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Examples of "smartclient"
SmartClient is set of mobile and cross-browser HTML5 UI components combined with a Java-based Ajax framework, created by Isomorphic Software to build business web applications. First released in 2001, SmartClient was integrated into products from the software vendors including Informatica and Wily/CA. Since November 2007, SmartClient was available free under an open source LGPL licence, and some of its code may be available on GitHub. It is also available under a commercial licence.
SmartClient mentions among its competitors Vaadin, Apache Flex and Sencha's Ext JS, and is similar to full-stack business web application development frameworks like Wakanda.
A smart client application can be created in several very different technologies. The original use of the term in the context of the web was Isomorphic Software's SmartClient product. They have owned the domain since 2001.