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squizzy_taylor              snowy_cutmore              mick_gatto              alphonse_gangitano              benji_veniamin              graham_kinniburgh              martorano              abe_saffron              egan_rats              tilly_devine              bank_robber              dino_dibra              reggie_kray              mobster              kray_twins              ronnie_kray              whitey_bulger              krays              gangster              convicted_murderer              kuklinski              conman              roy_demeo              bushranger              rizzitello              labor_racketeer              mob_boss              stephen_flemmi              money_launderer              owney_madden              racketeer              blueskin_blake              captain_moonlite              bootlegger              fegan              pierrepoint              drug_smuggler              lepke              cummiskey              drug_dealer              sammy_gravano              counterfeiter              butcher              murderer              ferriola              thurtell              danny_sapani              convicted_drug_trafficker              pickpocket              simon_westaway             

Examples of "standover_man"
Eddy is a fisherman by day, but by night he works as a standover man, literally a toe-cutter. Dominic, (Gyton Grantley), is his new offsider.
The series follows the adventures of Tony Piccolo, a man who works hard to support his wife Cathy and two kids. While they think he's cleaning carpets, his real profession is as an underworld enforcer, a brutal standover man.
Hegyalji was best friend of celebrity criminal and convicted standover man Mark "Chopper" Read, whom he had contacted several days before his murder. Hegyalji is buried in Springvale Botanical Cemetery.
In November, it was revealed that Ritchie would appear in the second series of "", as Judi Kane, the wife of slain 1970s standover man Les Kane. The series screened in 2009. This was her first TV drama role since leaving Home and Away. Throughout 2009, Ritchie continued her radio role on the "Merrick & Rosso and Kate Ritchie Show".
Some months later, in 1965, journalists Ron Saw and Frank Brown wrote an article about the case, published in the new satirical magazine "Oz" in which they alleged that a loose association of prominent Sydney criminals had clubbed together to have Walker killed because of his attempts to establish himself as a standover man.
Only days after the conclusion of the inquest into Walker's murder, McPherson allegedly executed another rival. McPherson had reportedly clashed with standover man and greyhound trainer Charles Bourke over the provision of 'protection' for a new illegal baccarat club in the city, and Bourke had also begun to encroach on the protection rackets McPherson was running on illegal gaming houses in the Newtown area.
Taylor was wounded in a gunfight with rival gangster, John Daniel "Snowy" Cutmore, at a house in Barkly Street, Carlton, and died at St Vincent's Hospital, Fitzroy, on 27 October 1927. Cutmore, a standover man associated with the Razor Gang of Sydney, was also fatally wounded.
Matt is best known for his work in the Australian television mini-series , in which he portrayed notorious psychopath and standover man John "Snowy" Cutmore. The series was screened on Australian television in August 2011. The premiere episode made Razor the highest rating drama in Australian history, surpassing the record set by . Matt's performance was critically acclaimed as "spot on".
Billy "The Texan" Longley (192627 March 2014) was an underworld figure best known as a standover man on the Melbourne waterfront during the 1960s and 1970s. In 1971 he nominated for President of the Victorian branch of the Painters and Dockers Union but lost the election to Arthur Morris in controversial circumstances.
The feature revolves around Naima (Julie Kanaan), her romantic interest Rafi (Matuse) and her brother Ishak (NOMISe) living their run-of-the-mill middle class conservative Lebanese Muslim existence. Sharief (Anthony Hawwa) is the film's standover man, a Lebanese youth gang leader who causes trouble for Ishak, his brother Musa (Mohamed Jajatieh) and cousin Hakim (Marouf Alameddine).
The next rival eliminated by McPherson was murderer, safecracker and standover man Robert Lawrence "Jacky" Steele, whose shooting and subsequent death became one of the most celebrated criminal cases of the period. On the evening of 26 November 1965 Steele was fired upon by four men who approached him in a car, while he was walking down a quiet street in the affluent suburb of Woollahra in Sydney's inner east.
Within weeks of Bruhn's death, Cameron began a series of relationships with a successive string of other Sydney criminals: Ernest Lyle Connelly (1903-1969), shot in Womerah Avenue, Kings Cross by rival gunman and future husband, Guido Caletti (or Calletti) in February 1929; New Zealand-born housebreaker and standover man Alan Edward (Ted) Pulley, later shot dead by illegal bookmaker Florrie Riley at Wentworth Street, Glebe on 6 March 1937; and Francis Donald (Frank) Green, (1902–1956), Caletti's rival for Cameron's affections.
McGurk rose far above his impoverished roots, living in a $4 million Cremorne home, driving a Mercedes S-Class and taking luxury ski holidays. Described by some media agencies as an alcoholic and a heavy cocaine user, McGurk has variously been reported as the director of 28 failed or deregistered companies; a standover man, fixer and debt collector; a lender of last resort; negotiator; and a property developer. Media reports claim that McGurk was involved in supplying prostitutes to high-profile people, including leading sports figures, and in the last weeks of his life was negotiating a property deal with associates of nightclub identity John Ibrahim.
