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multifida              glabrescens              latifolium              auriculata              stricta              squarrosa              parvifolium              pauciflora              micrantha              lancifolia              oblongifolia              speciosum              recurva              oppositifolia              adiantum              ellipticum              uliginosa              floribundum              microphylla              sessilifolia              randia              paniculatum              ramosissima              triflora              sessiliflora              millettia              spathulata              diversifolia              uniflora              salicifolia              parviflorus              elatum              sericea              laxiflora              lanceolatum              leptophylla              involucrata              chrysantha              sessilis              longiflora              rotundifolium              peltata              radlk              acutifolia              bracteata              petiolaris              heliotropium              flexuosum              puberula              sieberi             

Examples of "stenophylla"
"Iris stenophylla subsp. stenophylla" is an accepted name by the RHS.
In 2002, a morphological and cytological study was carried out on "Iris stenophylla subsp. stenophylla" and "Iris stenophylla subsp. Allsoni". This determined that there was not enough difference between the two subspecies, therefore 'Iris stenophylla subsp. Allsoni' is a synonym of 'Iris stenophylla'. The results were then published in Vol. 14O, Issue2 pages115-127 of the Botanical Journal of the Linnean Society.
"Iris stenophylla subsp. allisonii" was published in Brian Mathews book 'The Iris' page166 in 1981. Before it was re-classified as a synonym of "Iris stenophylla".
78. Xanthoparmelia stenophylla (Ach.) Ahti & D. Hawksw.
Hydrangea stenophylla is a species of Hydrangea, native to China.
The larvae feed on "Inga" species, including "Inga stenophylla".
The following natural hybrids involving "N. stenophylla" have been recorded.
"Nepenthes lowii" × "N. stenophylla" is only known from mossy forest along summit ridges at elevations of over 1500 m, where the upper altitudinal limit of "N. stenophylla" overlaps the lower altitudinal limit of "N. lowii".
c.Some authors treat "N. fallax" in synonymy with "N. stenophylla", while others consider them to be two distinct species, with plants commonly referred to as "N. stenophylla" actually representing "N. fallax".
Stenophylla cornigera is a species of praying mantis native to Brazil.
Friedelin is a bio-active isolate of "Azima tetracantha", "Orostachys japonica" and "Quercus stenophylla".
Photinia stenophylla is a species in the family Rosaceae of flowering plants.
Acacia stenophylla, the shoestring acacia, is an evergreen tree in the family Fabaceae native to Australia
Quercus stenophylla is an oak species found in Japan, South Korea and Taiwan.
Miconia stenophylla is a species of plant in the Melastomataceae family. It is endemic to Ecuador.
Lindmania stenophylla is a species in the genus "Lindmania". This species is endemic to Venezuela.
Inga stenophylla is a species of legume in the Fabaceae family.
There has been confusion surrounding "N. stenophylla" and "N. fallax" ever since the latter was first described. "Nepenthes fallax" matches "N. stenophylla" in most respects, except for the shape of the lid; the type specimen of "N. fallax" has an orbiculate lid, whereas that of "N. stenophylla" is narrow. However, the original description of "N. stenophylla" was based on a plant raised from seed in a greenhouse in England, and the narrow shape of the lid could be an aberrant characteristic resulting from artificial growing conditions.
Rudgea stenophylla is a species of plant in the Rubiaceae family. It is endemic to Peru.
"Iris stenophylla" has a very similar form to "Iris persica". But with different colouring.