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melisses              onirama              apopse              protopsalti              treli              remos              alkistis              parios              parafora              pirovolakis              tamta              erotas              mazonakis              tolis              einai              voskopoulos              omorfi              arvanitaki              nihta              eheis              agapo              esena              midenistis              hatzigiannis              fotia              stigmi              eleftheria              chatzipartalis              stin              tragouda              aslanidou              haiducii              balada              apagorevmeno              bourboulis              sfakianakis              eimai              marinella              vrohi              tragoudi              agapes              vrahali              greh              terzis              balvin              tipota              vladi              nyhta              nychta              kazantzidis             

Examples of "stavento"
Stavento is a Greek Hip-Hop band from Alexandroupoli. Created in 2004 by Michalis Quinellis (drunkard), Kostas Lattas (Akritas) and Eva Kanata.
Michalis Kouinelis (, born 22 March 1979 in Alexandroupoli, Greece) also known as Methysos or Meth is a Greek hip hop singer, member of the hip hop group, Stavento.
Stavento posted a photo from the shooting of the video clip on 6 February, announcing their second collaboration with Ivi Adamou.
In Spring 2009, Paparizou began a second series of concert in support of the album at Thalassa: People's Stage, this time as the sole main act, featuring performances by the groups Stavento and 15:50.
He always wanted to create something for his own, that would be his "trademark", a child of his, that would have his elements. Stavento, was his "child" where he makes the productions, writes the lyrics and performs.
The song was released via the official channel of Sony Music Greece. It is her second single that is written by Meth (Stavento), with the first being "Kano Mia Efhi".
"Ase Me" (Greek: Ασε με; English: Let me) is a 2012 pop and hip hop song by the Greek-Cypriot singer Ivi Adamou featuring "Kleopatra" from Stavento hip hop band.
Apart from album singles, Adamou was featured on three other songs with two of them being with Stavento; "San Erthi I Mera" and "Na Sou Tragoudo". Adamou was also featured on Pink Noisy's "Avra", a re-make of the song "Mestral" by the same artists featuring Radio Killer.
San Erthi I Mera () is a 2010 pop and hip hop song by the Greek-Cypriot singer Ivi Adamou with the Greek hip hop band Stavento. It was revealed that the song will be released on 13 April 2010 at MAD TV.
The show is hosted by Giorgos Liagkas with Themis Georgantas serving as the backstage and social networking corresponding. The lead vocalist of the band Stavento, Michalis Kouinelis, Despina Vandi, Antonis Remos and Melina Aslanidou are the coaches of the season. The winner receives a record deal with Minos EMI.
Na Sou Tragoudo () is a 2013 pop and hip hop song by the Greek-Cypriot singer Ivi Adamou with the Greek hip hop band Stavento. It's their second collaboration, after San Erthi I Mera. A teaser was released on 22 February 2013 and was later announced that the song will be released on 4 March 2013.
Adamou's first tour was in summer of 2010 along with Stavento while the second tour was with Melisses in summer of 2011. For both tours, the singers toured in more than 50 places in Greece and Cyprus. In 2011, she joined Panos Kiamos and Kostas Martakis at their residency concert in the Posidonio Music Hall.
On 17 June 2008, Paparizou performed at the Mad Video Music Awards 2008 where she won 2 of her 6 nominations. She performed a remix of the song Porta Gia Ton Ourano with Madonna's 4 Minutes and with the group Stavento.
After Eurovision, Adamou had a summer tour with concerts in Greece, Cyprus, Sweden and Spain. In Spain, she recorded "Time to Love" with Marsal Ventura, a Spanish DJ. When she returned to Greece she recorded another song called "Ase Me" with Kleopatra from Stavento. On 14 January 2013, on an appearance on Mega Channel's program "Proino Mou", she announced that she would be releasing a new album in February 2013, but the album was not released during that time. She also announced through her Facebook page that her new song with Marsal Ventura, "Time to Love", would be released in early February. Stavento posted a backstage photo from the shooting of their new song with Adamou named "Na Sou Tragoudo" which was released on 4 March 2013 and was available for digital download on 11 March 2013.
The channel was launched in Greece on October 18, 2009. The launch party was held in "Vogue" Club in Thessaloniki 17 December 2009, with a guest appearance from British dance band Freemasons, as well as Greek band as C Real, Stavento and other Greek acts. MTV+ is available in Thessaloniki, in northern Greece. Its programming is similar to its sister channel MTV Greece. MTV+ utilizes MTV's current global branding. The Greek version has closed on December 12, 2011, replaced by Nickelodeon Plus.
In 2009, Shaya teamed up with Greek hip-hop group Stavento to release the duet "Prin Se Gnoriso" (Before I Meet You), which garnered them a nomination and win for "Best Video-Clip Hip-Hop" at the 2009 "MAD Video Music Awards". Later that year in 2009, Shaya also teamed up with rapper Stereo Mike to release the duet "Esi Kai Ego" (You and I), while she was also part of the "Amita Motion Tour 2009".
Nowadays Greek hip hop covers a broad spectrum, all the way from hardcore hip hop to urban pop, and has managed to transform from an underground musical genre to one that tops the charts in Greece. Some of the artists that top the charts are Taki Tsan, Master Tempo, Stavento, Kings, SNIK, Midenistis, Ipohthonios, Thitis, Goin' Through, Phyrosun, Isvoleas, Sanjuro, Imiskoumbria, RiskyKidd, Taraksias, and Active Member.
After her success with the Eurovision song "La La Love" in Cyprus, Greece, Sweden, and Spain, she is preparing a new album including a new single with the Spanish DJ Marsal Ventura, "Time to Love" and "Ase Me". Ivi had a second collaboration with Stavento with the song "Na Sou Tragoudo" since their first collaboration with "San Erthi I Mera" became a big hit in Greece and Cyprus.
As every year, a kick-off party was held to mark the start of the Awards. The party was held on 23 May 2013 at the Balux Privé in Athens, the same day the voting opened. Eleni Foureira, Ivi Adamou, Vegas, Kostas Martakis were some of the artists that attended for the party. A 10 hours live concert was held on 14 June to celebrate the 10 years of the awards. Artists including Ivi Adamou, Melisses, Demy, Shaya and Stavento performed in the concert.
On 14 June 2011, Adamou attended the 2011 MAD Video Music Awards and performed with Midenistis a remix of the song "Gonna Make You Sweat (Everybody Dance Now)". That year, she received her first nominations at the MAD Video Music Awards; she was nominated for the Best New Artist and Best Female Artist. She was also nominated for the Best Hip Hop/Urban, Best Duet and Best Video Clip for the song with Stavento, "San Erthi I Mera". She won the award for the Best Hip Hop/Urban song.