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lubuk              pematang              siantar              wetan              probolinggo              purwakarta              serang              pariaman              payakumbuh              ketapang              pasaman              karang              blora              asahan              bangkinang              tebing              langkat              cianjur              bukittinggi              tuban              sijunjung              jombang              nunukan              pasuruan              pesisir              bengkalis              landak              pandeglang              pangkal              ngawi              selat              indragiri              kotabaru              hujung              ujung              tasek              kebun              labuhan              melawi              lembah              rantau              brebes              sragen              telaga              sintang              banyuwangi              nganjuk              pamekasan              bojonegoro              banjarmasin             

Examples of "solok"
Solok Regency is a regency "(kabupaten)" of West Sumatra, Indonesia. the city of Solok is administratively separated from the Regency.
Padang Aro is a town or Sub-district in South Solok Regency, of West Sumatra province of Indonesia and it is the seat (capital) of South Solok Regency.
South Solok () is a regency "(kabupaten)" of West Sumatra, Indonesia.
Arosuka is a town or Sub-district in Solok Regency, of West Sumatra province of Indonesia and it is the seat (capital) of Solok Regency. The Solok Regency is noted for its natural structures which have attracted tourists to the area.
Solok (means "valley") is a city in West Sumatra, Indonesia. Its motto is Kota Beras, abbreviation from "Bersih, Elok, Rapi, Aman dan Sejahtera". It has an area of 57.64 km² (0.14 percent of the area of West Sumatra) and a population of 62,483 people in 2014. Solok topography varies between the plains and hilly with a height of 390 m above sea level. There are three tributaries that cross Solok, namely Batang Lembang, Batang Gawan, and Batang Air Binguang.
The traditional dance is "Tari Piring" or Plate Dance which is originally came from Solok, West Sumatra.
Firmansyah family came from Solok, West Sumatera. His brother is Erry Firmansyah, the CEO of the Indonesia Stock Exchange.
Solok Regency is divided into fourteen districts ("kecamatan"), listed below with their populations at the 2010 Census:
South Solok Regency is divided into seven districts ("kecamatan"), listed below with their populations at the 2010 Census:
Nazmi Solok (1876; Balıkesir – 1956; Istanbul) was an officer of the Ottoman Army and the general of the Turkish Army.
Alahan Panjang was damaged in the earthquakes. Right lateral offsets were reported near the town of Solok.
Judging from the type of soil, 21,37 percent of the land in solok is rice field and the remaining 78,63 percent is used for other than rice field. While the travel time from Solok to Padang is 75 minutes, to the city of Padang Panjang for 60 minutes and to Sawahlunto for 40 minutes.
Pesisir Selatan is located on the coast of West Sumatra (the word "pesisir" means "coast" in Indonesian) and is bordered on the north by the city of Padang, in the east by the regencies of Solok, Solok Selatan and by Kerinci Regency (in the province of Jambi) and in the south by the regency of Muko-Muko (Bengkulu province).
Sisko's team trains hard and suffers injuries. Impatiently, he dismisses Rom from the team, and the squad nearly quit in protest. Sisko admits to Kasidy Yates that he is taking Solok's challenge so seriously because Solok beat him at a wrestling match back at Starfleet Academy. Since then, Solok would use that incident to constantly write papers about proving Vulcans are superior to humans, which carried on even after graduation. And now Sisko refuses to let Solok beat him at his own game. Sisko makes Kasidy promise to keep this between them, but she immediately tells the truth to the whole team, making them understand just how much this means to Sisko.
Found in Indonesia on Sumatra (Barat District), the Mentawai Archipelago (on Siberut, North Pagai and South Pagai), and Simeulue (Simalur). The type locality given is "Solok, Sumatra".
Sungai Lasi, known as Soengailasi when it was part of the Dutch East Indies, is a district in the Solok Regency of West Sumatra, Indonesia.
Sungai Durian, or "Durian River", is a village in the district of IX Koto Sungai Lasi, Solok Regency in the province of West Sumatra, Indonesia.
A Starfleet starship docks at Deep Space Nine. Sisko recognises its captain, Solok, as a former classmate and longtime rival. Solok believes that his all-Vulcan crew are superior in every respect, and challenges Sisko to a baseball game in the holosuite. Sisko accepts, even though this gives him only two weeks to form a team into shape, and his son Jake is the only other potential member who has played the game before.
Starting in Sawahlunto and finishing in provincial capital Padang, it was will again offer some of the finest landscape in West Sumatra, a region animated with beautiful scenery, rich cultural attractions and delicious local cuisine and delicacy. The race visited 14 regencies and cities in the West Sumatra: Sawahlunto, Payakumbuh, Lima Puluh Kota, Sijunjung, Tanah Datar, Padang Panjang, Pariaman, Agam, Solok, Solok Regency, Pariaman, Pesisir Selatan, and Padang.
Solok Regency has two lakes, separated by only 300 meters of land between them, so people call them Twin Lake. The upper lake is named as Lake in Bottom and the lower lake is named as Lake in Above.