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Examples of "spinart"
The spinART reissue contained the following bonus tracks:
Releases of this album by spinART include the following bonus track:
The Agnew Funeral E.P. is a 1995 extended play from Lotion, released through spinART Records.
The album was released in the US in June 1997 by the record label SpinArt.
Golden Street is the second studio album by the pop band The Minders. It was released in 2001 on spinART.
The album was initially released by the What Are Records? label in 2001, and was reissued by SpinART in 2003.
The second record for spinART was more of a concentrated effort. The group worked with producer Rich Costey
Hooray for Tuesday is the debut album by Denver-based Elephant 6 band The Minders. It was released in 1998 on spinART.
Creatures is the fifth full-length album by indie rock group Elf Power. It was released in 2002 on spinART Records.
Two versions were released, one for the United States market on spinART Records, and a European version on Fargo Records with extra tracks.
The label was started by Joel Morowitz and Jeff Price in 1991. spinART filed for bankruptcy in April 2007 and went out of business.
The Minders have released their albums on spinART, but have also released a number of EPs and singles on a variety of record labels.
"Pretty Little Head" was released in the United States on 31 October 2006 on McKay's own label, Hungry Mouse, and was marketed by SpinART Records.
You Were a Diamond is the debut album from indie rock band Clem Snide. It was originally released on Tractor Beam Records, and later reissued on spinART.
SpinART Records signed the band for the US region. When legendary record executive Seymour Stein heard the band’s music he became interested, and travelled to the Netherlands to see the band play. Impressed, he licensed the record from SpinART in order to release it on Sire Records. Subsequently the band toured Stateside with Sloan, but then all went awry. For inexplicable reasons Sire pulled out of the deal and failed to give the album a proper release.
Lotion formed in New York City's East Village and released two seven-inch singles—"Head" and "Tear"—on Kokopop before releasing their debut album—"Full Isaac"—through spinArt Records in 1994.
Next, the band flew to Chicago to record an album with Jeff Murphy at Short Order Recorder. "Do the Worm" was released on Roto Records in Spain in 1997, and came out in the US in 1998 on spinART Records.
spinART Records is a now-defunct New York City-based independent record label that released recordings by artists such as The Apples in Stereo, Clem Snide, Frank Black and Michael Penn.
In the Presence of Nothing is the debut album by the American indie rock band, Lilys, co-released in 1992 by Slumberland Records and SpinART. The album was written and recorded in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.
In 1997 and 2001, One Little Indian also acquired some of the old Rough Trade Records and Nude Records labels, and the rights to several albums previously released by spinART Records.