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snorkeling              kayaking              birdwatching              watersports              spearfishing              snorkelers              bushwalking              kitesurfing              canyoning              snowmobiling              waterskiing              kiteboarding              kayakers              kitesurfers              bodyboarding              sledding              kneeboarding              coasteering              bodysurfing              windsurfers              picnicking              sailboarding              snorkellers              beachgoers              skimboarding              sunbathing              beachcombing              parasailing              sandboarding              boaters              canoers              sportfishing              windsurfing              canyoneering              jetskiing              hillwalking              rockpools              riverboarding              wakeboarding              picnickers              clamming              wakeskating              boardsurfing              canoeists              picnicing              snowshoeing              powerboating              snorkeler              spelunking              mudflat             

Examples of "snorkelling"
Other bog snorkelling events take place, particularly in Wales (but also in Australia, Ireland, and Sweden). Associated events include the associated mountain bike bog snorkelling (where competitors must ride through the bog on specially prepared mountain bikes), and the Bog Snorkelling Triathlon (a 120-yard (110 metre) swim, a 19-mile (31 kilometre) bike ride and a 7.5 mile (12.1 kilometre) run).
The beach is sheltered and offers opportunities for snorkelling.
The archipelago is attractive to tourists who are interested in diving or snorkelling.
Other activities include hiking, surfing, snorkelling and scuba diving, with guided charters being available.
Resorts on Kadavu Island and Ono Island offer accommodation with direct access to snorkelling and diving.
The official orchestra of the London Institute of 'Pataphysics is the London Snorkelling Team.
Popular tourist activities in Bilene include sailing, canoeing, windsurfing, snorkelling, paragliding and kite surfing.
Himmafushi is ideal for the budget conscious traveller that wants to have a relaxing holiday and see a bit of local life. Snorkelling tours etc can be booked. Be sure to bring some cheap reef shoes/water socks. Snorkelling equipment can be hired and is supplied for the tours. The bikini beach is shallow and warm - so very family friendly. Snorkelling is simply world class.
Enrico died June 1, 2016, aged 71, while snorkelling in the Cayman Islands where he had a home.
The island has an area of , is privately owned and has a large sheltered lagoon suitable for snorkelling.
A variety of aquatic-based activities are offered by the theme park, including snorkelling, scuba diving, and swimming with dolphins.
Sebuku is a popular destination for snorkelling and diving, with tourists generally arriving by boat from Candi village on Sumatra.
The national park hosts a range of activities including bushwalking, four-wheel driving, camping, snorkelling, scuba diving, swimming and fishing.
Scuba diving and snorkelling are practised in the nearby Bunaken National Park, including the island of Bunaken.
Camping, reef walking, boating, fishing, wildlife watching, diving and snorkelling are all popular activities within the park.
The snorkel may be a separate item or may be integrated with a full-face snorkelling mask. The integrated system is only suitable for surface snorkelling, but the separate snorkel may also be used for free-diving and for surface breathing with scuba equipment.
Ölüdeniz offer a variety of diving opportunities with regard to its crystal clear waters and rich underwater caves and fauna. Scuba diving is the most popular underwater activity. Local diving agencies provide courses and required scuba diving licences. Snorkelling is another diving activity and many sites are very suitable for snorkelling.
The BSAC has offered two separate training schemes since the 1950s - the Diver Training Programme (DTP) for scuba diving and the Snorkeller Training Programme (STP) for snorkelling.
Travel easterly for approx 1½ hrs, 30 km from Tigoa. Good for lobster diving, and has a lovely reef for swimming/snorkelling and a golden sand beach.
There is snorkelling directly off the beach. Many travellers have come for three days and ended up staying three weeks or longer.