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Examples of "smallfilms"
After Postgate's death in December 2008 Smallfilms was inherited by his son Daniel Postgate. Also, Universal took the distribution rights to the works of Smallfilms. Any such agreement does not include the materials Oliver published with The Dragons Friendly Society.
The Firmins still live on the farm in Blean, Kent, where Smallfilms produced their programmes.
2014 see the publication of "The Art Of Smallfilms", a book exploring the archives of Smallfilms and the world of Oliver Postgate and Peter Firmin. The book is the first to examine their work in minute detail. It was conceived and edited by Jonny Trunk and has a foreword by Stewart Lee.
Peter Firmin is best known as half of the Smallfilms production company, active 1958 to the late 1980s. Most of Smallfilms' animation was produced in a farmyard barn on Firmin's land in Blean near Canterbury in Kent. Firmin made the sets, puppets and backdrops for the programmes, often also contributing to making sound and visual effects during filming.
The scriptwriter for the series was children's author Michael Rosen. Smallfilms, the production company of Oliver Postgate and Peter Firmin, provided some still video sequences.
Firmin continued to work an illustrator. He has written and illustrated many books of Smallfilms characters, plus children's books of his own devising and books for adults including Vita Sackville-West's poetry and "Seeing Things", Postgate's autobiography.
In 1981, the BBC released two children's compilations with the Smallfilms television shows that Oliver Postgate and Peter Firmin did for the BBC since their TV broadcasts in the 1970s.
Although the series is made very much in the style of Oliver Postgate's Smallfilms, much of the background humour is in a similar vein to that of Aardman Animation's Creature Comforts.
The series was originally made for black and white television by Smallfilms for Associated Rediffusion in 1958, but was later revived in 1975 when new episodes in colour were produced for the BBC.
Smallfilms is a British company that made animated television programmes for children, from 1959 to the 1980s. In 2014 the company was operating again and producing a remake of the Clangers. It was originally a partnership between Oliver Postgate (writer, animator and narrator) and Peter Firmin (modelmaker and illustrator). Several very popular series of short films were made using stop-motion animation, including "Clangers", "Noggin the Nog", and "Ivor the Engine". Another Smallfilms production, "Bagpuss", came top of a BBC poll to find the favourite children's programme.
Tottie: The Story of a Doll's House is a 1984 animated television series produced by Smallfilms, directed and narrated by Oliver Postgate. It is based on "The Dolls' House", a children's novel written by Rumer Godden originally published in 1947, and focuses on the toys living in a Victorian Dolls' House belonging to sisters Emily and Charlotte Dane.
The Smallfilms system was reliant on the company's only two employees – Postgate and Firmin – and was devoid of the modern considerations and essentials, as Postgate pointed out: "excused the interference of educationalists, sociologists and other pseudo-scientists, which produces eventually a confection of formulae which have no integrity. No, the mainspring of what we did was because it was fun."
Having produced the live "Alexander the Mouse," and the filmed "The Adventures of Ho" for his employers Associated Rediffusion/ITV in partnership with Firmin, Oliver Postgate and his partner set up Smallfilms in a disused cow shed at Firmin's home in Blean near Canterbury, Kent.
Blean's economy is closely tied to Canterbury and to a lesser extent, Whitstable. In television entertainment Smallfilms operates here the production company that created the animated series "Ivor the Engine", "Bagpuss" and the "Clangers", at Peter Firmin's barn on the Blean farm.
It was while he was teaching at the Central School of Art that Oliver Postgate came looking for, as Firmin puts it: "…someone to illustrate a television story – someone who was hard up and would do a lot of drawing for very little money". They immediately 'clicked' and subsequently formed Smallfilms.
In all, 20 episodes were made and the series was repeated throughout the 1970s as part of the BBC's schools service. It was also the series that brought together Smallfilms with Sandra Kerr and John Faulkner (thanks to Michael Rosen's work with Kerr and Faulkner in Ewan MacColl's Critics' Group). Postgate, Firmin, Kerr and Faulkner went on to make Bagpuss together.
In October 2008, production company Coolabi acquired the merchandising and distribution rights until 2013 to a number of the Smallfilms productions. Coolabi planned to introduce Bagpuss to a new generation; the company said there was "significant potential to build on the affection in which this classic brand is held".
The series was made by Smallfilms, the company set up by Oliver Postgate (writer, animator and narrator) and Peter Firmin (modelmaker and illustrator). Firmin designed the characters, and his wife knitted and "dressed" the Clangers. The music, often part of the story, was by Vernon Elliott.
Peter Arthur Firmin (born 11 December 1928) is an English artist and puppet maker. He was the founder of Smallfilms, along with Oliver Postgate. Between them they created a number of popular children's TV programmes, "The Saga of Noggin the Nog", "Ivor the Engine", "Clangers", "Bagpuss" and "Pogles' Wood".
The original television series was first broadcast, starting on 11 September 1959, by the BBC in the United Kingdom, and continued to 1965. Twenty-one programmes were made in black and white, and six in colour, each with a running time of ten minutes, by a company called Smallfilms.