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Examples of "starek"
August Starek (born 16 February 1945) is a former international Austrian footballer and football manager. He is also known as Gustl Starek and der Schwarze Gustl (German for "the black gustl").
Despite winning the championship at the end of the previous season, coach Max Merkel decided to make significant changes to the squad. Merkel added 13 new players to the first team squad, and several of the club's more experienced players were sold, including Franz Brungs, the team's leading goalscorer in their championship winning season, and Austrian international August Starek.
One night, while riding alone through the meadows, Fenimore Fillmore comes to a farm that is being attacked by a bunch of gunmen, and our hero helps the humble farmers, called Bannister, who invites him to dinner and spend the night. Early in the morning, when Fenimore awakes, he discovers that his gun is missing, and, assuming that Billy Bannister, the kid of the farmers, has borrowed it, taking the revolver to the school. In his quest to retrieve his weapon, Fenimore is involved in a great adventure, helping the farmers in their struggle against the powerful rancher Starek, whose niece, Rhiannon, becomes Fenimore's great love.
Her orchestral engagements have included Beethoven's Choral Fantasy with Collegiate Chorale and American Symphony Orchestra, Valentin Silvestrov's Metamusik with Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra, Manuel de Falla's Nights in the Garden of Spain with La Orquesta Sinfónica de Gijón; Ernest Bloch's Concerto Grosso No. 1 with SWR Rundfunkorchester; world premiere of Stefano Gervasoni's Piano Concerto with Orchestra Sinfonica Nazionale della RAI, and Tchaikovsky's Piano Concerto No. 1 with National Symphony Orchestra of Taiwan. She has also appeared with Flemish Radio Orchestra, Nürnberger Symphoniker, Spoleto Festival Orchestra, Chamber Orchestra of Philadelphia, Orquesta de Valencia, and performed with conductors such as Lothar Zagrosek, James Bagwell, Jiri Starek, Urs Schneider, Celso Antunes, Alexander Mickelthwate, Peter Bay, Jac van Steen, Ovidiu Balan, Wen-Pin Chien, Kek-Tjiang Lim, John Kennedy, Carlos Amat and Oliver Diaz.
With Bill Maritz and his immediate family sole owners of the company, he began planning for the eventual change of leadership at his retirement. In 1998, he promoted his middle son, Steve Maritz, to chief operating officer. There was dissent from Steve’s brothers, Peter and Phillip Maritz (their sister, Alice Maritz Starek, had sold her interest in the company two years earlier). Bill Maritz, ill from cancer, drafted a will that made it impossible for the brothers to resist Steve’s leadership without jeopardizing their stock holdings in the company (Bill Maritz and his wife, Phyllis, divorced in 1991). After Bill Maritz’s death in 2001, Steve Maritz exercised the terms defined by his father and demanded the surrender of stock owned by his brothers Peter and Phillip. They sued Steve over valuation of stock, and the legal process dragged on for several years, ending in a settlement in 2007.
Harding began his Career with TSV Neumarkt, here played with the team between 1995. Now joined to the Academy from FC Kärnten than in the year 1998 was promoted from Head Coach August Starek and played his first games in the Erste Liga. In the season 2001/2002 joined to lower League club SK Treibach, here played two season and moved than in 2003 to Red Zac Erste Liga DSV Leoben. He played with DSV Leoben 115 games and scores 4 games, before transferred to SK Rapid Wien in 2007. In January 2009 was on trial at SV Wehen Wiesbaden of the German 2. Bundesliga, the transfer failed and he turned back to SK Rapid Wien.
Nack can recite from memory poems by W.B. Yeats, passages from Vladimir Nabokov's novella "Pnin" and the final page of F. Scott Fitzgerald's "The Great Gatsby" (in both English and Spanish). His mother, Elizabeth, danced in the mid-1920s in a troupe that was headed by song-and-dance man Pat Rooney and was billed as the Atlantic City Peach. "I'll never forget the first time he asked me not to dance," said onetime "S.I." writer Demmie Stathoplos, recalling a distant Kentucky Derby press party. "He just took off. He started whirling, leaping and spinning in the air like some mad dervish. About eight bars into the song I was alone on the dance floor, watching Bill and wondering what to do with my hands." Nack has worked as a writer and on-camera host and narrator for the pilot of the TV series "Unsettled Scores". The pilot was nominated for an Emmy. He has also written profiles of major sporting figures for ESPN, serving as on-camera chronicler and host, upon their death. These also run, in expanded form, on He is married to educator Carolyne Starek and lives with her and Milton, their millennium cat, in Washington, DC.
The area that would become Monte Ne was known to have had two establishments often considered essential to a pioneer settlement, a grist mill and a distillery. It is unknown when the distillery was built. It was owned in the 1830s by Abe McGarrah and his brother-in-law. They also operated a small store. The distillery's output each day was given as thirty gallons by the Federal whiskey gauger who resided in the area. The grist mill was built in 1856, and was owned by J.R. Pettigrew. It would later be owned by James Wyeth and Amelia Crowder Blake, the parents of Betty Blake, who is often referred to as the "Leading Lady" of Rogers, Arkansas, and who would also go on to marry entertainer Will Rogers. In 1875 the post office in the area changed its name from Mountain Springs to Pettigrew's Mill. The Blakes' owned the mill till 1882, when Mr. Blake died. The Mill was later operated by David Portnell from 1889 to 1895. He sold his interest in the mill to a retired Congregational minister J.G Bailey. Bailey would later become postmaster. He petitioned the Post Office Department to change the name of the office to Vinola in honor of a well-known vineyard that belonged to his neighbor, Carl A. Starek. The letter was written in longhand, and the o and l were spaced to close together. As a result, the clerk misread the name as "Vinda", which is how it was recorded. The area's name was later changed to Silver Springs. Bailey would sell 325 acres of land and a cabin to Harvey.