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vendum              ezhai              koottam              raasa              theerpu              bandham              iniyum              thilakam              veliye              vandha              kaattu              paravaigal              thaai              raavukal              snehicha              makkalu              poocha              puthu              thaan              bandhangal              sooran              sookshikkuka              hrudaya              paadum              ponnu              thayi              vaazha              savaal              pennu              neeye              kalloori              vanadevatha              gaanam              geetham              rahasyam              swarangal              thedi              ninne              neeyo              sivappu              veettile              kizhakku              kaalamellam              kudumba              swapnangal              kalyaanam              varusham              sowbhagya              ennai              othiri             

Examples of "sonnal"
Sonnal Thaan Kathala is a 2001 Tamil romance film directed, produced by and starring T. Rajendar. Murali, Roja Selvamani, Karan, Livingston, and Vadivelu play other important roles, while Silambarasan Rajendar makes a special appearance.
Silambarasan has frequently worked as a playback singer in the Tamil film industry. He first sang in "Sonnal Thaan Kaadhala" and went on to sing over 60 songs for various composers. He predominantly sings in his own films and has collaborated mostly with his friend and fellow composer Yuvan Shankar Raja. Silambarasan also wrote lyrics for several songs of his films.
Vimal is currently working on more than half-a-dozen projects. He has completed Padmamagan's "Netru Indru" and C. S. Amudhan's "Rendavathu Padam" co-starring Richard Rishi and Aravind Akash. He is shooting for two remakes, "Jannal Oram" and "Pulivaal", both remakes of Malayalam films, "Manja Pye" and "Anjalai". Vimal had also signed "Unmai Sonnal Nesippaya", a film based on real incidents to be directed by newcomer Ravi, and a film to be directed by Thirumurugan, who played villain in his film "Kalavani".
The soundtrack received positive response from critics; all the songs were successful, especially "Engey Nimmadhi". Film historian Randor Guy stated, "The movie has excellent music (Viswanathan-Ramamurthy; lyrics by Kannadasan) and many songs became hits — "Paartha Gnaabakam Illayo...!", "Unnai ondru ketpen" () and "Engey nimmathee" (T. M. Soundararajan)." Malathi Rangarajan of "The Hindu" said, "Who can forget the everlasting flavour of MSV’s expertise that emanated through each and every number, beginning with ‘"Unnai Ondru Kaetpaen"’!" Film critic Baradwaj Rangan called it a "stylish musical bonanza". According to singer Charulatha Mani, "Unnai Ondru Ketpen" was based on the "Harikambhoji" raaga and further wrote, "In the phrase, ‘Ennai Pada Sonnal’, the notes SRGR,S S,N set the mood for the raga." whilst also calling the song a "super-hit piece". Music director and singer Ramesh Vinayakam said "Engey Nimmadhi" was an example of "the unconscious yet natural and healthy fusion that was happening to cinema music at the hands of music directors." "The Hindu" included "Engey Nimmadhi" in its list, "Immortal songs of TMS". P. K. Ajith Kumar of "The Hindu" stated, "Just as [Susheela] does not need to know the language to sing a song perfectly, we need not know Tamil to enjoy her songs like ... Chittukkuruvi... ( "Puthiya Paravai" )". "The Times of India" noted, "Think any of Sivaji Ganesan's songs and you'll immediately think of the film. Be it the seductive club song "Partha Nyabagam Illayo" ("Pudhiya Paravai")... the songs in his films were perfectly in sync with the sequence."