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Examples of "speshow"
It was available on pre-order and four editions were released, which includes "Speshow (Happiness Hunter MV Celebration Edition)" (Speshow 幸福獵人影音慶功版), "Speshow (Corner with Love Special Edition)" (Speshow 愛*轉角 冠軍特別版) and "Speshow (King's Game Live Gold Edition)" (Speshow 國王遊戲LIVE黃金版) with 60 minutes of highlight live footage from Show Luo BenQ Speshow Concert at Taipei NanGang101.
The album includes songs from Show's four albums released by Avex Taiwan, from his debut album "Show Time" in 2003 to "Speshow" in 2006. It contains 36 tracks plus a medley track, 19 music videos and 60 mins of highlight live footage from "BenQ Show Luo Speshow Concert" (BenQ 羅志祥Speshow 演唱會 Live 精華版) at Taipei NanGang101 on 30 December 2006, in a 3CD+2DVD format.
Speshow is the fourth Mandarin studio album of Taiwanese Mandopop artist Show Luo (). It was released on 17 November 2006 by Avex Taiwan. The name "Speshow" is a pun of 'Special' and his name 'Show', as he hoped it will be special for his fans. This is the last studio album of Show's, released by Avex Taiwan before his move to EMI Music Taiwan.
In addition, there are two songs not included in the original soundtrack: The ending theme song entitled "Ai Zhuan Jiao" or "Love*Corner", and an insert song, "Ji Fen" or "How Many Points", both by Show Luo released in his 4th album "Speshow Corner With Love Special Edition".
Best Show is Taiwanese Mandopop artist Show Luo's first Mandarin greatest hits album. It was released by Avex Taiwan after his departure from the label and before his first release "Show Your Dance" with EMI Music Taiwan. It includes songs from Show's four albums released by Avex Taiwan, from his debut album "Show Time" in 2003 to "Speshow" in 2006.
The music video was originally on Show Luo's album "Speshow," in which he featured Kumi (November 17, 2006). The Japanese version was released on the "Amazing Nuts!" album three weeks prior to Kumi's "Black Cherry" album on December 6, 2006. Two years later, Koda Kumi would release a solo version of the music video on her two DVD set for her "".
The year after, he released his fourth album "SPESHOW" on November 17, 2006. The lead track, "Jing Wu Men" is a cover of "James Dean (I Wanna Know)" by Daniel Bedingfield. For the album, he sang a full length English song for the first time, "Twinkle", with Japanese singer Kumi Koda
It was released in CD, CD+DVD and CD+DVD. Each version contained different album artwork with Kumi donning different classical outfits on each cover. First Press editions of the album (all editions) carried three bonus tracks: the "English Version" of "Twinkle" (the original "Japanese Version" was on the Amazing Nuts! soundtrack - Taiwanese singer Show Luo also carried an English version on his album "SPESHOW", which featured Kumi), the 2006 theme for the Crayon Shin-chan film "GO WAY!!," and the "Red Cherry Version" of "Won't Be Long" (originally with Koda Kumi and EXILE). It also contained an access code to Koda Kumi's playroom, a chance to win album goods and the "Premium Making" of the music videos on the DVD.