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Sodagreen (; stylized as sodagreen) is a Taiwanese indie band formed in 2001. Its members has been unchanged since 2003. Sodagreen emerged in the Taiwanese indie music scene after receiving the Grand Jury Award in the Hohaiyan Gongliau Rock Festival in 2004, after which it signed a contract with Willlin Music. The band is the first indie band to hold a concert in the Taipei Arena. The band is well known for its main vocalist and songwriter Wu Tsing-Fong, who is prominent for his poetic lyrics, unique performing style and wide vocal range.
The sixth episode was broadcast on 16 August 2013. Trusted advisor of Team Na Ying is Wu Tsing-Fong (吴青峰) from Sodagreen (苏打绿).
Greeny Wu Tsing-fong (; born 30 August 1982) is a Taiwanese singer-songwriter, and the main vocalist and songwriter of the indie band Sodagreen, of which he was one of the founding members.
In June 2007, Sodagreen were awarded the Best Band Award at the 18th Golden Melody Awards. Wu Tsing-Fong also received the highly coveted Best Melody award for "Little Love Song", which was also nominated for best lyrics. "Little Universe" was nominated for the Best Album award. In November, Sodagreen released their third album, "Incomparable Beauty". Shortly after, it held its first major concert, the Absolutely Beautiful Concert, which was held at the Taipei Arena, where it made history by being the first indie band to hold a concert there. The concert holds the record for being the longest concert ever held at the venue, with Sodagreen playing for five hours, incurring a large fine for playing too late into the night.
In May 2001, Sodagreen competed in the Golden Melody Cup held by the National Chengchi University and won the Best Popularity award with the composition "Peeping". With the support of Shiao-Ying, a judge at the competition, it recorded "Peeping" for the compilation "Taiwan independent compilation 2001", released by TCM. In April the next year, after several changes to the line-up of the band (guitarists), Sodagreen participated in the Golden Melody Cup again, this time winning the awards for Best Band, Best Composition, Best Lyrics and Best Music.
In August 2004, Sodagreen were awarded the Grand Jury Award at the Hohaiyan Gongliau Rock Festival, after which the band was signed by Lin's Willlin Music. In September 2005, they released their self-titled debut album, "sodagreen", which was preceded by a few singles and EPs. Through this album, the band garnered a handful of nominations at the 2006 Golden Melody Awards. In October 2006, they released their second album, "Little Universe", followed by a single in December- "My Future Is Not a Dream", a collaboration with A-pay, a band under the same label.
In September 2015, Sodagreen announced that the last album in its Vivaldi Project, "Winter Endless", would be released on 4 November. On 16 September, the band released the music video for "Everyone", a song on the record, which featured members of the band playing in Berlin, where the album was produced and is set.
In 2016, Sodagreen, with its album “Winter Endless”, was the biggest winner at the ceremony in the categories of best Mandarin album, best band, best lyricist, best album producer and best musical arrange. After the awards, the band announced that they will be taking a three year break to look back on their past and decide their futures.
Sodagreen was named by Shih, the band's leader at the time, and Wu, the lead vocalist. The band was originally named Soda (蘇打), but Shih preferred a name with three-syllable. Wu then affixed the word "green" (綠), his favourite colour, behind Soda, completing the portmanteau.
Summer/Fever () was released on September 11, 2009, and is the fifth full-length studio album by Taiwanese indie pop band Sodagreen. It is the second of the band's Vivaldi Project, a planned series of four albums representing the four seasons—spring, summer, autumn and winter respectively.
The 18th Golden Melody Awards nominated a number of independent and alternative artists in major categories. Alternative rock band Sodagreen received the most number of nominations, including Best Band. The 2007 awards also added a new category, Most Popular Artist, nominated from among Taiwan's five largest record labels and 2006 top-selling albums. The winners of the category are voted upon by fans. The ceremony also featured South Korean pop group Super Junior and Japanese pop singer Mai Kuraki as guests.
