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Examples of "spinart_records"
The Agnew Funeral E.P. is a 1995 extended play from Lotion, released through spinART Records.
Creatures is the fifth full-length album by indie rock group Elf Power. It was released in 2002 on spinART Records.
Two versions were released, one for the United States market on spinART Records, and a European version on Fargo Records with extra tracks.
"Pretty Little Head" was released in the United States on 31 October 2006 on McKay's own label, Hungry Mouse, and was marketed by SpinART Records.
Lotion formed in New York City's East Village and released two seven-inch singles—"Head" and "Tear"—on Kokopop before releasing their debut album—"Full Isaac"—through spinArt Records in 1994.
Next, the band flew to Chicago to record an album with Jeff Murphy at Short Order Recorder. "Do the Worm" was released on Roto Records in Spain in 1997, and came out in the US in 1998 on spinART Records.
spinART Records is a now-defunct New York City-based independent record label that released recordings by artists such as The Apples in Stereo, Clem Snide, Frank Black and Michael Penn.
In 1997 and 2001, One Little Indian also acquired some of the old Rough Trade Records and Nude Records labels, and the rights to several albums previously released by spinART Records.
Katonah was the debut album by Boston area indie rock group Apollo Sunshine, released on October 7, 2003 on spinART Records. It was followed up in 2005 by Apollo Sunshine.
Pistolero is the second album by Frank Black and the Catholics, produced by Nick Vincent and released via spinART Records on March 9, 1999. It was recorded live, directly to a two track.
It was this lineup that toured on the release of "So Far" (spinART Records) in the early months of 2001. A blitz of media coverage ensued, with television appearances, radio interviews and shows. It culminated with the band being featured on the cover of the San Francisco Guardian.
The band released their first album, "Katonah", in 2003 on SpinART records. The album was recorded in Katonah, New York in a barn which the band converted into a studio, and produced by Andy Edelstein, a professor at Berklee. The first single, "I Was on the Moon", was released in 2003.
A couple years later Clem Snide released their third album "The Ghost of Fashion" on indie stalwart SpinArt Records. The record received some mainstream attention due to the song "Moment in the Sun", which was used as the theme song for the second season of the NBC program "Ed".
Duffy reformed The Lilac Time with brother Nick and Michael Giri, along with new members Claire Worrall and Melvin Duffy (no relation). They released "Looking for a Day in the Night" in 1999 on spinART Records, and "lilac6" on Cooking Vinyl in 2001. "Compendium – The Fontana Trinity", a collection of tracks from their singles and first three albums was also released in 2001.
On February 6, 2007, The Apples in Stereo released their sixth studio LP, "New Magnetic Wonder". Finishing a ten-year deal with spinART Records, "New Magnetic Wonder" was the premiere release on Simian Records, a newly formed record label founded by Elijah Wood. This was followed by a long-awaited b-sides and rarities compilation titled "Electronic Projects for Musicians", released on April 1.
The band later regrouped with Claire Worrall and Melvin Duffy (no relation to the brothers) and recorded "Looking For A Day In The Night" with producer Stephen Street for spinART Records in 1999. They then released "Lilac 6" on Cooking Vinyl in 2001, followed by "Keep Going", which was released in 2003 under the name "Stephen Duffy and the Lilac Time" on Folk Modern.
The album was being marketed and manufactured on the SpinArt Records label until the label's bankruptcy in 2007. "Pretty Little Head" is now being distributed by Sony in its original, 23-track 2-CD version, effectively bringing the album back to Columbia.
Mr. Hollywood Jr., 1947 is the fifth album by Michael Penn, originally released independently in 2005 on Mimeograph Records (Penn's United Musicians label) and distributed through SpinART Records. Legacy Recordings licensed the album for a 2007 reissue that included bonus tracks and a video.
Following more than a year of touring as an 8-piece (2 guitars, trumpet, trombone, violin, drums, keys, 4 vocals and percussion) with such acts as Bright Eyes and Rilo Kiley, as well as outings on their own, Head of Femur signed with Brooklyn's spinART Records in the summer of 2004.
Bitter Honey is the solo debut album by American singer/songwriter and Clem Snide head Eef Barzelay. Essentially performed only by Barzelay on an acoustic guitar, it was released in 2006 on spinART records. Rolling Stone magazine ranked "Ballad of Bitter Honey" as one of the 100 Best Songs of 2006.