Synonyms for steyerm or Related words with steyerm

standl              kraenzl              johnst              markgr              moldenke              hiern              poepp              schum              bremek              borhidi              griseb              mansf              macbr              swartzia              zeyh              duckei              psydrax              cuatrec              schltr              pittieri              sprucei              schweinf              coussarea              steyermarkii              summerh              lindl              glaziovii              schumach              kunth              aubl              fernandezia              maguirei              guatemalensis              arachnothryx              aegiphila              machaerium              panamense              welw              vollesen              meisn              hemsl              calcicola              psychotria              gentryi              steud              rchb              klotzsch              matelea              burret              oliv             

Examples of "steyerm"
Bactris setulosa ("syn." "Bactris cuvaro" H.Karst., "Bactris cuesa" Crueg. ex Griseb., "Bactris falcata" J.R.Johnst., "Bactris sworderiana" Becc., "Bactris kalbreyeri" Burret, "Bactris circularis" L.H.Bailey, "Bactris bergantina" Steyerm.) is a medium-sized (5–10 m tall, 6–10 cm in diameter) spiny palm which is found in Colombia, Venezuela, Ecuador, Peru, Trinidad and Tobago and Suriname. It is one of the largest species of "Bactris" and is found at the highest elevations.
During his life, Steyermark collected over 130,000 plants in twenty-six countries, which earned him an entry in the "Guinness Book of World Records". He made the initial descriptions of 2,392 taxa of plants, including one family, 38 genera, and 1,864 species. The standard author abbreviation Steyerm. is used to indicate Steyermark when citing a botanical name. The plant genus "Steyermarkia" was named in his honor.