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thumbolarcha              nyayavidhi              varavu              kannukal              udamakal              swargathil              valarthiya              iniyum              adimakal              nimishangal              poocha              kodalu              puzhayozhukum              cheppu              illatha              iruvattam              idanilangal              kamaladalam              sandhyakku              nanmakal              sookshikkuka              vilikkunnu              swapnagal              sambhavam              muthuchippikal              nirangal              daaham              ninakku              manathe              panimudakku              kaduvaye              monagadu              appunni              tharattu              virunnukari              bandhangal              manavaatti              mazhavilkavadi              ninaivu              akalangalil              dhruvasangamam              kshamichu              chathurangam              vilakkum              maakkam              ponmuttayidunna              azhakulla              kaathirunna              nagarangalil              ulladakkam             

Examples of "sphodanam"
Sphodanam is a 1981 Malayalam-language Indian family feature film directed by P. G. Viswambharan, starring Sukumaran, M.G. Soman, Mammootty, Ravikumar and Seema.
Sphodanam is the story of 2 people who has to fight for justice against the landlord as they are the voice of working class. Ultimately good wins the battle over evil, but it suffers many.
Mammootty films of the 1980s include "Sphodanam" (directed by P. G. Viswambharan), "Munnettam" (directed by Sreekumaran Thampi), "Thrishna" (directed by I.V. Sasi). In 1981, he got his first state award in the Best Supporting Actor category for his performance in "Ahimsa". His performances included "Aalkkoottathil Thaniye" and "Adiyozhukkukal". He played the role of a police officer in the investigative thriller "Yavanika" (1982) directed by K. G. George.
After Jayan's death, several films were released claiming to be his last film, including the genuine one, "Kolilakkam". In all these films Jayan's voice was dubbed by Aleppey Ashraf, a popular mimicry artist of the time. Many projects meant for him were recast like "Thusharam" by I.V. Sasi, P.G. Vishwambaran's "Sphodanam" and Sasi Kumar's "DhruvaSangamam". Numerous other projects were cancelled entirely. One stunt scene and two songs were already shot with Jayan for C.V. Hariharans "Garjanam". But after his death it was recast with Rajanikanth becoming his second film in Malayalam released in 1981.