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Examples of "sporza"
Video of the 1986 Tour of Flanders on Sporza (in Dutch)
Video of the 1987 Tour of Flanders on Sporza (in Dutch)
Video of the 1988 Tour of Flanders on Sporza (in Dutch)
Video of the 1989 Tour of Flanders on Sporza (in Dutch)
Herygers is a commentator for cyclo-cross for Sporza and cyclo-cross coordinator of the Belgian cycling association, the KBWB.
"Signora Sporza": Madame de Seidlits’ first cousin. A perceptive society woman, she dearly loves Laura and her mother, but her unwillingness to become involved in the affairs of others keeps her from preventing Laura and Zeluco’s marriage.
"Father Pedro": Father confessor to Signora Sporza, Laura, and Madame de Seidlits. An insincere priest, he colludes with Zeluco to persuade Laura to marry him after accepting a bribe ostensibly used to improve the church.
The channel focuses on news (with bulletins every half hour), together with discussion and debate on public policy and social issues. Radio 1 also carries live coverage of sporting events, branded "Sporza Radio".
De Mos was regularly shown on television as a pundit on the former Talpa and the Belgian Sporza. During the World Cup 2006 in Germany, de Mos was as an analyst for the NOS and the Belgian VT4.
Sporza is a multimedia brand of Belgian radio and television network VRT specifically for coverage of sporting events. These broadcasts are organized by the Flemish government and mainly financed with tax money.
The third channel also wanted to further strengthen with the public mission of the VRT. The first year the VRT wanted the youth primarily offer learning and evaluating, in the autumn of 2013 followed a fuller range, it rebroadcasts the largely comprehensive. The label often popped in combination with one of the famous brands in the VRT. Thus, a concert was Studio Brussel under the name "Studio Brussel op 12" ("Studio Brussel on 12") and broadcast a live sports broadcast under the name "Sporza op 12" ("Sporza on 12").
Vinokourov, banned for a year after doping at the 2007 Tour de France, told the Belgian TV program Sporza that he wanted to race again in 2009. He said: "I love cycling. I want to come back because I didn't want to end my career in this way. I feel as if I can win once again the big races."
The channel, launched in December 1997, is part of VRT's second network (VRT 2), which also carries occasional sports programming under the "Sporza" branding. The current network controller of VRT 2 is Bart De Poot. Until 2012, Canvas used to shared with the children's channel Ketnet between 7am and 8pm; Ketnet has thus moved to its own channel and Canvas became a standalone channel.
"The valet": Zeluco’s valet, willing to assist Zeluco in his various plots. Notably, he seduces the Portuguese’s wife’s maid and pretends to be robber threatening Laura’s carriage. He betrays Zeluco to Signora Sporza, however, after Zeluco ignores him after courting Nerina.
"Mr. N—": A young English nobleman, nephew to a baronet and friend to Signora Sporza, Mr. Steele, and Mr. Squander, as well as Captain Seidlits and Baron Carlostein. He also loves Laura but does not express his feelings in deference to Carlostein.
The remaining three-quarters of the novel is devoted to Zeluco’s interactions with a particular circle of aristocrats in Italian high society. Once established in Naples, Zeluco becomes interested in Laura Seidlits, the beautiful daughter of the widow Madame de Seidlits. Determined to meet Laura, he attempts to ingratiate himself with the nobleman Signora Sporza, Madame de Seidlits’ first cousin. Though she pretends to oblige him, Signora Sporza distrusts Zeluco and senses his cruel character. Laura also instinctively dislikes Zeluco and refuses his proposal of marriage. Infuriated by Laura’s disdain, Zeluco stages a false attempt of robbery, rape, and murder by having his valet attack Laura and Signora Sporza’s carriage. Despite Zeluco’s apparently heroic false rescue, Laura remains unmoved and unwavering in her decision not to marry Zeluco. Madame de Seidlits’ bank fails, however, and after learning of her mother’s financial distress and being pressured by Father Pedro, Laura agrees to marry Zeluco to preserve her mother’s happiness and wellbeing.
