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cuatrec              macbr              gmel              ciliolata              dielsii              humbertii              dietr              wurdack              asplundii              vatke              gentryi              vollesen              depauperata              scolosanthus              werderm              trinervis              calcicola              manettia              forssk              gaudich              cambess              desf              mansf              georgei              liebm              breviflora              ekmanii              dichorisandra              hiern              anderb              colorata              johnst              greenm              hoffm              succulenta              meisn              appendiculatum              brevifolium              pellegr              moldenke              kraenzl              tiegh              skottsb              pilg              bryoides              domingensis              comesperma              montrouz              blakea              glazioviana             

Examples of "steetz"
The herbarium was compiled by Steetz over more than thirty years and comprises
The species was first formally described in 1845 by German botanist Joachim Steetz in "Plantae Preissianae".
Lasiopetalum baueri, commonly known as slender velvet bush, is a common shrub of the mallow family. It was first described by Joachim Steetz in 1806. It was named for the 19th century botanical artist Ferdinand Bauer.
Platytheca is a genus of small shrubs in the family Elaeocarpaceae from the south-west of Western Australia. The genus was formally described by Joachim Steetz, his description published in "Plantae Preissianae" in 1845.
Joachim Steetz (12 November 1804, Hamburg – 24 March 1862, Hamburg ) was a German botanist. His herbarium, comprising more than 5000 specimens from over 160 collectors and 50 countries was purchased in 1863 by Victorian Government Botanist Ferdinand von Mueller for the sum of 80 pounds.
Comesperma sphaerocarpum, commonly known as the Broom Milkwort, is an Australian plant in the Milkwort family. Inconspicuous unless in flower, it grows from high. The stems are ridged and usually leafless, and arise from the plant's woody base. The rarely seen leaves are at the base of the shoot. They are thick in texture, and measure 8 mm long by 2 mm wide. This plant first appeared in scientific literature in "Plantae Preissianae" in 1846, authored by the German botanist Joachim Steetz.