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singspiel              komisches              zigeunerliebe              syngespil              operette              zauberposse              zauberoper              leichtsinn              liederspiel              schauspiel              woyzeck              hofmannsthal              frauengemach              pimpinone              euryanthe              wandrers              brangane              festspiel              ballett              marschallin              meistersinger              festmarsch              akademietheater              tichatschek              olimpie              burleske              hoftheater              interpreten              romantische              rosenkavalier              operetta              zauberspiel              sieglinde              komische              parsifal              lohengrin              comoedienhaus              operetten              feuersbrunst              sterbens              semiseria              grillparzer              bezauberndes              idomeneo              kovarovic              lustspiel              lyrische              imeneo              johnann              evangelimann             

Examples of "spieloper"
The Spieloper was also inspired by the French opéra comique of the late 18th century, a narrowly defined form of opera. The boundaries between Spieloper and a form of German drama "Posse mit Gesang" (melodramatic comedy with musical interludes) and operetta are not well distinguished.
In the 19th century, Spieloper ('opera play') was understood to mean a light opera genre, developed from Singspiel. Works typical of the genre include those by Albert Lortzing, such as "Zar und Zimmermann", and Otto Nicolai's "The Merry Wives of Windsor". A key difference between Spieloper and Singspiel on the one hand, and opera buffa on the other, is that the two former genres contain spoken dialogues instead of recitatives, which is why Conradin Kreutzer's "Das Nachtlager in Granada" and Friedrich von Flotow's "Martha" do not belong to this genre.
Gustav Albert Lortzing (October 23, 1801 – January 21, 1851) was a German composer, actor and singer. He is considered to be the main representative of the German "Spieloper", a form similar to the French "opéra comique", which grew out of the "Singspiel".
After the death of her first husband Ludovica Jauch married the bassoonist of the Royal Prussian Court Orchestra Johann Heinrich Griebel (1772–1852), stemming from a musical family whose members belonged to the royal orchestra of King Frederick II of Prussia. He was the first teacher of the composer Albert Lortzing, the main representative of the German Spieloper.
Technically, a Spieloper is an opera with a comic plot and light, pleasant music, differentiating it from more serious opera. Similarly, there are special role types such as Spieltenor or Spielbass for singers with lighter voices and the ability to act in comedies.
During the summer of 1917 Pfitzner revised the work as a two-act "spieloper" (comic opera). He adapted and shortened the play and turned some of the speaking and silent roles into ones for singers. The revised version premiered on 11 December 1917 at the Königlich-Sächsisches Hoftheater in Dresden conducted by Fritz Reiner with Richard Tauber as Frieder and Grete Merrem-Nikisch in the title role. Otto Klemperer was an admirer of the work, but Bruno Walter spoke of it as a "Lernaean serpent [the librettist] who had slain Hercules [the composer]".