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trapeang              knhom              chrey              neang              samraong              andoung              pongro              knong              chhuk              angk              lvea              boeng              stueng              praek              preaek              euy              kouk              doung              thmei              saom              kaoh              sophea              chambak              thnal              tuek              rumduol              ruessei              samnang              damnak              kyauk              sangkae              ruk              phnum              daeum              chrum              tngai              chlangden              thma              doun              thlok              keu              neak              teuk              kakaoh              sopheak              kbal              beung              besdong              krasang              srolanh             

Examples of "srey"
One famous chanter of smot was the monk Hun Horm (1924-2007) (later known as Hun Kang). Young artists who carry on the tradition are Sinat Nhok, and Pheuan Srey Peu (or Phoeun Srey Pov). Pheuan Srey Peu has studied with Prom Uth and Professor Yan Borin.
"Srey Snom" () is the Cambodian term for the Khmer "lady-in-waiting".
The Srey Santhor district governor is Mr. Heng Vanny. He reports to His Excellency Hun Neng, the Governor of Kampong Cham. The following table shows the villages of Srey Santhor district by commune.
Srey Santhor District () is a district ("srok") located in Kampong Cham province, Cambodia. The district capital is Srey Santhor town located on the south bank of the Mekong River around midway between Phnom Penh and the provincial capital of Kampong Cham. Srey Santhor is in south western Kampong Cham and lies on the border with Kandal and Prey Veng provinces. It was briefly the capital of Cambodia during the post-Angkor era from 1431 to 1434.
During the 16th century and before, Sisophon was known as "Srey Saophon" meaning in Khmer "Beautiful Lady" and it was a small district, belonging to Battambang Province.
Battambang Province and Siem Reap province were established as provinces of Siam and renamed as Phra Tabong and Siam Nakhon respectively and Srey Saophon was renamed as Sisophon.
Most of Sisamouth's tape recordings from this period did not survive the years of social upheaval, however, although now and then some of Sisamouth's 1950s and early 1960s hits are rerecorded successfully. One such hit, "Srey Sros Khmeng", re-emerged from oblivion with Suong Chantha's 2002 faithful rendition. Sisamouth's other hits of the same period include "Anussavry Phnom Kravanh", "(Chett Srey doch) Chong Srol", "Thngay Dob Pee Thnou", "Thngay Muoy Kakkda", "Teuk Keb", "Stung Pursat", and "Prek Eng Oss Sangkhim".
Srey Santhor district is a central district of Kampong Cham Province. Reading from the north clockwise, Srey Santhor shares a border with Kang Meas District of Kampong Cham to the north across the Mekong. Koh Sotin district lies on the eastern border. To the south are Sithor Kandal and Pea Reang districts of Prey Veng Province. The western border of the district is shared with Khsach Kandal district of Kandal Province.
Between July and November 2000, Cambodia was subject to catastrophic flooding in all provinces bordering the Mekong River. The Mekong literally burst it banks and Cambodia experienced the worst flooding in 70 years. As most of Srey Santhor district is low lying and parallels the Mekong, Srey Santhor is subject to annual flooding when the Mekong rises. However, in 2000 90% of the land area in the district was flooded and 95% of the annual rice crop was completely destroyed.
The Cambodian Landmine Museum and Relief Facility is a museum located in Cambodia, south of the Banteay Srey Temple complex, 25 kilometers north of Siem Reap, and inside the Angkor National Park.
Kone Prosa Srey is a 2007 Khmer TV soap opera directed by Parn Puong Bopha starring Duch Sophea. The opera is widely considered as the sparkling flame of Khmer soap operas.
Although the first Khmer TV soap opera was broadcast in 1996, the number of Cambodian soap operas rose in 2007 after "Kone Prosa Srey" proved a success on CTN. 85 Khmer soap operas have been broadcast between 1997 and 2012.
On July 7, 2006, Ear married Chamnan Lim, a daughter of Lone Srey, and the late Lim Ho, in a non-denominational ceremony officiated by an American Baptist minister. The next day they married in a traditional Cambodian wedding ceremony.
Banteay Srey Butterfly Centre also works as a sustainable butterfly farm, providing training for locals. Some of the farmed butterflies are meant for the centre's own gardens, while others are meant for sale and export.
He was forced to flee Yasodharapura in 1431 as indefensible against the Siamese, resettling first in Basan (Srey Santhor), and after that became flooded, to Chaktomuk (now part of Phnom Penh).
King Ponhea Yat was succeeded on his death by his first son Narayana Reachea, who reigned until 1469 and who was succeeded in turn by Ponhea Yat's second son, Srey Reachea.
Virak Dara divorced Ly Bun Yim in 1986; they remain good friends. Dara has five sons. Ly Rattanak, her eldest, also appeared with her in many films, including "An Euil Srey An".
Banteay Srey Butterfly Centre (BBC or BSBC) is a butterfly zoo near Siem Reap, Cambodia. Founded in 2009, it is the largest enclosed butterfly centre in Southeast Asia. The centre is sometimes referred to as the Angkor Butterfly Center.
After the end of the Cambodian Civil War, people in Cambodia struggled in their return to their normal lives. Among them is a kickboxer Savannah (Narith Roeun). A survivor of the war, who lost most of his family to the horrors of the Khmer Rouge, he lives with his uncle in Phnom Penh. Savannah begins a romance with a 19-year-old bar girl, Srey Poeuv (Chea Lyda Chan). She is humiliated by her debts to the bar's owner, and is forced to keep working. Savannah wants to help Srey clear her debt, so he teams up with an ex-soldier and plans a crime that could net him some money.
The Khmer language recognises male ("pros") and female ("srey") as the dominant genders, but also includes term "kteuy" (equivalent to the Thai "kathoey") for a third gender intermediate between the other two: it describes a person who has the external physical characteristics of either pros or srey but behaves in a manner appropriate to the other. As in Thailand, the term kathoey now refers almost exclusively to the physiologically masculine pair of this term – i.e., physical males who have a female identity, most often expressed in cross-dressing.