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drangedal              langesund              ulefoss              salangen              surnadal              hareid              folldal              sunndal              verdal              bamble              slemmestad              flakstad              tynset              vinstra              skotfoss              orkanger              ringebu              malvik              rindal              sykkylven              ballangen              hurdal              svelvik              svorkmo              volda              ytre              nannestad              nesodden              namdalseid              silsand              ringsaker              hasselvika              lyngdal              follebu              melhus              orkdal              jevnaker              stryn              vaulen              aurskog              heddal              sortland              holmedal              nedre              kvinesdal              nordreisa              skaun              aurdal              gvarv              stranda             

Examples of "stathelle"
Stathelle was a former municipality in Telemark. It was separated from Bamble as a municipality of its own in 1851. In 1964, the municipalities of Stathelle and Langesund merged with Bamble municipality. With a population of about 8000, Stathelle is situated at the junction of the Langesundsfjord, Frierfjord and Eidangerfjord.
In addition, the urban municipalities Langesund and Stathelle was incorporated into the rural municipality Bamble. Like Brevik, both Langesund and Stathelle lost their city status. Siljan municipality remained unaffected by the mergers, contrary to the initial expectations.
The vessel was pulled off the rocks and first towed to Stathelle, and later to Gothenburg
Today Brevik, Stathelle and Langesund have all regained their city status.
The municipality of Bamble was established on 1 January 1838 (see formannskapsdistrikt). The lading place of Stathelle was separated from the municipality of Bamble in 1851. On 1 January 1964, the municipality of Bamble was merged with the neighboring municipalities of Stathelle and Langesund. The new municipality was named Bamble, the administrative centre was Langesund, and the coat-of-arms of Stathelle were used for the new municipality.
Stathelle is an old trading town. In the middle of the 1800s, Stathelle was an enterprising seaport, characterized by the trading house established by Albert Blehr on Kjellestad, which was one of the nation's largest timber exporters. Today there is a marina and a park in the same area.
Brevik bridge was constructed during 1962. Previously travelers along the southern highway between Oslo and Stavanger had to take the ferry between the towns of Brevik and Stathelle.
Adresse-Tidende for Brevig, Stathelle, Langesund, Bamble og Eidanger (nicknamed Brevigs Adresse) was a Norwegian newspaper, published in Brevik in Telemark county.
Ella Gjømle Berg (born May 29, 1979) is a cross country skier from Stathelle, Bamble, Norway. She competes for "Lyn" ski club, Oslo.
Born in Stathelle in Telemark Thomassen works in the administration offices of the department for television education and film science at the Lillehammer University College, where she is also the highest union representative for the Norwegian Civil Service Union.
Hansen & Arntzen Co AS is a traditional shipyard in Stathelle that specializes in the restoration of vessels. Hansen & Arntzen AS Ekstrand Co. was established in 1929 as a family business. The company is known for its significant repair and restoration projects. Many famous ships have been restored there, including the Norwegian Royal Yacht "HNoMY Norge".
Brevik Bridge (in Norwegian "Breviksbrua") is a bridge over the mouth of the Frierfjord which connects the municipalities of Bamble and Porsgrunn in Telemark county. On the west side, in Bamble, lies Stathelle, while on the east side lies Brevik in Porsgrunn.
The shipping harbor for the cement produced by Norcem is located at Brevik. Further in, on the west shore, lies the village of Heistad. Stathelle, with a population of about 8,000, is situated at the junction of the Langesundsfjord and Frierfjord with Eidangerfjord.
The ship was thereafter sold to the Telemarkskanalen Skipsselskap AS, owned by Thor Morten Halvorsen, who also owns Dalen Hotel. Upgrading of the ship was carried out at the Hansen & Arntzen shipyard in Stathelle and by boatbuilder Geir Røvik in Tønsberg. After a complete restoration new operations on the Telemark Canal began in mid-2010.
Anders Gundersen was born in Porsgrunn, but grew up in Stathelle and started his senior career with Pors Grenland in the 2. Divisjon. He signed for Strømsgodset in the summer transfer window of 2013, after impressing in a match against Strømsgodset 2.
Frierfjorden narrows to a width of about 300 m at its mouth, Breviksstrømmen, where the town of Brevik sits on the northern side and Stathelle on the southern side. The Brevik Bridge crosses Breviksstrømmen between the two towns. A little further into the fjord the newer Grenland Bridge crosses the fjord, carrying the E18 highway across Norway's highest cable stayed bridge.
Sverre Gjørvad (born 26 October 1966 in Stathelle, Norway) is a Norwegian jazz musician (drums) and composer. He is known for participating in establishing the SoddJazz festival and recording with various notable musicians including Live Maria Roggen, Ståle Storløkken, Mats Eilertsen and Nils-Olav Johansen.
With his newly bought printing press, Georg Bye started "Bratsberg Blad" on 3 February 1891. In 1898 it absorbed the year-old competing newspaper "Langesund Blad"—"Bratsberg Blad" tried to cover Langesund, Stathelle and Kragerø in addition to Brevik. The name was changed to "Breviks Dagblad" on 1 July 1924. The newspaper itself considered this to be the start of "Breviks Dagblad".
Brevik Bridge is a bridge over the mouth of the Frierfjord that connects the municipalities of Bamble and Porsgrunn. On the West side of Bamble lies Stathelle, while on the East side lies Brevik in Porsgrunn. Brevik tunnel ("Brevikstunnelen") on Highway 354 (old E18) goes through the hill in Brevik and connects the Brevik bridge with the rest of the way north.
Christopher Paus inherited a fortune from his maternal grandfather and his two childless uncles Oscar and Thorvald Tostrup, who were all co-owners of Tostrup & Mathiesen. His family sold their shares of Tostrup & Mathiesen to their business partners, the Mathiesen family, in the 1890s, and the company was since renamed Mathiesen Eidsvold Værk and continued under that name and as Moelven Industrier. His maternal grandfather had also owned the estate Kjellestad in Stathelle.