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Examples of "stina"
Anna-Kajsa Norman (1820–1903), known as Spel-Stina or Spelstina (Playing Stina), was a Swedish folk musician, a spelman (violinist), and a composer.
This Is Stina Nordenstam is an album by Swedish singer-songwriter Stina Nordenstam, released in 2001. It is Nordenstam's only release on Independiente Records.
Inga-Stina Robson, Baroness Robson of Kiddington (née Arvidsson; 20 August 1919 – 9 February 1999), often known as Stina Robson, was an Anglo-Swedish political activist.
Artistic Directors - Lars Rudolfsson and Stina Oscarson.
Margrét Kristín Blöndal aka Magga Stina (vocals, violin)
(Stina e stinëve, Odin Mondvalsen, Fshati mbi shtatë kodrina)
All songs written by Stina Nordenstam and Anton Fier.
(Stina e stinëve, Odin Mondvalsen, Fshati mbi shtatë kodrina)
The TV version consists of a children's Aktuellt-like news studio from the forest, where reporter Lill-Stina ("Little Stina") delivers news reports. The radio version is set at Forsberga farm in southern Swedish Lapland, following Christmas preparations.
Stina visits her mother and discusses her career with the agency. Stina interviews that she's not sure if Janice is hard on her because she is frustrated with her or is trying to help her develop.
He has one daughter with Stina Gardell, producer/journalist and sister of Jonas Gardell.
Stina Grenholm is a Swedish ski-orienteering competitor and world champion.
Stina Wirsén, educated at Konstfack in Stockholm 1985–1992, was the in-house illustrator at
Rough Guide to Rock (2003) entry on Stina Nordenstam by Peter Mills
Cajsa Stina Åkerström is a 1994 CajsaStina Åkerström studio album. and her debut album.
Zidan is married to Stina and they have a son named Adam.
Stor-Stina eventually returned to her family in Brännäs in Malå. She died of gangrene.
Stina Viktorsson (born 27 June 1985) is a Swedish curler from Umeå. She is a skip.
Stina is a feminine given name, common in the Nordic countries, and may refer to:
Stina Nordenstam (born Kristina Ulrika Nordenstam, 4 March 1969) is a Swedish singer, songwriter and musician.