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"Rebetikes Stigmes-Magika Tragoudia" followed in 1983 on the VASIPAP label. Many of the songs on this album became popular requests during Apostolos' subsequent live performances and concerts. Kostas Papadopoulos, one of Greece's most highly regarded bouzouki players, worked with Apostolos on this album.
The songs "Carpe Diem (Seize the Day)" and "Teardrops" have been written by Elena herself. There is also a bonus track called "Ό,τι Αξίζει Είναι Οι Στιγμές" (Oti Axizi Ine I Stigmes (Le Bonheur)), which was originally a song by Manos Hadjidakis, and was a big hit in France in 1962. "You Set My Heart on Fire" belongs to Tina Charles.
Megales stigmes (Greek: "Μεγάλες στιγμές"; ) is the name of a double studio album by popular Greek singer Marinella. It was released on August 29, 1984 by PolyGram Records in Greece. The original release was in stereo on vinyl, under the label of Philips Records. In 1990, the album was reissued with three fewer tracks ("Den itan nisi", "O Karagkiozis", "O Charos vgike pagania") and new artwork. In the form of the 1990 reissue, the album was released on CD by PolyGram.
A greatest hits album titled "Stigmes" (Moments) followed in 2007, which included six new songs and a bonus DVD. The album was eventually certified Platinum, exceeding sales of 40,000 units. In October 2007, Ploutarchos embarked on a mini US tour, performing in Toronto, New York, Montreal, and Foxwoods. Upon his return to Greece, Ploutarchos started appearing in a concert series at club Kentro Athinon alongside Apostolia Zoi, Tamta and Giannis Vardis on 25 October.
"Iparhi Logos" was released on 12 April 2006 as a follow up to Paparizou's successful debut album "Protereotita". The album comprises 29 songs on two discs: 14 new songs, three from the "Mambo!" CD-single, a remix of the title track, and 11 live songs from her "MAD Secret Concert". The album also includes a number of covers and translations such as "Oti Axizi Einai I Stigmes" (Le bonheur) originally by Manos Hadjidakis, which was a big hit in France in 1962. Six of the songs from the album were later re-recorded in English and appeared on Paparizou's international album "The Game of Love" released in November 2006. The album achieved mild success in Greece and Cyprus managing to top both countries' charts, while it charted in the Ifpi's Top50 Greek Albums for a whole 81 weeks. The album received platinum certifications in Greece and Cyprus. "Iparhi Logos" reached fourth place in the Greece Annual Top 50 Greek Albums 2006.
Paparizou has the vocal range of mezzo-soprano; from her Antique years until 2005, she performed in a vocal range of C to B. Her vocal timbre has been described as "deep, sensual", "dramatic" and "metallic". Critics have frequently debated over whether laïko or pop material best suits her voice; while some found her equal in both genres, Greek critics tended to prefer her pop and dance repertoire and often that in English. This was partially caused by expectations arising from Paparizou's Swedish upbringing and Eurovision win. Also, having been raised abroad, her accent in English was different than that of a native Greek speaker. Native listeners of Western music contradicted this view; Swedish critic Dan Backman of "Svenska Dagbladet" said that Paparizou was no exception to the rule that musical artists sound better in their native languages, describing her vocal performances as "expressive" in Greek and "bland" in English. He also consistently selected her pure laïko songs, such as "Stin Kardia Mou Mono Thlipsi", "I Zoi Sou Zari", "M'angaliazei To Skotadi" and "O,ti Axizi Ine I Stigmes", as suiting her voice best; he said it may possess "the right dramatic nerve" for the style.
The song titled 'This is our night' got the most votes and thus represented Greece at the Eurovision Song Contest 2009, which took place in Moscow. After the results of the jury and the tele-voting were announced, the song was placed seventh on the final scoreboard but if the results were based only on televoting (like in previous years) it would have ranked 5th. In 2010 he released a new song for Sakis Rouvas titled 'Spase ton hrono'. The song topped the Greek charts for months. In March 2010 Kontopoulos became a member of the jury of the "Greek Idol" show. In September 2010 Kontopoulos released the new song of Sakis Rouvas called 'Parafora'. The song became a massive club hit and it was in the number one spot of the National Airplay Chart for weeks. In December of the same year Kontopoulos released the ballad 'Einai stigmes', performed by Antonis Remos. Two days after its release the song topped the download chart and immediately became a hit. In February 2011 Sakis Rouvas released his new song 'Oi dyo mas' by Kontopoulos. In March the song topped the National Airplay chart becoming the 6th song of the duo Kontopoulos/Rouvas that topped the charts.