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derasar              alappanahalli              nagnath              chottanikkara              igglur              venkatapuram              utthari              venkataramana              kotturu              khambhra              sinugra              pillaiyar              devasthana              hosakote              perur              dhama              dharmasthala              morgaon              dharampur              kulathur              arulmigu              sthan              kodathi              madhuban              kshethram              pedda              venkatapur              chirayinkeezhu              kshethra              thirukoil              somanahalli              nagamangala              nagor              kushtagi              siddapura              rajpur              lakhanpur              indapur              sonbarsa              gollahalli              devala              bhagawati              karpura              bhawanipur              naduvil              billapura              bantwal              durgadevi              jambusar              makkala             

Examples of "sompura"
In 1992, Chandrakant Sompura, grandson of Prabhashankar had designed the Sompura Akshardham temple in Gandhinagar. He was asked by Ashok Singhal, chief of the Vishwa Hindu Parishad, to design and build the Ram Janmabhoomi temple.
Sompura () is a village in the Koppal district in Karnataka state, India.
The route followed by this highway is Hunasanahalli - Kanakapura - Ramanagara - Magadi - Solur - Sompura -Koratagere - Madhugiri - Pavagada - Chikkahalli
Skand puran gives reference for the creation of sompura brahmins wide its chapter 21/22/23/24
They are group of people, who took artistic and masonry works as an occupation and branched off from Sompura Brahmin community. They are considered as Brahmin community and have surnames like; Trivedi, Davey, Raval, Vyas, Acharya, Shukla, Bhatt etc.However, Sompura Brahmin do not accept them as Brahmin. They maintain clan exogamy as a strict rule for marriage.
The Sompura Brahmin are a Hindu caste found in the state of Gujarat and Rajasthan in India. They are a sub-group of the Brahmin community.
The world's largest Ram Temple, a proposed replica of Angkor Wat to be built in Champaran, Bihar, is being designed by Piyush Sompura
Hitesh Sompura in Mumbai is a qualified Architect from Mumbai who computerised and revolutionised Temple Architecture by writing English book "You & Architecture" and making many short documentary films explaining about Indian Temple Architecture.
Mahabodhi, Sompura, Vajrasan and other important monasteries were found to be untouched. The Ghuri ravages only afflicted those monasteries that lay in the direct of their advance and were fortified in the manner of defensive forts.
Generally the civilisations developes and moves with the source of water worldwide..but the sompura brahmin is the only class who are stable near somnath since at least 2000 years.
Dhrangadhra is famous for its Stone artwork. The Government of Gujarat (Department of Industries and Mines and Commissioner of Geology & Mining) has set up two prestigious Stone Artisan Park Training Institutes (SAPTIs) - one each at Dhrangadhra and Ambaji in the State. Training centre in Dhrangadhra is located 3 km from the town on Halvad bypass road, near railway crossing. Traditionally, the 'Sompura' cast from Dhrangadhra have built and designed many Jain derasars - a type of temple of Jain people all over Gujarat and India. It is known that the temple of Somnath is built by the Sompura cast living in Dhrangadhra.
Salat are a Hindu, Brahmin community of Gujarat, which have branched off from Sompura Brahmin community. They are also found in southern Rajasthan, specially in the Mewar region. Their origin is said to be from Prabhas Patan famous for the Somnath temple. The term "salat" is derived from Shilavat, the old term for a temple architect.
The agnihotri brahmins from chandra lok came to prabhas with hemgarbha -the chief secretory of moon god to conduct-perform a pratishtha yagya of the first temple of lord somnath and after the yagya the moon god requested these brahmins to stay here.these brahmins stayed near somnath so they are called sompura brahmins..t
The present temple is built in the Chalukya style of temple architecture or "Kailash Mahameru Prasad" style and reflects the skill of the Sompura Salats, one of Gujarat's master masons. The temple's śikhara, or main spire, is 15 metres in height, and it has an 8.2-metre tall flag pole at the top.
In Gujarat, even many Chauhan,baria Rajputs like "Purabia Chouhans" also worship her as Kuldevi. The Devda Rajputs also worship her as Kuldevi. The Brahmin communities like Gaur [Lata] Thanki,Pandit and Dave Pushkarna, Sompura Salat also worship her as Kuldevi. Even the Vaishya community, like Vijayvargiya worship her. The Brahma Kshatri caste also worship her as their Kuldevi.
According to their traditions, the Sompura Brahmin are so named because they were created by the god Chandra to perform sacred ceremonies called "Som Yajna" for the god Shiva. They are concentrated in the town of Prabas Patan and form one of the oldest Brahmin communities in Gujarat; they speak Gujarati.
In 1906 Lallubhai Jaichand of Patan had the temples repaired and reconsecrated on April 25, 1906, under the supervision of Yati Hemasagar. Extensive repairs were again undertaken during 1950-1965 by Anandji Kalyanji with the work done by the Sompura firm Amritlal Mulshankar Trivedi. The older marble has a yellow patina, where as the newer marble is white.
Awarded the “Best Architecture Award 2007” at London in 2007, built the first ever traditional Shikharbandhi Jain Temple in Europe, Rajesh Sompura is now having more than 35 glorious projects standing tall in India, UK, USA, Singapore, Bangkok, Nairobi and Tanzania.
Hawa Mahal, 'the wind palace’ was built during the era of Jhala rulers. Even though it was an ambitious project with ultimate craftsmanship, the work was left incomplete. The part which is incomplete is outside the actual fort and is in different stages of construction along with the study of architectural designs, which were stopped midway. These give a glimpse into the style of architecture used by the artisans in erecting Hawa Mahal. In the present day also, many of the Sompura artisans whose community built Hawa mahal are seen involved in carvings and cutting of sculptures for various Hindu and Jain temple projects. [Sompura Salat community was one of the Brahmin communities in Gujarat who were master artisans. They built famous Somnath Temple. In recent years, these artisians have been called upon for restoration work of various temples in Gujarat as well as in other parts of India, and also building new temples.]
C.P. Trivedi and Sons, founded by Chandulal P. Trivedi from the Sompura clan, were responsible for the restoration of the Delwara Jain temples and the Jain temples at Jaisalmer Fort and the Amar Sagar lake. They also designed the Kirti Stumbh at Hutheesing Wadi in Ahmedabad, Oswal Jain Temple at Nairobi, Kenya, Jain Center, Leicester, UK,Atma Vallabh Smarak, Delhi, and the Global Vipassana Pagoda at Gorai in northwest Mumbai.