Synonyms for snuck or Related words with snuck

sneaked              sneaks              sauntered              sneaking              hustled              barged              smuggles              crept              shoves              slithered              strolled              goads              shapeshifts              saunters              shapeshifted              blundered              scampers              shoehorned              clambered              limps              segued              coaxes              coaxed              conned              hurtled              careened              forayed              woges              parachuted              segueing              shoved              delved              waded              goaded              intimidates              leapt              trespassed              cajoles              bluffed              devolves              parlayed              clambers              blackmails              leaped              lucked              snowballed              trudges              limped              wandered              hypnotizes             

Examples of "snuck"
Released in 2002, "Love Snuck Up" was a compilation of the Millers' Hightone recordings.
Gordo's wife and a master of infiltration, snuck aboard King Neo-Descal's ship in order to get to the present.
A young people's show on RTÉ Two called "Ice" had snuck a Teddy Bear into the set which was spotted on camera during a performance on the show.
"Once there was a fever that the world called AIDS. It snuck into our village softly and everyone who got it died like falling leaves.""
We didn't know they were final performances. Dave wanted to do a solo album and we were due to get back together after that. Much to his chagrin his solo album took longer than expected and he kept writing songs that sounded like Triffids songs. Domesticity snuck up on most of us, poor health snuck up on Dave, a planned '94 reunion tour was put on hold, and the Triffids faded into the mist. – Graham Lee
During Túrin's time with the Outlaws, Mîm and sons were seen as they snuck past the outlaws carrying heavy sacks. Mîm was captured, and arrows were shot at his sons Ibûn and Khîm.
In December 2002, the television program "America's Most Wanted" featured Amer, stating that he was an airline pilot who may have "snuck back into the U.S" to work with al-Qaeda sleeper cells.
Austin was eliminated by Bret Hart, but snuck back in the ring while officials were distracted by a brawl between Terry Funk and Mankind on the other side of the ring.
Despite the National Football League removing press credentials for Barstool Sports, PFT snuck in to "Opening Night" for Super Bowl LI in Houston and was able to ask questions to players and coaches.
Todd's electronic access card to City Hall was revoked in 1997 when he snuck into the Council chamber and wrapped the Mayor's chair with leftover "Free Kingwood" banners from an anti-annexation rally for that locality.
Hickman adds, "We kind of snuck in the back door by being a band that had something to say and were lucky enough to write a catchy three-minute song."
On an episode of The Rich Eisen Show Irvin admitted to having snuck out of the locker room during the halftime of Super Bowl XXVII to watch Michael Jackson perform the halftime show.
Ian provided the voice of a human who snuck in Dethklok's trunk while they were hammered in the Season III: The Dead Man pilot episode of "Metalocalypse", as well as providing guest voices in "Tributeklok" on Adult Swim.
In Young's only season in Winnipeg in 1983–84, he appeared in only 44 games, earning 34 points, as the Jets snuck into the playoffs. Young appeared in only one playoff game, earning an assist.
"It was a shock for everyone in the production as well. They kept it so quiet. They eliminated the name “James” from every single script. Nobody knew he was coming back except Doug Marland and Bob Calhoun, our executive producer at the time. I was told the day before. The crew didn’t know. Obviously wardrobe did because they had to put him in the monk’s robe. They snuck him into the building, they snuck him on set, and it wasn’t until “Hello Barbara” that anyone knew James and Anthony [Herrera] were back. It was cool."
Topper's 1963 film "War Is Hell" (which he wrote, produced, directed and played a small role as an army lieutenant) was playing at the Texas Theatre in Dallas on November 22, 1963. Lee Harvey Oswald snuck into the theatre and viewed it briefly before being arrested.
Julie is seventeen years old by the time of the season seven episode "Mr. Monk Is Underwater". Trying to become an actress during the season eight episode "Mr. Monk and the Critic", Julie's beautiful voice is the key to proving that theater critic John Hannigan snuck out and killed his girlfriend Callie Esterhaus during a theater performance.
On March 25, 2009, Detail and Christopher Walker were robbed by five armed men who were collecting on a debt that Detail supposedly owed to Suge Knight. Detail was asleep during the robbery, however Walker claims the men snuck into Detail's room and stole $170,000 worth of jewelry, a 130-pound safe, stereo equipment and the keys to a Mercedes.
During some seasons, the Globetrotters needed to play every night just to make ends meet, because the team often netted less than $50 a night. Accommodations on the road were sparse and hotels often wouldn’t allow blacks. On one occasion, when the players couldn’t find a hotel in Des Moines, Iowa, they snuck up the fire escape and slept in Saperstein’s room.