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moritzdorf              lemsal              mettersdorf              laskowo              lefkaditi              chyndice              krzewo              proszowicki              paralovo              parunovac              nerestce              palestyna              sakule              julianowo              kowelska              stankau              oberneudorf              radslavice              mostowo              unterbergen              dupljane              ragelsdorf              dunavecse              baierdorf              zuberbach              vysoke              pogliana              pistiana              stelpe              bottovo              palatinato              mihajlovac              seiburg              nosievici              somberek              plewki              tsibar              kiersztanowo              vathypedo              putnikovo              travbana              vrbovo              belleydoux              lipovice              blhovce              jakobsdorf              zolotoj              divnoye              starovice              porcsalma             

Examples of "smalininkai"
Smalininkai () is a small city in Lithuania. It is situated in the former samogitian part of Memelland on the right-hand shore of the Neman River, west from Jurbarkas. It was part of German East Prussia and was called Schmalleningken. Between 1923 - 1939 and since the World War II it has been part of Lithuania.
In May 1943, Oleshev was appointed commander of 31st Army's 36th Rifle Corps. The corps captured Smolensk and Yartsevo during the Battle of Smolensk in summer 1943. In June 1944, the corps fought in Operation Bagration, capturing Orsha and Dubroŭna. On 3 July, he was appointed military commandant of Minsk and oversaw the clearing of rubble from streets, the removal of unexploded ordnance and restoring of power and water supplies during the next ten days. On 14 July, Oleshev was appointed commander of 39th Army's 113th Rifle Corps.He led the corps during the Kaunas Offensive in late July and August. On 28 September, he was awarded the Order of Suvorov 2nd class. In October, the corps fought in the Battle of Memel. During the Battle of Memel, the corps, advancing in the vanguard of the 39th Army, captured Smalininkai on 9 October. The corps then fought in the Gumbinnen Operation. From January 1945, the corps fought in the East Prussian Offensive. The corps helped capture Tilsit and for its actions was awarded the honorific "Tilsit". On 21 February 1945, Oleshev was awarded the Order of Lenin. For its actions in the subsequent Battle of Königsberg, the corps was awarded the Order of the Red Banner. On 5 May, Oleshev was promoted to lieutenant general.