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hainrode              heimersdorf              gersdorf              sonnberg              kipfenberg              sommerau              hundsdorf              gomadingen              hinterberg              teufenbach              osterspai              rastenberg              volkach              dorndorf              mettersdorf              jakobsdorf              laasdorf              altenhof              klosterberg              hettingen              frojach              schwaig              teutleben              nindorf              obererbach              grafendorf              gebesee              utzedel              stadtlengsfeld              vogelsdorf              hanerau              wolfsbach              beerfelden              steindorf              abenberg              trausdorf              frauendorf              gundersdorf              merkendorf              vatterode              maisborn              hainau              rosdorf              grosselfingen              oberhaid              altmannstein              karlsdorf              krottendorf              rattelsdorf              stockau             

Examples of "staudach"
Staudach-Egerndach is a municipality in the district of Traunstein in Bavaria, Germany.
They later received support from the Göss Abbey, including the Abbess Afra von Staudach (1562), which helped renew the community.
Constituent communities include Anzing, Auhofen, Boden, Froschkern, Frotzhofen, Garkofen, Hl. Kreuz, Höggerloh, Kaisersberg, Köppelmühle, Lindach, Mauerstetten, Obelfing, Oberasbach, Ranharting, Ried, Staudach, Unterasbach and Ziegelstadel.
Leonding is split up into 22 localities: Aichberg, Alharting, Berg, Bergham, Buchberg, Doppl, Enzenwinkl, Felling, Friesenegg, Gaumberg, Haag, Hart, Holzheim, Imberg, Jetzing, Leonding, Reith, Rufling, St. Isidor, Staudach, Untergaumberg and Zaubertal.
The town borough is subdivided into the "municipalities" of: Am Horn, Aschbachbichl, Badhaussiedlung, Bichlach, Ecking, Felseneck, Griesenau, Griesenauweg, Gundhabing, Hagstein, Hausstatt, Henntal, Jodlfeld, Kaps, Mühlau, Obernau, Schattberg, Seereith, Siedlung Frieden, Am Sonnberg, Sonnenhoffeld, Staudach, Stockerdörfl and Zephirau.
In 1745, the municipality planned to sell its Biezighofen Forest in the Black Forest for 21,000 guilders to repay debts. The sale only failed because of disagreement on some secondary points. About 250 years later, the municipality tried again for the same reasons, and again the sale failed. On July 11 of the same year Prince-Abbot Coelestin Gugger von Staudach visited Ebringen.
Aicha, Altmannskinden, Asbach, Bergham, Blumdorf, Bruckbach, Bruckmühle, Dingelsberg, Döttenberg, Eck, Ed, Eiselstorf, Freising, Furtschneid, Grafendorf, Hag, Holz, Kattenberg, Kolmöd, Kornöd, Lindach, Mühlberg, Niederlucken, Nömer, Picklöd, Puch, Püchl, Raisting, Reitberg, Schröttendorf, Sendllmeier, Sichenpoint, Siegerstorf, Sommerstorf, Staudach, Steindorf, Stelzenöd, Stockahausen, Volkstorf, Zenzlhub, Zwilling.
Heinrich Knirr (2 September 1862, Pančevo - 26 May 1944, Staudach-Egerndach) was an Austrian-born German painter, known for genre scenes and portraits, although he also did landscapes and still-lifes. He is best-known for creating the official portrait of Adolf Hitler and is the only artist known to have painted Hitler from life.
The districts of Grod, Staudach and Handwerks border on the upper Argen, a river, which rises north of Oberstaufen from several brooks, merges with the lower Argen near Neuravensburg and disembogues into Lake Constance near Langenargen. In Muthen the railroad line crosses the small river Leiblach.
Stams is located on the southern shore of the Inn River about east of Imst, west of Telfs and west of the state capital Innsbruck. The village contains Stams has 1300 inhabitants who are living in different parts of the village - called Thannrain, Windfang, Staudach, Haslach, Maehmoos und Hauland.
Maria Anna Herrin und Gräfin von Stubenberg was the daughter of Gustav Adolf Josef Christian Felix Herr und Graf von Stubenberg and Maria Franciszka Freiin Staudach. She married Johann Remekhazy von Gurahoncz on February 15, 1840, and Friedrich Graf von Zichy on February 22, 1848. Her married names were Remekhazy von Gurahoncz, and von Zichy.
Marquartstein is a municipality in the southeastern part of Bavaria, Germany and is part of the Verwaltungsgemeinschaft Marquartstein and Staudach-Egerndach. It is situated in a region called Chiemgau, approximately 10 km south of Lake Chiemsee between Munich and Salzburg, and 30 km west of Salzburg. Most of the area is situated in the valley of the river Tiroler Achen, which separates the village into two parts. Marquartstein is at the edge of the Alps. Its geographical location is .
Rottach-Egern is located in the Tegernsee Valley, stretching southward from the shore of Lake Tegernsee to the Austrian border. The villages of Rottach, Egern, Gasse, Schorn, Sonnenmoos, Staudach, Weißach and Wolfsgrub have merged to become parts of a single settlement near the lake. More hamlets in the municipality are Berg, Ellmau, Hagrain, Haslau, Kalkofen, Oberach, Sutten and Trinis, Brandstatt, Enterrottach, Erlach, Kühzagl and Unterwallberg.
Born in Staudach-Egerndach, Bavaria, Brandl entered Ravensbrück concentration camp in March 1940 to begin her training under "SS-Oberaufseherin" Johanna Langefeld. Sent to Auschwitz I during March 1942, Brandl worked in the laundry and soon rose through the ranks and became an "Erstaufseherin" (First Guard) directly under Margot Dreschel and Maria Mandl. In the summer of 1943, she received a medal from the Reich for her "good conduct" in the camps.