Synonyms for soulopoulo or Related words with soulopoulo

vasilopoulo              ampelia              katarraktis              katafyto              tristeno              foteino              geroplatanos              perdikovrysi              grammeni              petsali              kerasea              chrysovitsa              kroatisch              polylofo              trygona              dovla              vrosina              ampelaki              alepochori              lapsista              litharia              orlja              podosoje              skineas              kainourgio              megaplatanos              loutros              kefalochori              oreino              chyndice              palaioselli              sarnino              sternatia              elafochori              zlagna              mariij              drosero              lemsal              grimpovo              szalatnak              chaliki              kyparissi              tsibar              nyagisozi              ateena              staliyska              polydroso              spartia              msuthu              vasaras             

Examples of "soulopoulo"
Places along the river include, from source to mouth: Mazaraki, Soulopoulo, Vrosina, Raveni, Pente Ekklisies, Kyparisso, Parapotamos and Kestrini.
The source of the river is near the village Kalpaki, in the northwestern part of the Ioannina regional unit. It flows south at first, and turns southwest near Soulopoulo. It receives its tributary Tyria near Vrosina, and turns west near Kyparisso in Thesprotia, where the hydroelectric dam is located. It empties into the Ionian Sea near the village Kestrini, between Igoumenitsa and Sagiada, close to the Albanian border.
Christovasilis was born in the village of Soulopoulo, Zitsa, Epirus, then in the Ottoman Empire. As a teenager he ran away from school in order to join the Epirus revolt of 1878, and participated in the guerilla operations near Sarandë. As a result he was twice arrested by the Ottoman authorities and sentenced to death, but he managed to escape. In 1885 he moved to Athens, where he studied, compiled and published several works on Greek history. In December 1889 he won the literary competition of the Athenian newspaper "Acropolis", with his countryside tale "Pastoral new year". He subsequently decided to devote himself to journalism and literature. When the Balkan Wars (1912–1913) ended and most of Epirus became part of Greece, he moved to Ioannina and published a newspaper named Ελευθερία ("Freedom"). In 1924, he became a member of the administrative committee of the "Educational Club" (Εκπαιδευτικός Όμιλος) of Ioannina. together with other prominent figures of Epirus, such as Georgios Hatzis. Additionally, in 1936 he published the cultural magazine "Epirote Leaves". Christovasilis was twice elected as a member of the Greek Parliament.