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Examples of "sost"
Blosozumab binds SOST, a negative regulator of osteoblast activity. Blocking SOST activity can lead to increased bone density.
Sclerostin is a protein that in humans is encoded by the "SOST" gene.
Mirt Sost Shi Amit ("Harvest: 3,000 Years") is a 1976 Ethiopian film directed by Haile Gerima.
Sost is a village in Badakhshan Province in north-eastern Afghanistan.
Sost is inhabited by Wakhi people. The population of the village (2003) is 550.
The Sost dry port is connected by the Karakoram Highway to Gulmit, Aliabad, Gilgit and Chilas on the south and to the Chinese cities of Tashkurgan, Upal and Kashgar in the north. The Northern Areas Transport Corporation offers passenger road service between Islamabad, Gilgit and Sost. Passenger road service between Tashkurgan and Sost also exists. Road service between Kashgar and Gilgit (via Tashkurgan and Sost) started in summer 2006. However, the border crossing between China and Pakistan at Khunjerab Pass (the highest border of the world) is open only between May 1 and October 15. During winter, the roads are blocked by snow.
Sost is a commune in the Hautes-Pyrénées department in south-western France.
The Basque language influence is clearly discernible in toponyms such as Ourse, Loures-Barousse, Izaourt, Sarp, Ourde, Esbareich, Sost, etc.
The nearest villages are Moorkun Village, Gircha Village and Sost. Jamalabad is also close to Attabad Lake which formed in January 2010 following a naturally occurring landslide dam.
People of this village have sources of income other than farming including hotels, restaurants and shops in Sost. The Sost village is popular because of its Pakistani-Chinese dry port, where goods imported from China, then transferred to Pakistani trucks before being distributed in the major cities of Pakistan. Some of the village's people are working in different cities of Pakistan, while a smaller number are working in foreign countries.
Travelling up the valley from the south, Hunza is to the left, and the former state of Nagar to the right of the Hunza River. Regular bus and van services operate between Gilgit and Central Hunza (Ganish Village, Aliabad and Karimabad) and also between Gilgit and Sost Gojal. PTDC Office at Gilgit, Sost and Islamabad arranges tours and transport for visitors. NATCO (Northern Area's Transport Co) runs a daily bus from Rawalpindi to Hunza.
After a few km, it is joined left by the Salabe runlet and then becomes l'Ourse de Ferrère, which joins l'Ourse de Sost at Mauléon-Barousse and then becomes l'Ourse.
Sost Maezen /Triangle going to America/ Has been selected as the centerpiece of the PAN AFRICAN FILM FESTIVAL PAFF 2015 in Loss Angeles and was awarded the festival founders award for best narrative feature.
SOST (from "Special Operations Science and Technology") is a special type of bullet. This type of ammunition serves as a more lethal and accurate alternative for use in rifles.
For the production of "Mirt Sost Shi Amit" ("Harvest: 3,000 Years") Gerima returned to his native Ethiopia to produce the tale of a poor peasant family who eke out an existence within a brutal, exploitative, and feudal system of labor.
On the Pakistani side, the pass is from the National Park station and checkpoint in Dih, from the customs and immigration post in Sost, from Gilgit, and from Islamabad.
The district includes Gilgit town, Naltar, Nagar State Hunza, Gojal (Upper Hunza) and Shimshal. It also includes many small villages like Minapin, Hopar, and HisparNgar KHaas, Symayer, Askurdas, Shahyaar, Hakochar, Phaker, Dadimal, Miacher, Pisson, Yell, Ghulment, Masoot, Thole, Nilt, Jafferabad, Sikandarabd, Chalt Chaproat, Bodlas in the Ex. State of Nagar. The Haramosh valleyhaving eight(8) villages i.e. Hanuchal, Shota, Sassi, Daso, Hurban, barchy, jutiyal, and khaltaro, currently located within the Gilgit District, was previously located within the Skardu District. Gojal (Upper Hunza) Gulmit Gojal is the last tehsil there and (Sost) is the last stop of (Pakistan). Sost is the place where (Pak-China Dry Port) is located near a village (Hussainabad).
The Silk Route Dry Port started its business operations at the port Sost (Upper Hunza) near Khunjarab pass Gilgit-Baltistan. Annual trade between China and Pakistan has increased from less than $2 billion in 2002 to $6.9 billion, with a goal of $15 billion by 2014. Sost dry port is the first formal port at the China-Pakistan border, facilitating customs clearance and other formalities for goods moving from the Chinese regions of Kasghar and Sinkyang to the commercial centers of Pakistan. The town is connected by the Karakoram Highway to Gulmit, Aliabad, Gilgit and Chilas on the south and the Chinese cities of Tashkurgan, Upal and Kashgar in the north.
In February 2010, the U.S. Marine Corps adopted the Mk318 for use by infantry. To be fielded by an entire branch of the military, the round is classified as having an "open-tip" bullet, similar to the M118LR 7.62 NATO round. The SOST bullet uses a “reverse drawn” forming process. The base of the bullet is made first, the lead core is placed on top of it, and then the jacketing is pulled up around the lead core from bottom to tip. Conventional, and cheaper, bullets are made with the method of the jacket drawn from the nose to an exposed lead base. The reverse drawn technique leaves an open tip as a byproduct of the manufacturing process, and is not specifically designed for expansion or to affect terminal ballistics. The Pentagon legally cleared the rounds for Marine use in late January. The Marines fielded the Mk318 gradually and in small numbers. Initial studies showed that insurgents hit by it suffered larger exit wounds, although information was limited. SOST rounds were used alongside M855 rounds in situations where the SOST would be more effective. In July 2010, the Marines purchased 1.8 million M855A1 Enhanced Performance Rounds, in addition to millions of Mk318 rounds in service, as part of its effort to replace its M855 ammo. As of May 2015, Marine combat units still deploy with a mixture of both SOST and M855 rounds.
On a modern grand piano with three pedals, the middle pedal is usually a sostenuto pedal. It sustains "only" those notes that are being held down when the pedal is depressed, allowing future notes played to be unaffected. It is commonly abbreviated "S.P.", "Sost. Ped.", or "ThP." (from the German equivalent "Tonhalte-Pedal").