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Examples of "sproutcore"
SproutCore 1.x codebase would continue releasing and was under active development by the core team and SproutCore community.
In July 2011, a new project, SproutCore UI, was announced. SproutCore UI is designed to provide common user interface elements for developers targeting mobile devices.
Appnovation Technologies currently provides community support for SproutCore.
In June 2010, the creator of SproutCore, Charles Jolley, left Apple to start Strobe Inc., which provides SproutCore support and continues development.
In December 2011, the SproutCore 2.0 framework was renamed to Ember.js, to reduce confusion between the application framework and the widget library of SproutCore 1.0. The framework was created by Yehuda Katz, a member of the jQuery, Ruby on Rails and SproutCore core teams. Like many of Katz's other projects, it advocates convention over configuration.
SproutCore is an open-source JavaScript web framework. Its goal is to allow developers to create web applications with advanced capabilities and a user experience comparable to that of desktop applications. When developing a SproutCore application, all code is written in JavaScript. A notable fork of SproutCore is Ember.js. Both projects are maintained separately and have taken different directions.
The latest major stable SproutCore release is 1.8, released on March 7, 2012, with many bug fixes, several new features, and documentation updates. Release 1.6 was largely a bugfix release, building on the previous 1.5 release. SproutCore 1.5 contained significant updates to view layers, added a new CSS parser that builds off of SCSS, WAI-ARIA support, modular loading, and additional features. The previous major release, SproutCore 1.4, included touch support for mobile devices, released on September 20, 2010.
SproutCore, initially created in 2007 by Sproutit as the basis for their Mailroom application, is available under the MIT License.
In May 2011, the SproutCore team announced SproutCore 2.0, a rebuilt version of the framework designed to expose the MVC underpinnings without requiring developers to use the included widget set. The team also emphasized the importance of reducing file size to support developing applications for mobile devices.
Apple announced MobileMe at WWDC in 2008, noting that much of it was built using SproutCore. Apple has contributed greatly to the project as part of a Web 2.0 initiative. SproutCore was also used at, the online extension of the iWork productivity software by Apple.
MobileMe used Ajax and Dynamic HTML to simulate the look and feel of desktop applications within the user's web browser. Applications on included Mail, Contacts, Calendar, Gallery, Find My iPhone, and iDisk access, plus an Account section. Most of the web applications were built on top of the open source SproutCore Javascript framework. Users could also configure features such as email aliases or domain names for the iWeb Publish feature.
Appnovation Technologies is a technology-enabled services firm with headquarters in Canada, specializing in web, intranet and mobile application development using open technologies including Drupal and Alfresco, HTML5 frameworks like SproutCore and PhoneGap, as well as middleware, Big Data and business intelligence services using Mulesoft, Hadoop and MongoDB. Appnovation is one of five companies in Canada to achieve Platinum Partner status with Alfresco Software, Inc. and Enterprise Select Partner status with Acquia.