In April and May 2010, Hecker played the first part of an extensive Chinese tour of 24 Chinese cities – he accomplished the second part in the autumn of the same year –, and his song "Kun Zai", written along with Sodagreen singer Wu Qingfeng, was released as the first single of Taiwanese singer Wei Ruxuan's album "Graceful Porcupine" in Taiwan and Mainland China. In the course of his current release, Hecker went on a tour of Germany in June of the same year.
In 2009, Sodagreen began its Vivaldi Project, planning to record and release four concept albums based on the four seasons within two years. The band recorded "Daylight of Spring" in Taidung and released it in May. They then travelled to London to record "Summer/Fever", releasing it in September. Late that year, the band held a solo concert at the Taipei Arena for the second time, playing for two nights at the Daylight Fever Concert. However, the band's plans for the third and fourth Vivaldi Project albums were cut short by A-gong's conscription.
The band's first performance of 2013 was at the Cotai Arena of The Venetian Macao Casino/Resort/Hotel in Macao on 5 January. Shortly after ending the Walk Together World Tour at Shanghai on 3 August 2013, Sodagreen announced that "Autumn: Stories", the third instalment in the band's Vivaldi Project, would be released on 18 September 2013. The release of the album in September was accompanied by six live house performances in Beijing, with tickets to these mini-concerts selling out within ten minutes of the opening of online booking services.
Artists Kim Hyun Joong, Beast, Miss A, Hyuna, Leessang, Koda Kumi, Vision Wei, Aziatix, Jane Zhang, and Seo In Young all won awards during the televised broadcast. On the other hand, Big Bang, CN Blue, and IU also won awards, but were not able to attend the ceremony. In total, there were twenty-five awards, including awards not given out during the broadcast of the awards ceremony. International artists are also seen with their greetings on screen including Namcha, Sodagreen, Nicholas Teo, Leo Ku, Natthew, Kwon Sang-woo, Jackie Chan, Quincy Jones, Joey Yung, Golf, Penny Tai, Eason Chan, Lollipop F, and Derrick Hoh.
Malaysian singer Gary Chaw and Singaporean singer-songwriter Tanya Chua were named Best Mandarin Male and Female Singers in the popular music category, respectively. Chua won the Best Mandarin Female Singer award for the second time; she last won the award in the 17th Golden Melody Awards. Chua's record seven nominations for her album "Goodbye & Hello" are the most received by a female artist. Taiwanese musician and singer Jay Chou, who received a record-breaking eight nominations for his album "On the Run" and film "Secret", was not able to attend the event due to his tour in China. Chou's primary lyricist Vincent Fang was present to receive the award of Best Lyricist for the song "Blue and White Porcelain" (). Pop rock band Sodagreen received its second consecutive award as Best Band for its album "Incomparable Beauty".
The 2000s also began with an explosion of pop idols, many of whom are from Taiwan. Mainland China also saw a rapid increase in the number of Mandopop singers, bands, and idol groups as pop music becomes increasingly mainstream by mid-2000s. The growing Mainland film industry and Chinese television drama also increased demand for Mandopop. Since the 2000s, the emergence of indie rock in mainland China and Taiwan had exploded into a flourishing indie music scene in mainland China and Taiwan, adding various new diversities into Mandopop. Entry of popular Taiwan-based bands such as Mayday and Sodagreen while in mainland Chinese-based bands such as SuperVC and Milk@Coffee had brought a new phase of rock fusion into Mandopop.
The 1990s and early 2000s also saw the emergence of bands and artists of more diverse genres, such as Sodagreen, Deserts Chang, Cheer Chen, who have achieved commercial success and brought the new "indie" era of Taiwanese pop music. Other indie bands include Labor Exchange Band, Chairman, Sugar Plum Ferry, Backquarter, Fire EX, 8mm Sky, Seraphim, and ChthoniC. The annual Formoz Festival, Spring Scream, and Hohaiyan Rock Festival are representative gatherings within Taiwan's indie scene. Of these, Formoz Festival is notable for its international draw, with foreign artists such as Yo La Tengo, Moby, Explosions in the Sky, and Caribou headlining the event, while Spring Scream is the largest local band event, and Hohaiyan draws a mixed crowd of beach side party-goers and music appreciators alike.