In the 2014–15 season, M’Poku continued to attract interests around Europe and Qatar, but remained at the club. M’Poku started the season well when he scored in the second leg of the third round of Champions League, in a 2–1 win over Panathinaikos and was awarded Man of the Match by Sporza. Then on 21 September 2014, M’Poku scored his first league goal of the season and set up a goal, in a 2–0 win over Waasland-Beveren. He also four more goals by November against Zulte Waregem, Anderlecht, Mechelen, regaining Europa League Champions Sevilla and Genk. However, M’Poku suffered injuries by the end of 2014.
The Vlaamse Radio- en Televisieomroeporganisatie (VRT) is the public broadcaster for the Belgian Flemish Community. VRT has one DAB multiplex in operation with nine radio stations including four DAB-only brand extensions. The stations on air include Nieuws+ (news), Sporza (sport), Klara Continuo (classic music) and MNM Hits (Top 40). Norkring, which operates VRT’s multiplex, also has a license for another multiplex and is examining the possibility of a DAB+ roll out. In February 2013 Norkring launched a "call for interest" for a DAB+ roll-out in the Northern part of Belgium. Based on the results of this call, Norkring has now launched a second call to include a progressive deployment, with the Brussels DAB+ roll-out in the first phase. Norkring is waiting for the answers of this second call, planned in Autumn 2013.
As in the case of the rich widow, Zeluco treats Laura cruelly as soon as he achieves his goal and sates his appetites. Laura bears his ill treatment meekly, hides her misery, and presents a positive image of her married life. Signora Sporza, as well as Laura’s newly arrived half-brother Captain Seidlits and his friend Baron Carlostein, suspects the true state of affairs. Laura and Baron Carlostein begin to fall in love with one another, but Laura cuts the relationship short because she is unwilling to violate her marriage vows. Oblivious to Laura’s love for Carlostein, Zeluco erroneously believes Laura to be in love with a nameless Italian nobleman. Bored with Laura, Zeluco begins an affair with Nerina, a deceitful woman who pretends to be in love with men for financial gain. Nerina manipulates Zeluco through pretended fits of jealously and eventually convinces him that his and Laura’s newborn son is really the bastard child of Captain Seidlits. Giving in to his natural jealousy and furious impulses, Zeluco snatches his son from Laura’s lap and strangles the child. Laura immediately faints and remains out of her senses for a number of weeks. When Laura partially regains her senses, she sees a painting of the Massacre of the Innocents, screams, and falls into a feverish frenzy. When Baron Carlostein, Captain Seidlits, and Signora Sporza examine the picture, they realize that one of the soldiers strangling a child bears a strong resemblance to Zelcuo. Laura recovers from her fever with her senses intact and writes to Zeluco asking for a separation and promising she will tell no one about the murder. Captain Seidlits, however, labels the soldier in the picture with Zeluco’s name. Baron Carlostein provokes Zeluco into a duel to spare Captain Seidlits. The night before the duel is to take place, Zeluco goes to Nerina’s house unannounced and catches her with another lover, who stabs him in the stomach. On his deathbed, Zeluco repents of his amoral conduct and apologizes to Captain Seidlits. After arranging her affairs and giving monetary gifts to Zeluco’s relations, Laura agrees to marry Baron Carlostein and moves to Berlin with her family.
In the Flemish part there are 3 main broadcast groups; VRT (the public broadcaster) which has the TV channels één (one), Ketnet, Canvas and Sporza. Medialaan (formerly VMMa) is the main commercial TV group which runs the channels vtm, 2BE, Vitaya, JIM, and vtmKzoom. SBS Belgium (the 2nd commercial group) which runs the channels vier (four) and vijf (five). These three combined take about 85% of the total market with VRT being the biggest just above 40% (all channels combined), VMMa taking about 35% (all channels combined) and SBS Belgium taking about 10% all channels combined. The channels één and vtm are the main players in terms of daily newscasts and local content with primetime being filled for 90% with local productions or local versions of international formats. Vier also has started programming mainly local productions in the primetime slot. All other channels air a majority of international (mostly US made) productions in original language (English) with subtitles. The only exception is children's programming which is dubbed in Dutch. Apart from these main groups there are dozens of other local or localised versions of other channels. e.g. MTV, Nickelodeon, National Geographic, and Discovery Channel.