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bhagawati              devasthana              budhi              asthan              sadashiva              derasar              patal              dhama              mataji              theertha              chottanikkara              natha              khodiyar              pathar              siddheshwar              sthal              siddhar              koili              koyil              pillaiyar              bhawani              kshethram              kshetram              pokhari              vinayakar              ashramam              devara              devta              parameswari              talav              parameshwari              ravalnath              ghati              siddh              bantwal              pakshi              pillayar              teerth              changu              vitthal              sahasra              anjaneyar              mangalya              durgadevi              someshwar              shivalaya              deurali              bhandar              thirtha              bodhini             

Examples of "sthan"
Saraswati Puja, Chhath Puja,Vindeshwar Sthan "(Mandir campus is now reconstructing by BABA VINDESHWARNATH VIKASH SAMITI, ORGANISED BY some local people ie Sanjay Jha "Kanhaiya", Shivji, Pankaj and others people of village)", Panchanath Sthan, Videshwar Sthan, Bhairav Sthan,Kaithiniya,
Masjid, Jagdamba Sthan, Ram mandir, Thakurbari, catholic church,badi thakurbadi,shidhighat thakurbadi,chhoti thakurbadi and mahadev sthan are located here.
Apart from above Bhramha Sthan, Langota Baba, Kaali Madir, Bhagwati Sthan, Shivalay are also the temples in the Panchayat.
Kali sthan was founded by Sri Babu Prabhu chand about the 18th century in bich bazar nardiganj he also the founder of old devi sthan.
Maithon (Mai Ka Sthan - A place where Mother Goddess stays)
Two temple is there named Thakur sthan and Devi Sthan,"this village have rivers in his each boundries,Tilaiya river is very close and second river is Dhadher river,"
Visitors explore Narsingh Sthan and the Kanu temple of Palwaiya Dham and mine bloock
The suffix -stan ( "-stān") is Persian for "place of" or "country"derived from Sanskrit sthan.
Beauty of Thakur Sthan seeks attention of all the villagers on the festival of Maha Shivaratri.
Chandika Sthan is a Hindu temple situated in Munger, in the Indian state of Bihar. It is one of the fifty one Shakti Peethas, places of worship consecrated to the goddess Shakti. On the Northeast corner of Munger, Chandika Sthan is just two kilometers away from the Munger town. Being a Siddhi-Peetha, Chandika Sthan is considered to be one of the most sacred and sanctified temples, as important as the Kamakshya temple near Guwahati.
Main temples are the Mahadev mandir, thakur wari, hanuman mandir, dharmraj, and devi sthan (in Diwari).
4. Mata Durga sthan - Here panchobh celebrates Durga Puja every year.
Apart from that, Panchobh has its own Shamashan Bhoomi behind Maa Durga Sthan.
one Badi devi sthan. and there is only one beautiful mosque in Muslim's colony. That is Jama-Masjid of Nardiganj.
shri pur hati shri mahadurga sthan,madhubani, mind care, education care, employment care. happiness for all since 1996
Mannipur Bhagwati Sthan is one of the very oldest and lively durga temple in Mannipur, Bhagwati Sthan. People come in numbers to pray Goddess durga everyday from far off places. This place makes realise your dream, takes away your sin. It is said that it is more than 200 years old temple and Panditji is a very learned Brahmin in samastipur.
There are 3 Mosque in the village and more than 10 temples in the Gram Panchayat. Bhagwati Sthan (Durga Sthan) is one of the famous temple campus in the village containing Hanuman Mandir, Salhesh Mandir, Kaaru Baba Mandir, where various religious functions are organised on regular intervals including annual celebration of Durga Puja (Navratri).
After Independence the Dev Sthan Trust was replaced by the municipal corporation of Ujjain. Nowadays it is under the collectorate office of Ujjain districrt.
Devi Sthan is the oldest known temple of Naromurar having Devi pratima in the center surrounded with several other sculptures of Hindu God and Goddess inside the temple.
In Rafiganj, near Railway Station a temple of "Dihbar Bawa (Dihbar Sthan)"is a marriage place of Rafiganj area, and this location is a beautiful tourist destination.