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Examples of "ssct"
The 6th SSCT is currently in garrison at Marine Corps Air Station Cherry Point.
While in garrison, the 6th SSCT is permanently located at Marine Corps Air Station Cherry Point in Havelock, NC.
An installation ceremony of the Rotaract Club of Nagpur took place in JIT on 15 August 2009 by the hands of Shri Sanjay Meshram, the chief guest of the function. The Rotaract Club comes under Rotary Club, Nagpur, Ishanya. Shri Kamal Taori, Director of Youth Services; Rtn Naresh Jain, President Nagpur – Ishanya; Shri. Pramod Pampatwar, Secretary of Rotary Club, Nagpur; Shri Mahesh Sadhwani, Chairman SSCT; Dr. S.V. Gole, Vice-principal JIT; Shri Virendra Kukreja, and Secretary SSCT graced the function with their presence. The installation was followed by tree planting.
The 6th Special Security Communications Team (6th SSCT) is one of six Special Security Communications Teams in the United States Marine Corps. The team provides 2nd Marine Aircraft Wing, its commanders, and subordinate units with an expeditionary communications capability. The 6th SSCT is attached to the aviation combat element and is based at Marine Corps Air Station Cherry Point, North Carolina. The team can be forward deployed by land, air or sea worldwide to provide expeditionary, tactical, and mobile communications to the 2nd Marine Aircraft Wing Commander.
All Marines assigned to the 6th SSCT hold the 2651 MOS. Entry into the 2651 MOS requires successful completion of Recruit Training and Marine Combat Training (MCT). Following graduation from MCT, prospective 2651's proceed to the Center for Information Dominance, Corry Station, Pensacola, FL, where they attend the Cryptologic Technician "O" course. Upon graduation, Marines are formally assigned the primary MOS of 2651.
As cancer treatments are not cancer cell specific and are often gonadotoxic (toxic to the ovaries and the testes), children usually face infertility as a consequence of treatment as there is no established way to preserve their fertility yet, especially in prepubertal boys. Infertility after cancer treatment depends on the type and dosage of treatment but can vary from 17% to 82% of patients. Spermatogonial stem cell therapy (SSCT) has been proposed as a potential method to restore fertility in such cancer survivors who desire to have children later in life. The method has been tested in numerous animal models including non-human primates; Hermann "et al". took out and isolated SSCs from prepubertal and adult rhesus macaques before treating them with busulfan (an alkylating agent used in chemotherapy). SSCs were then injected back into the rete testis of the same animal that they were taken from ~10–12 weeks after treatment and spermatogenesis was observed in almost all recipients (16/17). However, these SSCs were difficult to detect which is why further analysis of the ability of descendant sperm to fertilise could not be determined. The viability of embryos fertilised by donor sperm after SSC transplantation needs to be evaluated to truly determine the usefulness of this technique.