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kner              steindachner              nigripes              guentheri              bilineatus              laticeps              cognatus              signatus              rostratus              oculatus              labiatus              helleri              microps              petersi              vittatus              oblongus              maculosus              nasuta              meeki              celebensis              bifasciatus              jordani              ornatus              marmoratus              monacanthus              werneri              auriculatus              ocellata              ciliatus              mocquard              pulchellus              septentrionalis              humeralis              siganus              petersii              maculatus              nigriventris              microlepis              nigropunctatus              longimanus              virgatus              macrops              cinerascens              schmidti              lugubris              pruinosus              oligolepis              granulatus              cincta              nigrifrons             

Examples of "steindachneri"
Also, Steindachner is commemorated in the scientific names of eight species and one subspecies of reptiles: "Amphisbaena steindachneri, Chelodina steindachneri, Diplodactylus steindachneri, Kinosternon subrubrum steindachneri, Lioscincus steindachneri, Micrurus steindachneri, Palea steindachneri, Phrynocephalus steindachneri", and "Pseudalsophis steindachneri".
Although similar in appearance to "N. pantostictus"; mitochondrial gene COX-1 analysis by De la Maza-Benignos, "et al". (2015) confirmed that "N. pratinus" is actually more closely related to species "N. steindachneri" and "N. pame" than to "N. pantostictus". Moreover, while "N. steindachneri" is sympatric to "N. pame", "N. pratinus" is allopatric to all of the aforementioned species. "Nosferatu pratinus", "N. pame" and "N. steindachneri" conform the Steindachneri clade.
Hyperolius steindachneri is a species of frog in the Hyperoliidae family.
The specific name, "steindachneri", is in honor of Austrian herpetologist Franz Steindachner.
The subspecific name, "steindachneri", is in honor of Austrian herpetologist Franz Steindachner.
Bombus steindachneri is a species of bumblebee. It is endemic to Mexico.
Raiamas steindachneri is a species of ray-finned fish in the genus "Raiamas".
The specific name, "steindachneri", is in honor of Austrian herpetologist Franz Steindachner.
A sexually mature female of "D. steindachneri" will lay one to two eggs during one year.
The specific name, "steindachneri", is in honor of Austrian herpetologist Franz Steindachner.
Amietophrynus steindachneri is a species of toad in the family Bufonidae.
Aphonopelma steindachneri is a species of spider in the family Theraphosidae, found in United States (California) and Mexico (Baja California).
The sickle pomfret ("Taractichthys steindachneri") is a species of pomfret, family Bramidae, found in the Indian and Pacific Oceans.
The speckle-chested piculet ("Picumnus steindachneri") is a species of bird in the family Picidae. It is endemic to Peru.
Van Hung Village, in Cat Thinh Commune (Văn Chấn District) has been described in the media as a village where family-run turtle farms, which started operating since 1999, have significantly raised the villagers' income and standard of living. The turtle species being farmed is described as "Trionyx steindachneri", which is a synonym for "Palea steindachneri" or the wattle-necked softshell turtle.
Abralia steindachneri is a species of enoploteuthid cephalopod found in Indo-Pacific waters, from east Africa to the Ryukyu Islands of Japan and northern Australia.
Leptagoniates is a genus of fish in the family Characidae. It contains the single species Leptagoniates steindachneri, which is found in the Amazon River basin in South America.
Synodontis steindachneri is a species of upside-down catfish endemic to Cameroon where it occurs in the Nyong River. This species grows to a length of TL.
Istiblennius steindachneri is a species of combtooth blenny found in the western Indian ocean. It can reach a maximum of in SL.
The second intermediate host include freshwater fish: "Phoxinus lagowskii steindachneri", "Zacco platypus", "Nipponocypris temminckii", "Plecoglossus altivelis", "Tribolodon hakonensis", and "Tribolodon brandtii", "Opsariichthys bidens".