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Examples of "softool"
In 1977, Presser founded Softool Corporation, a software products company based in Santa Barbara, California. Softool was dedicated to the creation and marketing of software tools. Besides a presence throughout the United States, Softool owned subsidiaries in Great Britain, France, Germany and Italy.
Among other product lines, Softool created and marketed a family of software tools to manage change. These change management tools led to the creation of a whole new segment of products in the software industry. Softool was sold in 1995.
The search engine was launched on September 23, 1997 and was publicly presented at the Softool exhibition in Moscow. Initially the search engine was developed by Comptek. In 2000 Yandex was incorporated as a standalone company by Arkady Volozh.
The first version of CCC/Harvest was commercially developed by Softool Corporation, a CM-focused software company founded in 1977 in Goleta, CA. Other CCC tools included CCC/Manager, CCC/DM Turnkey and CCC/QuickTrak.
In 1989, L. William Seidman and Steven L. Skancke wrote a book entitled "Productivity: the American Advantage" in which they selected fifty U.S. companies and discussed how they were regaining the competitive edge for the United States. Softool was one of the selected companies.
Softool was acquired in late 1995 by Platinum Technology, which was later acquired in May 1999 by Computer Associates (now known as CA Technologies) who added CCC/Harvest to their AllFusion suite. In 2002, the 'CCC' part of the name was dropped, and 'Change Manager' was added so it became known as AllFusion Harvest Change Manager. Later this was changed to CA Harvest Software Change Manager.
DMB NEVOD - object-oriented repository with possibility of search and analysis of structured information (Ad hoc inquiries and semantic net visualization). It is used mainly by security services of commercial organisations and divisions of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation. For ten consecutive years DMB NEVOD has been presented at the international tradeshow of computer technologies "SofTool", at the RELEX Group exposition.
Platinum Technology Inc. was founded by Andrew Filipowski in 1987 to market and support deployment of database management software products and the applications enabled by database management technology and to render related services. Over its 12-year history, it was known for its acquisition of other companies, having bought more than 50 companies between 1994 and 1999 and growing to become the eighth largest global software company with revenue of a billion dollars per year. Acquisitions included Altai, Inc. (1995), AutoSystems Corporation, Brownstone Solutions, ICON Computing, Intervista Software, Locus Computing Corporation, LBMS (1998), Logic Works (1998), Protosoft, RELTECH Group, Memco Software, Softool, SQL TOOLS, Inc., Trinzic, Viatech and VREAM (1996). The company was a member of the UML Partners consortium.