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Examples of "sourceforge"
openTMS is hosted as a sourceforge project here: [openTMS on sourceforge]
As of early 2016, DevShare and the Sourceforge Installer have been discontinued after BizX bought Sourceforge.
SourceForge, Inc. became Geeknet, Inc. on 4 November 2009 by creating the latter company and merging SourceForge into it.
Net-SNMP is housed on SourceForge and is usually in the top 100 projects in the sourceforge ranking system. It was the March 2005 SourceForge Project of the Month.
On June 1, 2015, SourceForge claimed that they stopped coupling "third party offers" with unmaintained SourceForge projects. Since this announcement was made, a number of other developers reported that their SourceForge projects had been taken over by SourceForge staff accounts (but have not had binaries edited), including nmap, and VLC media player.
Lyon has lost control of the Nmap Sourceforge page, with Sourceforge taking over the project's page and offering adware wrapped download bundles.
According to StarDict's earlier homepage on Sourceforge, the project has been removed from SourceForge due to copyright infringement reports. There is now a StarDict project on Google Code.
In 2001, the project was moved to SourceForge and is currently part of the SourceForge infrastructure as it is the repository browser used by the site.
On June 18, 2015, SourceForge announced that SourceForge-maintained mirrored projects were removed, and anticipated the formation of a Community Panel to review their mirroring practices.
Some PortableApps distributions are hosted on SourceForge.
According to the project's SourceForge repository:
Lazarus is officially distributed via Sourceforge.
"SourceForge", founded in 1999 by VA Software, was the first provider of a centralized location for free and open-source software developers to control and manage software development and offering this service without charge. The software running the SourceForge site was released as free software in January 2000 and was later named SourceForge Alexandria. The last release under a free license was made in November 2001; after the dot-com bubble, SourceForge was later powered by the proprietary SourceForge Enterprise Edition, a separate product re-written in Java which was marketed for offshore outsourcing.
There is a SourceForge project with the same name.
On June 6, 2010, WiX moved from SourceForge to CodePlex.
In 2000, the sources were published at SourceForge.
Online documentation is provided in the PREESM SourceForge Website.
Since autumn 2005 KPhone is located in the Sourceforge.
Development was moved from SourceForge to GitHub in 2014.
RTelnet is a listed project on SourceForge code repository.