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jae              kyung              hyun              hee              joo              seung              joon              eun              chul              seok              hye              woo              yeon              hyuk              hwan              yoon              sook              kwang              wook              yoo              jeong              cheol              jang              yeong              seong              hyung              baek              gyu              woong              chae              suk              beom              yong              joong              hwa              byung              kyeong              hyeon              jeon              kyu              seon              myung              jin              taek              heon              deok              kang              kwon              shik              kwan             

Examples of "soo"
Soo #700 is one of three Soo Line locomotives in the Lake Superior Railroad Museum's collection, the others being Soo Line 2500 and Soo Line 2719.
Kim Bum-soo or Kim Beom-soo () is a Korean name consisting of the family name Kim and the given name Bum-soo, and may also refer to:
Papillon Soo Soo (born Papillon Soo Lam in 1961) is a British-Chinese model and actress, born to French and Chinese parents.
Soo-young's best friend who thinks Kang Sook is Soo-young's boyfriend.
Soo-na's condition becomes even worse, with vermin starting to appear on her body. When the housemaid enters Soo-na's room while she is out, she is knocked out and fitted inside a barrel with the corpse of the Jeong's pet dog. Soo-na's grandmother attempts to reach Soo-na's room by a ladder but Soo-na kicks it, breaking her grandmother's back. That night, her grandmother heads to Soo-na's room but is stopped by Soo-na and a figure behind her, the latter of whom makes Soo-na's grandmother falls off of the stairs to her death.
The Soo Line tracks are now gone, replaced by a recreational trail, the Soo Line Trail.
Kim Ji-soo (; March 30, 1993), professionally known as Ji Soo, is a South Korean actor.
In-wook is promoted and he calls Soo-jung to have dinner with him. Soo-jung agrees but her conversation is overheard by Young-joo. Young-joo throws Soo-jung’'s phone in the water. Jae-min looks for Soo-jung in the gallery but was caught by his mother. As he tries to pacify his mother, Jae-min admits that he finds himself going insane when he does not get see Soo-jung even for a day. Soo-jung is shocked by Jae-min’'s admission of his affections for her. Jae-min sends Soo-jung home and asks Soo-jung to stay by his side.
Ha Yeon-Soo (born Yoo Yeon-Soo on October 10, 1990) is a South Korean actress.
Chae Soo-bin (born Bae Soo-bin on July 10, 1994) is a South Korean actress.
Jae-min finally announces his determination to have a divorce and abandon everything for Soo-jung. He asks Soo-jung to wait for him. Jae-min’s father sends some men to take Soo-jung to him but was intercepted by In-wook. Soo-jung takes refuge at In-wook’'s apartment. In-wook asks Soo-jung to leave Korea with him. Soo-jung accepts In-wook’'s offer and they left for Bali to start a new life.
Soo-jung (Lee Eun-ju) is a scriptwriter for a local cable TV station. She is close with the program producer Young-soo (Moon Sung-keun). In attempts to urge his rich friend Jae-hoon to finance an independent film he is currently directing, Young-soo visits Jae-hoon's (Jeong Bo-seok) gallery with Soo-jung tagging along. Jae-hoon finds himself attracted to Soo-jung and asks her to become his lover. Soo-jung somewhat reluctantly accepts the offer on condition that it will only be when they go out for a drink. Their tug-of-war reveals that Soo-jung is still a virgin and this impresses Jae-hoon as well as escalates his frustration. Meanwhile, Young-soo also expresses his feelings for Soo-jung. Soo-jung will have to decide whether to surrender her virginty as Jae-hoon anxiously awaits her at a hotel room.
Young-joo finds out about Jae-min's affiliation with Soo-jung. She goes to Jae-min's office to warn Soo-jung to stay away from Jae-min and tells Soo-jung that she is out of his league. But Jae-min had already asked Soo-jung to go to his apartment so as to tell her the whereabouts of Jo. Unfortunately, Jae-min's mother and Young-joo were at Jae-min's apartment and saw Soo-jung there. Jae-min’s mother is furious and slaps Soo-jung and calls her a cheap trash. Jae-min pushes his mother down in the tussle and runs off with Soo-jung.
Hosted by the Soo Thunderbirds in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario. Soo finished in third, Abitibi finished fourth.
Soo Wai Ming (; (born 14 October 1977), or known professionally as Carmen Soo, is a Malaysian Chinese model and actress.
Midfield: Kim Sam-Soo (Hyundai Horang-i), Noh Soo-Jin (Yukong Elephants), Lee Heung-Sil (POSCO Atoms)
Lee Soo-hyuk (; born Lee Hyuk-soo on May 31, 1988) is a South Korean model and actor.
Soo attended Libertyville High School from 2004 to 2008. Soo graduated from The Juilliard School's acting program in 2012.
In the United States, "Moo Duk Kwan" and the fist logo are federally registered trademarks of the U.S. Soo Bahk Do Moo Duk Kwan Federation and "Soo Bahk Do" and the "Soo Bahk Do logo" are service marks.
The Soo Thunderbirds announced they would become the Soo Jr. Greyhounds for 2002–03 to establish closer relations with the Ontario Hockey League's Sault Ste. Marie Greyhounds. This only lasted one season and became the Soo Thunderbirds once again.