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subnoize              dirtball              snowgoons              suckerpunch              brothaz              machinedrum              capleton              vakill              datarock              wrekonize              speedknot              mobstaz              mstrkrft              funkdoobiest              grafh              junkeez              zomby              digitalism              prozak              donots              gesaffelstein              blakkamoore              brodinski              sagidan              warriorz              zomboy              toddla              evahflowin              sbtrkt              flosstradamus              johnossi              noxagt              blasterjaxx              heltah              kyza              coone              enuff              loefah              moderat              noisia              ampichino              showtek              agallah              recloose              bomshot              jahdan              juxx              pictureplane              borgore              skindred             

Examples of "souljaz"
Johnny Richter is also a member of the groups Kingspade, and Subnoize Souljaz.
Racetrack Records is an American record label, music studio, and production company founded by Vin Diesel, and a wholly owned subsidiary of One Race Films. It is currently the record label of artists like Buddy Klein and Subnoize Souljaz.
Sub Noize Souljaz is a mixtape by Suburban Noize Records released on February 15, 2005. Sub Noize Souljaz is a fifteen track collaboration unifying the whole Sub Noize label in many combinations. Sub Noize head group the Kottonmouth Kings join with label mates Big B, Judge D, Saint Dog, and more including newcomers Dirtball, and Chucky Styles who make their impressive debut. This CD contains tracks with Saint Dog, Richter, D-Loc, and Brad X performing together for the first time since 1999 when Saint Dog parted ways with the Kottonmouth Kings. This challengs of an album demonstrated the unique bond that is the "Subnoize Family".
Since then, Big B has released multiple albums, including three with OPM. He has also collaborated with The Dirtball and Subnoize Souljaz. In addition, he was featured on the track "Keep It Simple" for Blaze Ya Dead Homie's album, Clockwork Gray.
Kingspade then rejoined the Kottonmouth Kings on their StrangeNoize Tour. This tour included Tech N9ne, Hed PE, Blaze Ya Dead Homie, and SubNoize Souljaz. Special appearances included the Insane Clown Posse, Cypress Hill and Ill Bill of La Coka Nostra. The tour was to celebrate the Kottonmouth Kings' ninth full-length album, "Cloud Nine".
Lavin taught himself how to play piano and has a recording studio in his home. He released his album called LAVS the First SET. He appeared on the song ""Never Gonna Hold Me Down"" with Johnny Richter on the "Sub Noize Souljaz" album, on the song "Watcha Want" on the album "" by good friend and Suburban Noize recording artist Big B, and on the Tsunami Bros. album "King Harbor" in a song titled "The Crab Shack Special".
The D.I.Y. Guys is the first live album by American "G-Punk" band Hed PE, released on July 8, 2008. The live CD portion of the presentation was captured at Hollywood's legendary Key Club during their "Insomnia" tour. The CD portion also contains "Niteclub In Bali", a B-Side off their "Back 2 Base X" album as well as "Get Em Up", a track featuring the Subnoize Souljaz, and a new hardcore punk song called "Killing Spree". Three other new tracks, "War On The Middle Class", "Ordo AB Chao", and "Bloodfire" were featured on "New World Orphans".
Prophets of Da City (POC) is a hip hop crew from Cape Town, South Africa. They are composed of about eight members, though the exact membership fluctuates frequently; these include Ishmael Morabe (vocals), Mark Heuvel (dance), Shaheen Ariefdien, Ramone and DJ Ready D. Their style uses elements of hip hop music, reggae and traditional African rhythms. Their albums include Our World (1990), Boom Style (1992), Age of Truth (1993), Phunk Phlow (1994), Universal Souljaz (1995), and Ghetto Code (1997). They are currently signed under the independent record label Ghetto Ruff.
In the new millennium, Filipino hip-hop rivalled Pinoy rock's traditional popularity amongst Filipino youth. Artists who are currently active and have released both rap albums and music videos in the Philippines since 1990 include: Andrew E, Denmark, Francis M, Beware, Micheal V. and Gloc-9. Other popular rap artists and groups of the 2000s included: 2 High, 6 Signs, 7 Shots Of Wisdom, 8th District, Anak Ni Bakuko, Lawiboi, Apokalipsis, Artstrong, Bass Rhyme Posse, BB Clan, Black Pro, Blanktape, Boom, Brownstyle, C-4, Candy Cousart, Chill, Chinese Mafia, Circulo Pugantes, Cris Asero, Cypha-Sis, Dagtang Lason, D-Coy, Deceivious, Defuca Zapata, DFT, Down Earf, Dugong Pasay, Dugong Ponebre, EHP, El Latino, Flipz, Fungzoi, Genezide, Ghetto Doggs, Gio Alvarez, Grounded, H-Bom, Heaven Scent, Hidyas Clan, Hi-Jakkk, IPK, Jawtee, John Rendez, Johnny Krush, K-9 Killaz, Kain @ Abel, Karayama, Katuga, Kawago, KFS, Kruzzada, Kulay, Kut-5 Trilogy, Lady Diane, Legit Misfitz, L-Smith, Lyrical Assault, Madd Poets, Mastershock, MC Lara, M.C.M.C., Mega Force Crew (formerly known as Grand Assault Tribe), Mike Kosa, Mike Swift, Godswill, Soul and Phat-G from Batangas, Mista Blaze, Misteazas, Nuztradamuz, Oblaxz, Quickie, Rap Asia, Rapskallion Official, Razzamanazz, Renegade Souljaz, Sakit ng Sucat, Salbakuta, Seedz, Sly Kane, Sun Valley Crew, Syke, Urban Flow, and Verbal Sativa.