In and out of jail since he was 16, Melbourne standover man Mark Brandon "Chopper" Read (Eric Bana) is serving a 16-year sentence for kidnapping a supreme court judge to get his childhood friend, Jimmy Loughnan (Simon Lyndon), out of the notorious H Division of maximum security Pentridge Prison. To become leader of the division, he ignites a power struggle which gains him more enemies than admirers. Eventually, even his gang turn their backs on him and Loughnan stabs him several times in a failed assassination attempt. Chopper voluntarily has his ears cut off by a fellow inmate in order to be transferred out of the H Division; this also gains him recognition in and out of the prison.
Cutmore was an old foe of Taylor's, the animosity dated back to the Fitzroy Vendetta in 1919 when Cutmore was a member of the rival Fitzroy gang. Well known to the police as a violent criminal, Cutmore had a string of convictions in Victoria and NSW for assault, stealing and resisting arrest. In 1927 Cutmore was living in Sydney, then the scene of a 'razor gang war' between opposing factions of the Sydney underworld. Cutmore joined standover man Norman Bruhn, also originally from Melbourne, in a notorious razor gang who stole the illicit gains of their underworld peers, knowing their crimes would never be reported to the police. Bruhn was murdered in the Sydney suburb of Darlinghurst in June 1927.
Similar to the first season, five main cast members are billed in the opening credit sequence, Roy Billing (as Robert Trimbole), Anna Hutchison (as Allison Dine), Matthew Newton (as Terry Clark), Asher Keddie (as Detective Senior Constable Liz Cruickshank) and Peter Phelps (as Detective Inspector Joe Messina). Other major cast members are billed in the episodes in which they feature heavily. Andrew McFarlane features in the opening episodes as Liberal politician and anti-drugs campaigner Donald Mackay. Peter O'Brien portrays the late Sydney underworld figure George Freeman. Kate Ritchie appears twice as Judi Kane, wife of slain standover man Les Kane and stepmother of Trisha Kane who was married to Jason Moran. Merrick Watts appears in an episode as Marty Johnstone, Clark's main supplier. Caroline Craig is the narrator, reprising her role from the first series. Other prominent actors to appear in the series include Samuel Johnston as a corrupt Federal Narcotics Agent, John Wood as corrupt NSW chief magistrate Murray Farquhar and Diane Craig as Don Mackay's wife.
In 1981, Huckstepp met and began a relationship with Warren Lanfranchi. Lanfranchi was a heroin dealer and standover man who worked with Neddy Smith. In June 1981, Lanfranchi allegedly robbed a Sydney heroin dealer and later fired shots at a young policeman. In "Neddy: the Life and Crimes of Arthur Stanley Smith", Smith claims that Lanfranchi asked him to negotiate a payment with then-Detective-Sergeant Roger Rogerson in order to escape being charged with the shooting. Smith claims that Rogerson had instructed him to drive Lanfranchi to a meeting with him and to disarm him in the car. Rogerson took eighteen police officers with him to the meeting. He claims that he was attempting to arrest Lanfranchi on suspicion of five bank robberies. At the meeting in Dangar Place, Chippendale, Rogerson shot and killed Lanfranchi. During the inquest into Lanfranchi's death, Rogerson claimed self-defence. He was supported at the inquest by Smith and other police officers who were called as witnesses. The inquest found that on the balance of probabilities, Rogerson had been trying to arrest Lanfranchi, but refused to find he had acted in self-defence. The matter went to the Supreme Court and was the subject of investigations by the New South Wales Ombudsman and Internal Affairs. No action was brought against Rogerson and he was exonerated and commended for bravery.
Early in 1927 when Cameron met Norman Bruhn (1894-1927), a Melbourne-born dockworker and gunman, thief, standover man and pimp feared for his garroting skills, who was forced to leave Melbourne by rival gunman Squizzy Taylor in November 1926, she was described as "a redhead with a ripe figure and provocative china blue eyes". At that time Cameron was a street prostitute on William and Palmer Streets with no connection to Tilly Devine or any other madam. Despite having a wife and children, Bruhn soon became Cameron's lover and pimp, although she also worked as a dance instructor at Professor Bolot's Academy in Sydney's Oxford Street, commuting between Sydney and Queensland on a regular basis. According to Larry Writer, Cameron "perfected the age-old game called 'gingering' in Australia. During sex with one of her clients, an accomplice would emerge from beneath the bed and take the client's wallet from his pants or jacket. At that point, coitus would be interrupted by angry banging on the door by another involved in the scam, Cameron, feigning panic, would exclaim it was the police or her irate husband, and urge the client to dress and depart by the back door. Keen to avoid the embarrassment of public prosecution or a beating, the customer would flee and usually not notice until later that his wallet was missing." Cameron also was a cocaine runner and a fence for stolen property. Bruhn, who attempted to dominate the duopolised gangland milieu, was shot twice in the stomach outside a sly grog den in Charlotte Lane, Darlinghurst on 22 June 1927 by a hit squad sent by either Devine or Kate Leigh. and subsequently died in the early hours of 23 June 1927.