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Bequaert was formerly commemorated in the taxon "Bequaertiodendron magalismontanum" (Sond.) Heine & J.H.Hemsl. now known as "Englerophytum magalismontanum" (Sond.) T.D.Penn.
Gueinzius is commemorated in numerous specific names such as "Combretum gueinzii" Sond., "Rhus gueinzii" Sond., "Psoralea gueinzii" Harv., "Asplenium gueinzii" Mett., "Fabronia gueinzii" Hampe and "Keetia gueinzii" (Sond.) Bridson
This list focuses on Latin American-born sond editors.
The Dutchman Joris Carolus (1614) was the first to label the fjord "Mari mag. bay". Abraham Goos (1620) called it "Magdalenen sond", and Guljelmus Cæsius (1622) "S. Maria Magdalene sond".
The species is a larval food plant for the butterfly "Pseudacraea boisduvali trimeni". It is closely related to "Englerophytum natalense" (Sond.) T.D.Penn. and "Mimusops zeyheri" Sond. and is often found in association with the latter.
The sond was first performed by Kuriyama at the "Valentine Special Live" concert at Shibuya-AX on February 12, 2011.
The 262C used the PRV engine, a V6 engine developed jointly by Peugeot, Renault, and Volvo. The engine used a Lambda-sond oxygen sensor system; this was the first use of this system on a production V engine.
Englerophytum magalismontanum (Sond.) T.D.Penn., commonly known as stamvrug, is an evergreen tree that mostly grows in rocky places. It has an extensive range, from northern KwaZulu-Natal northwards along the east coast and into the southern African interior, and northwards into tropical Africa.
Some vehicles have a MIL illuminating predetermined distance intervals, without regard to actual condition or status of any system or device. Volvo, for example, used a light labeled or , "Lambda Sond" being another name for oxygen sensor. This was done to remind the driver to change the oxygen sensor.
Dovyalis caffra (Warb.), Aberia caffra (Harv. & Sond) the Umkokola, Kei apple, Kai apple, or Kau apple, is a small to medium-sized tree, native to southern Africa. Its distribution extends from the Kei River in the south, from which the common name derives, northwards along the eastern side of the continent to Tanzania. The ripe fruits are tasty, reminiscent of a small apple.
Padmalaya is one of the two and a half 'Shree Ganapati Peeth' in India, this place is regarded as the half Peeth. Padmalaya is blessed with the two self-existent "Swayambhu" Ganesh idols in the sanctum, named "Aamod" and "Pramod", There are two (Swayambhu) Ganesh idols. These idols consisted of Coral (Praval). One idol has its trunk (Sond) curving to the right and the other to the left.
A 1940 "Baltimore Sun" article by Amy Grief describes "a visit to his large, sunny office, situated conveniently near the print shop, where he can hear the sond of his beloved presses and be accessible to anyone who comes to him for advice, reveals a small, rubicund cheerful man with white hair, keen blue eyes and a general Pickwickian air... very genial, very approachable, very kindly."
Incremental improvements were made almost every year of the production run. One of the major improvements was the introduction of the oxygen sensor in 1976 (1977 models), which Volvo called Lambda Sond and developed in conjunction with Bosch. It added a feedback loop to the K-Jetronic fuel injection system already in use, which allowed fine-tuning of the air and fuel mixture and therefore produced superior emissions, drivability and fuel economy.
The first systematic archeological digging started in 1928, exploration with the sond took place during 1931 and 1932 and that represented collaboration between Public museum and Harvard University. In 1939 the leading excavator was Miodrag Grbić. In the middle of the 20th century exploration was done by Milutin Garašanin and Draga Garašanin. Revision of excavation was done in 1969 and was protected in 2003 and 2004.
Some vehicles manufactured from the late 1990s to mid 2000s have a MIL that illuminates based on the odometer reading, regardless of engine operation. For example, in several Mazda models, the light will come on at and remain lit without generating a computer trouble code. Volvo had a light labeled "Lambda", lambda sond being another name for oxygen sensor. This was done in order to remind the driver to change the oxygen sensor.
Advocates for strengthening democratic institutions and practices in the United States were convened beginning in 2008 under the title of Strengthening Our Nation’s Democracy (SOND). The convenings brought together advocates of electoral reform, campaign finance reform, civic engagement, deliberative democracy, open government, civil rights, collaborative governance, media reform, service and immigrant civic inclusion to identify how they could better collaborate with one another. Among the convening organizations of Strengthening Our Nation's Democracy were AmericaSpeaks, Demos, Everyday Democracy, and faculty from Harvard's Ash Center for Democratic Innovation and Governance. As a result of the convenings, the groups formed a coalition called the Campaign for Stronger Democracy.
Operation Sond Chara (Red Dagger in Pashto) was an 18-day-long campaign with its aims and objectives centred on four Taliban strongholds near the town of Nad-e-Ali in Helmand Province, Afghanistan. The operation was named after the commando patch worn by members of 3 Commando Brigade Royal Marines. 1,500 British troops were involved, supported by Danish, Estonian and Afghan forces in the pre-Christmas offensive, commencing on 7 December 2008 with a night attack on Taliban defences in a village south of the operational area.
Schefflera umbellifera (Sond.) Baill. is an evergreen to semi-deciduous Southern African tree of 15-20m growing in escarpment and coastal forest in Malawi, through eastern Zimbabwe and Mozambique along the east coast to South Africa, as far south as the Garden Route. It belongs to the Araliaceae or Cabbage Tree family and is one of some 600 species in the genus "Schefflera", created by J.R.Forst. & G.Forst. in 1776 to honour the 18th century German physician and botanist Johann Peter Ernst von Scheffler (born in 1739) of Danzig, and not to be confused with writer and physician Jacob Christoph Scheffler (1698-1745) of Altdorf bei Nürnberg.
Born Adelmo Buonocore in Naples, he debuted at 20 years old with an auto-produced single "Sferisterio". Put under contract by RCA, he released several albums with a style close to British new wave and synthpop music of the time. The turning point of his career was his participation in the 1987 Sanremo Music Festival with the song "Rossana", which was his first real commercial success and marked a transition towards a more melodic and sophisticated style. His biggest hit was the 1990 romantic ballad "Scrivimi", a song which was covered in twelve languages and which sond about 4 millions copies.
"Stylidium repens" var. "diplectroglossum" (Erickson & Willis) was believed to be a distinct variety of this species, noted for its narrower leaves and free calyx lobes. This variety has since been renamed "S. diplectroglossum", reflecting its status as a distinct species. In her 1958 book, "Triggerplants", Rica Erickson suggested that due to the morphological similarities, what was known as "S. radicans" (Sond.) is really a synonym for "S. repens". Allen Lowrie and his research team confirmed the earlier suspicion in their taxonomic revision of the creeping triggerplants.