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Examples of "spirituality"
Spirituality activities include the Unit of Islamic Spirituality (Jama Saladin), Unit of Catholic Spirituality, Christian Spirituality Unit, Hindu Spirituality Unit, Buddhism and Spiritual Unit.
Within the common spirituality of the Catholic Church, the Sodalitium has a spirituality, discipline and style. These are suitable means to live one’s conversion and mission within the Church. The spirituality of the Sodalitium is call the "Sodalit spirituality."
Wendy Farley, Professor of Christian Spirituality and Director of the Christian Spirituality Program
This is a glossary of spirituality-related terms. Spirituality is closely linked to religion.
The two main forms of spirituality practiced in Fort Albany are Christianity (Roman Catholicism) and Cree spirituality.
In 1995, the Ignatian Spirituality Centre adopted a new constitution, restructured its programs and was renamed the Manresa Spirituality Centre.
“Evangelization and Spirituality,” in Philip Sheldrake, ed., The New SCM Press Dictionary of Spirituality. London: SCM Press (2005).
Program in Christian Spirituality – PCS offers diploma programs in spiritual direction and spiritual formation; a doctor of ministry degree in spirituality; a spirituality concentration in the master of divinity program; plus pastoral renewal opportunities.
According to commentators Transpersonal Psychology recognizes that transcendent psychological states, and spirituality, might have both negative and positive effects on human functioning. Health-promoting expressions of spirituality include development and growth, but there also exist health-compromising expressions of spirituality.
Ehrenkrantz advocates a link between spirituality and religion. He told the "Hartford Courant" in 2008 that “spirituality is ‘the awareness of being connected to something larger than ourselves...’You can have spirituality without religion, says Ehrenkrantz, though both suffer from the lack of the other. Religion without spirituality would be empty, he said, and spirituality without a framework like religion is difficult because, he said, most people ‘need the discipline, community and constant reminders that religious traditions offer.’”
The Center for Christian Spirituality was established at St. John’s in 2008 for the purpose of helping people develop a deeper relationship with God. Various workshops and presentations sponsored and arranged included quiet days for laity and clergy, Celtic Christianity, Aging and Spirituality, Native American spirituality, Spirituality and Work, and a study of Handel’s Messiah, among others.
Rev. Thierry de Roucy's spirituality is rooted in both the Gospel and his experience besides the poorest. The main points of his thought and spirituality are:
Spirituality and Redemption.” Spirituality for the 21st Century: Experiencing God in the Catholic Tradition. Ed. by Richard W. Miller. Liguori, Missouri: Liguori, 2006.
The centre offers prayers guides, direction in Ignatian spirituality and a 'daily life' program. It is the main English-speaking centre for Ignatian spirituality in Montreal.
Rev. Ha is a renowned theologian and an expert in spirituality, who holds a Master degree in Spirituality from Pontifical University Antonianum.
Fox also laid out other tenets of Creation Spirituality in some of his other books, particularly "Original Blessing" and "A Spirituality Named Compassion".
Raman associates religion with spirituality as follows –
Webby Awards - 'Religion & Spirituality', 2012 - Honoree
The intense moments of the Reparatrix Spirituality:
Christian Spirituality (SY 1994–1995, 1995–1996)