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Examples of "soranzo"
Palazzo Soranzo Piovene, also called "Soranzo Piovene alla Maddalena" is a Renaissance-style palace on the Grand Canal, located between the Palazzo Emo at Maddalena and the Palazzo Erizzo, in the sestiere of Cannaregio, in Venice, Italy.
The palace was built by the Soranzo family in the 16th century attributed to Sante Lombardo, son of Tullio Lombardo. The courtyard has a prototypic mosaic pavement of the era. With the death of Francesco Soranzo in 1724, the palace was inherited by his sister Cecilia, daughter of Pietro Soranzo, and wife of Coriolan Piovene.
The Palazzo Soranzo is composed of two adjacent Gothic palaces or palazzi, located facing Campo San Polo, in the sestiere San Polo of Venice, Italy. There is a distinct Palazzo Soranzo Piovene on the Grand Canal of Venice.
The Palazzo Soranzo Van Axel in Cannaregio belonged in the 17th century to the Sanudo.
Giovanni Soranzo (born Burano, 1240 - died Venice, December 31, 1328) was a Venetian statesman who served as the 51st Doge of Venice. He ascended to the position on July 13, 1312, and served until his death. Soranzo was a member of a noble family; he was married to Franchesina. In 1310 his son-in-law, Niccolo' Querini was exiled for life from Venice for taking part in Bajamonte Tiepolo's conspiracy to overthrow the state. Soranzo was succeeded as Doge by Francesco Dandolo.
Hippolita, a past lover of Soranzo, verbally attacks him, furious with him for letting her send her husband Richardetto on a dangerous journey she believed would result in his death so that they could be together, then declining his vows and abandoning her. Soranzo leaves and his servant Vasques promises to help Hippolita get revenge on Soranzo, and the pair agree to marry after they murder him.
The Soranzo family was a prominent Venetian noble family. One of the members, Giovanni Soranzo, was elected Doge in 1312 and served till 1328. He had been an admiral who defeated the Genoese at Kaffa in the Crimea. Most of the original paintings and removable decoration were sold over the centuries. The palace is now privately owned, and subdivided into apartments and offices.
Annabella resigns herself to marrying Soranzo, knowing she has to choose someone and it cannot be her brother. She subsequently falls ill and it is revealed that she is pregnant. Friar Bonaventura then convinces her to marry Soranzo before her pregnancy becomes apparent.
In the middle of the 14th century, the Soranzo added the third floor (the second main floor) to the Cà Grande, as evidenced by the pointed arch windows.
However, Richardetto is not dead but also in Parma with niece Philotis, and is also desperate for revenge against Soranzo. He convinces Grimaldi that to win Annabella, he should stab Soranzo (his main competition) with a poisoned sword. Unfortunately, Bergetto and Philotis, now betrothed, are planning to marry secretly in the place Richardetto orders Grimaldi to wait, and Grimaldi mistakenly stabs and kills Bergetto instead, leaving Philotis, Poggio, and Donado distraught.
The Palazzo Tiepolo is an Renaissance-style palace located between the Palazzo Soranzo Pisani and the Palazzo Pisani Moretta on the Grand Canal, in the Sestieri of San Polo, Venice, Italy.
The Palazzo Tiepolo Passi is a Renaissance-style palace located between the Palazzo Giustinian Persico and the Palazzo Soranzo Pisani on the Grand Canal, in the Sestieri of San Polo, Venice, Italy.
Vittore Soranzo (Venice, 26 July 1500 – Venice, 13 May 1558) was an Italian bishop. Pupil of Pietro Bembo and bishop of Bergamo, he was persecuted by the Roman Inquisition and processed twice, under pope Julius III and under Paul IV.
When Soranzo discovers Annabella's pregnancy, the two argue until Annabella realises that Soranzo truly did love her, and finds herself consumed with guilt. She is confined to her room by her husband, who plots with Vasques to avenge him against his cheating wife and her unknown lover. On Soranzo's exit, Putana comes onto the stage and Vasques pretends to befriend her to gain the name of Annabella's baby's father. Once Putana reveals that it's Giovanni, Vasques has bandits tie Putana up and put out her eyes as punishment for the terrible acts she has willingly overseen and encouraged.
Annabella and Soranzo are married soon after, and their ceremony includes masque dancers, one of whom reveals herself to be Hippolita. She claims to be willing to drink a toast with Soranzo, and the two raise their glasses and drink, on which note she explains that her plan was to poison his wine. Vasques comes forward and reveals that he was always loyal to his master, and in fact he poisoned Hippolita. She dies spouting insults and damning prophecies to the newlyweds. Seeing the effects of anger and revenge, Richardetto abandons his plans and sends Philotis off to a convent to save her soul.
Anselmo Canerio (active 1552-1575) was an Italian painter of the Renaissance period. He was born in Verona. He is said to have trained with Giovanni Francesco Caroto. He worked with the young Paolo Veronese at the Villa Soranzo near Treviso in 1552, and subsequently is recorded painting at Castelfranco, Vicenza, and Verona.
The church was built around 1000 by the families Boldù and Soranzo. In the early 12th centuries it was destroyed by two fires and then reconstructed. In 1685 it was again almost entirely rebuilt. The portico on the façade, now closed, is surmounted by a loggia added in 1952.
The Ca' Grande (big palace) of Saint Samuel was probably built at the beginning of the 11th century by Soranzo family, which also built in that period, together with the Boldù family, the church of San Samuele facing the land-facade of the Palace. In the 13th century a third floor was added.
Palazzo Erizzo, also known as Palazzo Erizzo alla Maddalena, is a Gothic-style palace on the Canal Grande, located between the Palazzo Marcello and the Palazzo Soranzo Piovene, in the sestiere of Cannaregio, in Venice, Italy. A second Palazzo Erizzo a San Martino is located in the Sestiere of Castello.
The Palazzo Emo alla Maddalena is a Baroque-style palace on the Grand Canal, between the Palazzo Molin Querini and the Palazzo Soranzo Piovene in the sestiere of Cannaregio, in Venice, Italy. It is located in the parish of La Maddalena, Venice.