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berghausen              erbendorf              feldkirchen              kemnath              gersdorf              todtnau              osterwieck              berching              wolfach              lichtenau              attendorn              freystadt              hartmannsdorf              eggenfelden              hofstetten              hornberg              neuenkirchen              hainich              pfaffenberg              kaufungen              herbolzheim              kyritz              wartburgkreis              sasbach              illingen              alfeld              beerfelden              rohrdorf              heuchelheim              stadtlengsfeld              grafenau              riedlingen              neusorg              baiersbronn              wilhelmsdorf              wunsiedel              altenstadt              wildberg              schwarzach              medebach              mittelberg              gehrden              dittersbach              seenplatte              buchberg              burladingen              lenningen              geisingen              oldisleben              michelbach             

Examples of "staufenberg"
The Staufenberg is a mountain near Vellmar in Kassel, Hesse, Germany.
The Staufenberg is a mountain in the Reinhardswald in Kassel, Hesse, Germany.
Gustav Heinrich Eberlein (14 July 1847, Spiekershausen (near Staufenberg) - 5 February 1926, Berlin) was a German sculptor, painter and writer.
In 926, Bergen had its first documentary mention. To the southwest once lay the now vanished village of Staufenberg.
The Arboretum Habichtsborn, also known as the Arboretum Staufenberg, is an arboretum located at Forstamtsstraße 6, Escherode, several kilometers southeast of Staufenberg, Lower Saxony, Germany. It is maintained by the "Niedersächsischen Forstlichen Versuchsanstalt", and contains about 150 types of woody plants, including "Sequoiadendron" specimens.
Staufenberg is a town in the district of Gießen, in Hesse, Germany. It is situated on the river Lahn, 10 km north of Gießen.
To the northwest it runs along the Nebelbeeke and the Warme which drains into the Diemel, and into the North Habichtswald Foreland with its sub-units of the "Westuffeln Depression" and the "Langenberg and Staufenberg Plateau".
Many footpaths criss-cross this forested landscape, including long-distance paths like the "Frau Holle Path" (Kennzeichnung X4), "Werraburgensteig" (X5), "Studentenpfad" (X13) and "Fuldahöhenweg" (X17). On the Großer Staufenberg there is a glider airfield.
Between Berschweiler and Fischbach is the historic "Fischbacher Kupferbergwerk", one of Germany’s biggest and most important copper mines. To the south stands a memorial stone to the now vanished village of Staufenberg.
From Rotenfels the counts of Eberstein ordered to uproot the wooded and swampy valley and to found new settlements. By 1200 the route Loffenau–Scheuern–Gernsbach–Staufenberg was established.
The Merkur or Großer Staufenberg is a mountain, , in the Northern Black Forest, Baden-Württemberg, Germany. It is the "Hausberg" of Baden-Baden and located between the spa town and the town of Gernsbach.
The municipal area stretches along the district's southern boundary in the Lahn valley and its environs between Marburg and Gießen, and borders in the north on the community of Weimar, in the east on the community of Ebsdorfergrund, in the south on the towns of Staufenberg and Lollar, and in the west on the community of Lohra.
The Reinhardswald comprises a very extensive, gently folded, extremely thickly forested and almost uninhabited Bunter sandstone plateau, which rises from about 200 m up to a maximum and which tilts gently towards the west. Its two highest hills, both of which are heavily wooded, are called the Staufenberg () and Gahrenberg ().
Two mountain-top locations have been proposed as sites of worship for Stuffo: the Staufenberg near Gießen, in Hesse; and the Stuffenberg, now Hülfensberg, in the Eichsfeld district, Thuringia. At any rate, there are over half a dozen mountains of a similar name in Hesse alone ("stouf" meaning something like "sharp mountain peak").
On 12 May 1292, Henry was made a "Reichsfürst" (prince of the realm) by King Adolf of Nassau, freeing Hesse of the supremacy of the Archbishop of Mainz. Henry was bestowed with Eschwege and the Boyneburg (with Sontra), stengthening his position in Hesse. By skillful diplomacy he gained the cities of Sooden-Allendorf, Kaufungen, Witzenhausen, Immenhausen, Grebenstein, Wanfried, Staufenberg, Trendelburg and Reinhardswald.
The Buntsandstein rock was first mentioned as "Stophanberch" ("Staufenberg") in a 774 deed issued by the Frankish king Charlemagne. Again certified in 854, it was then a possession of the French Basilica of St Denis and the site of a monastery.
Attractions are the picturesque town itself surrounded by vineyards spanning the slopes of the mountains, Schloss Staufenberg, a castle owned by the Markgraf von Baden with a magnificent view over the Rhine valley and Strassbourg to the Vosges mountains in Alsace. Noteworthy is the Skulpturenpark, an exhibition of contemporary sculptures in the park of the MediClin Staufenburg Klinik.
Staufenberg is the southernmost municipality of the district of Göttingen, and of Lower Saxony, Germany. It is situated east of the river Fulda, approx. 6 km south of Hannoversch Münden, and 12 km northeast of Kassel. Its seat is in the village Landwehrhagen.
August Becker was born on 17 August 1900 in Staufenberg in the German state of Hesse. He was the son of a factory owner. He was inducted into the German Army toward the end of World War I. Afterward Becker studied chemistry and physics at the University of Giessen, where in 1933 he achieved the PhD degree in chemistry. From 1933 to 1935 he remained as an assistant at the university.
In the northwest, Ebsdorfergrund borders on the town of Marburg, in the north on the town of Kirchhain, in the northeast on the town of Amöneburg (all in Marburg-Biedenkopf) and the town of Homberg (Vogelsbergkreis), in the south on the community of Rabenau and the town of Allendorf, in the southwest on the town of Staufenberg (all three in Gießen district), and in the west on the communities of Fronhausen and Weimar (both in Marburg-Biedenkopf).