oscar was distraught and could not mask missing Slimey, showing that Oscar has a caring side. Oscar's friendship with Slimey demonstrates the difficulties some children find in making friends. Slimey met Oscar in 1971. Oscar went to the park on a rainy day to see the mud puddles and found a mud puddle with a lot of worms playing in it. He then saw a lonely Slimey playing by himself. Slimey saw Oscar and crawled up his shoulder and fell asleep. Feeling sorry for the baby worm Oscar took Slimey home with him.
Here are listed all episodes which revolved around Slimey:
Squirmy is a light blue and dark blue striped worm who personifies a person from the country and is cousin to Slimey and Sloppy. She has only ever been introduced in the book "The City Worm and the Country Worm" by Linda Hayward, in which Slimey and Squirmy exchange visits, with Slimey going to the country and Squirmy going to the city, or more specifically Sesame Street. In the end both decide that their own environment is best for themselves.
"Camp Orange" was the title of the series. The second series, was set at a mysterious Ghost town called Slimey Hollow and follows the bizarre family history of Edward Slimey. The show was produced and directed by Total Perception (Phillip Tanner -Prod/Director & Jason Critelli - Prod) for Nickelodeon Australia. Mike Watson was the E.P. for Nickelodeon.
In season 29 (1997–1998), Slimey undertook a 6-week journey into space. With his landing on the moon, "Sesame Street" changed directions from teaching children about basic literacy and numeracy, adding basic science. Slimey was accepted by WASA a parody of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration, as part of the lunar program. He then trained rigorously to become an astroworm and was finally chosen as part of the mission's international crew, showing viewers that practice makes perfect. The rocket was launched using Mr. Snuffleupagus' trunk after the smoke from the rocket made him sneeze. The journey went through many troubles including the international crew's crisis but eventually landed on the moon, which was televised live by Kermit the Frog. The rocket ship landed in dramatic fashion, splashing into the water. Fortunately nobody was hurt. Slimey was the first to get out of the rocket ship and therefore became the first worm on the moon. The separation of Slimey and Oscar showed the rarely seen soft side to Oscar. The journey explored concepts such as the distance to the moon and the difference between heavy and light, as well as how scientific exploration occurs, with Slimey and the crew performing experiments and collecting samples. The mission included the song "Slimey to the Moon" sung by the famous Jazz singer Tony Bennett to the tune of "Fly Me to the Moon" by Bart Howard.
Slimey has many friends, both worm and non-worm, and also a worm family. Listed here are Slimey's main friends and his family.
Camp Orange: Slimey Hollow is the name of the second season of the children's reality series "Camp Orange". It was aired on Nickelodeon Australia in 2006.
Worms in Space first aired in 1998, in which Slimey and his fellow WASA astronauts form letters or numbers aboard the Wiggleprise.
Dusty and Eartha are the parents of Slimey and Sloppy. Dusty, the father, is a dark and light striped worm that is personified by the circular black glasses and brown overcoat that he wears. Eartha, the mother, has the same light and dark orange skin as her son, Slimey. She is personified by the long curled eyelashes and country hairstyle commonly sported by women of the 1960s.
Slimey the Worm is a light and dark orange striped worm that is the pet of Oscar the Grouch on Jim Henson's Muppet show "Sesame Street". Introduced in Season 2 (1970–1971), he is played by Martin P. Robinson and is the smallest of all characters on "Sesame Street", being only 7 cm (2¾in). His small size does not affect his attitude of being one not to wince at the sight of extreme activities. As Lou Berger, head writer for "Sesame Street", put it, "Slimey shows viewers that even the smallest creature can be the most heroic, and that's an important thing for kids to see." Slimey has done many extreme things, including winning a gold medal in the Worm Olympics, skydived from a plane, been shot out of a cannon whilst kissing girlfriend Glo and become the first worm in space. At first Slimey and his family did not talk, communicating by squeaking and wriggling, Slimey would be held up to Oscar's ear to talk to him. He and his family now, however, have digitally enhanced squeaky voices. Slimey's voice is currently provided by Dick Maitland. His birthday is on September 19th.
On February 14, 2000 (episode #3882), Valentine's Day, Glo Worm, a volunteer firefighter, entered Sesame Street and became the larva love of Slimey. They both announce their affection for each other but Glo is called away to fight a fire and Baby Bear is put in charge of distracting Slimey as he waits anxiously for his beloved to return. The pair hit it off so well due to their shared fondness of extreme activities, which is illustrated in a scene where they get shot out of a cannon while kissing. Another moment that featured the duo showed the couple dancing to salsa music.
Sonny secures funding from an Arab oil sheik who happens to be vacationing in Pinchcliffe, and the trio then build a gigantic racing car, "Il Tempo Gigante" – a fabulous construction with two engines, radar and its own blood bank. Theodore then enters a race, and ends up winning, beating Gore-Slimey despite his attempts at sabotage.
Ropiness is manifested as an increase in viscosity and a "slimey" or "fatty" mouthfeel of a wine. In France the fault is known as ""graisse"", which translates to "fat". The problem stems from the production of dextrins and polysaccharides by certain lactic acid bacteria, particularly of the genera "Leuconostoc" and "Pediococcus".
Common names include smooth toadfish, smooth toado, slimey toadfish or smooth blowie. Along with related toadfish species, the smooth toadfish is known in Australia as a "toadie". "Gaguni" is a Tharawal name for toadfish in the Sydney region, the word recorded by William Dawes as "ca-gone" in his 1791 diaries of the Sydney language.
Elmo, Barkley, Big Bird, Ernie, Bert, Oscar the Grouch, Grover, Jamal, Angela, Betty Lou, Zoe, Baby Bear, Otis the Elephant Elevator Operator, Benny the Bellhop, Sherry Netherland, A Dinger, Ingrid, Humphrey, Baby Natasha, Telly Monster, Hoots the Owl, Wolfgang the Seal, Slimey, Grundgetta, Joey and Davey Monkey, Herry Monster, Rosita, Celina, Ruthie, The Squirrelles, Wanda Cousteau, Cookie Monster, and a twiddlebug.
In their second season, Germany's "Sesamstrasse" created an antagonistic character named Uli von Bödefeld. While not a Grouch, he served the same role in plots as Oscar. When a fire destroyed the costume in 1988, a decade after he debuted, he and American segments of Oscar were both replaced by a Grouch named Rumpel. Caterpillar Gustav is the counterpoint to Slimey.
Forcing the shotgun in Lime's mouth, Jack threatens to kill Lime for revenge against all the slimey businessmen who have tried to frame and kill him for catching them; Lime soils himself and begins crying, prompting Jack to remove the gun from his mouth, taunting that Lime deserves the life imprisonment and resulting sexual assault he'll suffer as police sirens approach. With Lime and Darren arrested and the case closed, Jack and Sarah agree to spend some time together, and kiss.
The Adventures of Trash Gordon was written as a parody of "Flash Gordon". At the end of some episodes from 2004–2007, Oscar the Grouch read Slimey the Worm a chapter of Trash Gordon, a book with over 900 chapters. It's about a man named Trash Gordon (Gordon) who visits distant planets. At the end Trash would announce what the letter and number of the day was.
In 2015 the band, that now featured Rob Brook on second guitar and long time bassist Jacko Pistorious alongside Johnny, Slimey and Dave, entered the studio to record a brand new album. The first single to be taken from it was "Ain't No Rock 'n' Roll Rookie" backed with "Super Woofa" which came out on Damaged Goods records 31 July 2015 as a limited 7" and Download.