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Examples of "soubrette"
A light-lyric soprano has a bigger voice than a soubrette but still possesses a youthful quality. There are a wide variety of roles written for this voice, and they may sing soubrette, baroque and other light roles as well.
The soubrette roles are typically found in comic operas or operettas and they usually portray good-looking, youthful girls who are flirtatious, saucy, and street-wise. Typically these roles are sung by younger singers and both sopranos and mezzo-sopranos are cast in them. Many soubrette roles have a considerable amount of spoken German dialogue, and therefore the soubrette singer must possess both an excellent comprehension of the German language and considerable acting skills. It is rare today to find true soubrettes singing in major opera houses as their voices are typically unable to carry over larger orchestras in larger halls. Often lyric, coloratura, and mezzo-sopranos are cast in soubrette roles, especially in the early part of their singing careers. This does not mean that these singers are soubrette sopranos but it does mean they can play soubrette roles. The coloratura soprano has a higher range, can sing more dexterous vocal passages and has a somewhat brighter sound than the soubrette. The lyric soprano has a richer voice and higher range than the soubrette soprano. The mezzo-soprano can sing as high as a soubrette but with a darker timbre and heavier weight in the voice. Mezzos also have a much more extensive range in the lower register. In addition, the beautiful light voice of the soubrette is ideal for baroque music, early music and baroque opera, as well as many art songs. However, the soubrette soprano voice is limited even in this repertoire by its lack of coloratura skill and relatively limited range. Many operettas and musicals include soubrette characters, such as Valencienne in "The Merry Widow" and in Gilbert and Sullivan, the Jessie Bond mezzo-soprano roles such as Cousin Hebe ("H.M.S. Pinafore") and Lady Angela ("Patience"). Another example is the character Ellie Mae Chipley, who sings "Life Upon the Wicked Stage" in Kern and Hammerstein's "Show Boat".
In 2013 he was engaged to the italian soubrette Elisabetta Canalis.
Manuela Arcuri (born 8 January 1977 in Anagni) is an Italian actress, model and soubrette.
Wanda Osiris (; 3 June 1905 – 11 November 1994) was an Italian revue soubrette, actress and singer.
starred in the production. "The Red Rose" was her final New York appearance in a leading soubrette role.
Ivy Tresmand (15 December 1898 – 2 November 1980) was an English soubrette who appeared mostly in musical theatre.
Guerbet's first car, the electric prototype of 1974, was identified as the "Mini 1", and also as the "Soubrette"
The Soubrette and the Simp is a 1914 American silent comedy film featuring Mabel Paige and Oliver Hardy.
Eleonora Cortini (born 14 January 1992, in Trieste) is an Italian Soubrette, model, actress and television presenter.
The band's first concerts in Italy were met with a negative response from the crowd, leading the band to add two new members to the line-up: Annarella Giudici "Benemerita soubrette", and a performer named Danilo Fatur. Annarella, Fatur, and for a little time Silvia Bonvicini (a second "Benemerita soubrette") contributed to characterize their concerts by playing comic-demential sketches during their gigs.
Soubrette werd' ich nie (I'll never become a soubrette) is the debut album by German pop duo Rosenstolz, released in 1992 by Pool. The album was not a commercial success following its initial release. However, the 2007 re-release reached No. 93 in the German albums chart.
Lisa Otto (14 November 1919 – 18 September 2013) was a German operatic soprano, particularly associated with soubrette and light coloratura roles.
Laura Forgia, (born Laura Lena Forgia, 9 October 1982, in Varese), sometimes known as Lena Harva, is an Italian Soubrette, model, actress and television presenter with Swedish origin.
Truly Shattuck (July 27, 1875 – December 6, 1954) was a soubrette star of vaudeville, music halls and Broadway whose career began in tragedy and ended in relative obscurity.
Emmy Loose (January 22, 1914 in Ústí nad Labem – October 14, 1987 in Vienna) was an Austrian operatic soprano of Czech birth, particularly associated with soubrette roles.
Between 1896 and 1909, Connie Leon was popular in provincial theatre as a singer, dancer and comedian, including pantomime and in soubrette roles.
Alda Noni (April 30, 1916 – May 19, 2011) was an Italian soprano leggiero, one of the leading soubrette of the immediate postwar period.
In classical music and opera, the term "soubrette" refers to both a soprano voice type and a type of opera role. A soubrette voice is light with a bright, sweet timbre, a tessitura in the mid-range, and with no extensive coloratura. A soubrette's vocal range extends approximately from middle C (C) to "high D" (D). The voice has a lighter vocal weight than other soprano voices with a brighter timbre. Many young singers start out as soubrettes but as they grow older and the voice matures more physically they may be reclassified as another voice type, usually either a light lyric soprano, a lyric coloratura soprano, or a coloratura mezzo-soprano. Rarely does a singer remain a soubrette throughout her entire career. The tessitura of the soubrette tends to lie a bit lower than the lyric soprano and spinto soprano.
The soprano voice type is generally divided into the coloratura, soubrette, lyric, spinto, and dramatic soprano. The lyric soprano is the most common female singing voice.