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Examples of "sportclub"
"Wiener Sportclub beat Boldklubben 1909 5–2 on aggregate."
"Wiener Sportclub beat Petrolul Ploieşti 2–1 on aggregate."
"Eintracht Frankfurt beat Wiener Sportclub 3–2 on aggregate."
It was contested by 14 teams, and Wiener Sportclub won the championship.
It was contested by 13 teams, and Wiener Sportclub won the championship.
It was contested by 14 teams, and Wiener Sportclub won the championship.
He played for Rapid Wien, Wacker München, Austria Wien, Hakoah and Sportclub .
The Sportclub Ilsfeld (SCI) offers badminton, soccer, judo, karate, track and field, gymnastics, and volleyball.
In 1938 the team joined the National Football Division - the countrywide football league formed a year earlier that included Bulgaria's top ten teams. However, after only three seasons in 1940 the tournament is disbanded because of the Bulgaria's participation in World War II (WW2). By that time the club had changed its name to "Plovdivski Sportclub" (meaning Sportclub of Plovdiv) since several other teams in the country also had Sportclub in their name.
As a player he competed with the Wiener Sportclub, before moving to Italy to play for and manage many clubs.
Regarded as one of the biggest talents of his era, the small defender played for Wiener Sportclub.
The largest sport club in Vöhringen is Sportclub Vöhringen 1893 e. V., with approximately 3,000 members and 19 sections.
Hahn played for Florisdorfer AC, Austria Wien, SC de la Bastiedienne Bordeaux, Favoritner Sportclub, Favoritner AC and Admira Wien.
On 8 August 1956 the Diekman was opened with a match between Sportclub Enschede and Preußen Münster from Germany attended by 22,000 spectators. Abe Lenstra scored the first goal from a penalty and the match ended in a 3-0 win for Sportclub Enschede.
Sportclub had its home grounds in the city centre. However, after the disastrous earthquake in South Bulgaria in 1928, the team donates their field to people who lost their homes so that they can build new ones where the club's grounds were. Because of that, from 1928 Sportclub did not have their own football field for more than two decades.
The Feyenoord squad typically contains a number of players who joined the club after playing for Sportclub Feyenoord, and several players from Sportclub Feyenoord have progressed to have successful careers at international level, including Puck van Heel, Wim Jansen and Giovanni van Bronckhorst. A number of high-profile managers also started their coaching careers at Varkenoord, including Clemens Westerhof and Leo Beenhakker.
Sportclub Enschede is a football club from Enschede, the Netherlands. "SC Enschede" was established in 1910. The club won the national championship in 1926. In 1965 "SC Enschede" merged with their rivals Enschedese Boys to form FC Twente (both clubs continued as non-league clubs). Currently "Sportclub" plays in the Eerste Klasse (5th tier in Dutch football).
SpVgg ASCO Königsberg was a German association football club from the city of Königsberg, East Prussia (now Kaliningrad, Russia). The club was formed in 1919 out of the merger of "Sportclub Ostpreußen 1902 Königsberg" and "Akademischer Sportclub Königsberg". It played at the Hammerteich-Sportplatz in Ratshof.
Through all these mergers, the club originally named Sportclub keeps its colours and the core of its team, with only several players from the incorporated squads finding a place in the first team of the "new" club. As for the fans, the supporters of Sportclub remain loyal to the colours and the players, and the followers of the assimilated clubs join them, increasing even further the number of fans and members of the largest club in Plovdiv at that time. Though technically the clubs merge, because of the size of Sportclub in terms of members, the smaller clubs are assimilated into the black-white-and-red club.
As a football team, in the years after Sportclub was created it competed in the Championship of Plovdiv. In the early years of Bulgarian football there is no national football league and championships held on a regional level throughout a calendar year are the most prestigious tournaments across the country. Sportclub participates in the second division of the Championship of Plovdiv until 1933 when the team finishes first in the second division and is promoted to Plovdiv's top tier as of 1934. In 1936 Sportclub becomes the Champion of Plovdiv for the first time.